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Timeshare / la jolla matzatan bad sales practices

1 Mexico Review updated:

I am truly sorry to have found this website this late. my wife and i were lured into purchasing an upgraded contract with la jolla… we originally had purchased nearly 7000 about 2 years ago we only went there to look at the place since it was in construction when we first bought. We clearly told efrein our sales guy that we were ok and satisfied with the original contract we had but he insisted we listened more about the new programs and had alfredo joining our table for further explanation. He was the one whom offered the purchase of our other timeshares 5 total to la jolla and buy theirs to have only one contract, since we were complaining about the royal villas where we were staying, his proposal included the purchase of our 5 timeshares for cash…. We were supposed to receive the funds the following month over 200k and with that money we were to pay their timeshare. We gave in and signed the agreement. That evening efrein helped us to pack our stuff and took us to la jolla to spend the rest of our stay…. Next morning while having breakfast alfredo came to sit with us, talked for few moments about how the money from the purchase of our 5 timeshares was going to be transferred to our account. Alfredo keep making lots of emphasis on how much we would have to pay in taxes to mexico government, about 19k. Wisely, alfredo proposed to pay that for us in exchange to upgrade our contract for the same amount plus related fees of course. We ended up purchasing from them about 60k, after all we would be in the upper level! We made 140k plus ended with all the maintenance fees involved with each of the timeshare weeks we owned. We were so excited that made a horrible mistake, we recommended a couple that had about the same issues we had with our old timeshares to go and see la jolla resort. The worst and painful truth is that they ended up buying a large contract as well, we feel so guilty. Our life has become stressful and we find hard to avoid regretting day after day to have ever visited la jolla.

When we went back home couple of weeks later we started to be terribly anxious over the matter and googled the la jollas name. we found the real la jolla. We were in so much frustration that I wasn’t able to sleep that night, we emailed them to say we realized they had fooled us. Next morning alfredo phoned in response to our email and said that he hated to be called a liar and that we should be more careful with the way we expressed ourselves, he again confirmed the deal we had and said that the comments we found online was all a dirty competitor full of jealousy for all the good la jolla was doing. We then stupidly apologized to them and decided to wait for the time they asked for.

At the beginning of November we were concerned that our royal villas was still in our name, we got confirmation from royal villas that la jolla had never contacted them about the transfer to their names, before we left matzatlan Manuel the manger assistant assured they got all the necessary paperwork and they would start working on it asap.

Nobody answered our emails and they started to bounce back as undeliverable. We never heard again from alfredo, efrein, manuel or Kelly. The four of them were involved into the sale. They are dishonest, unscrupulous…..

Do not go to la jollas timeshare presentation

Do never believe on anything that sounds too good to be true.

The main thing is not to go to the presentation; they are so good at what they do. We are in our 70s and you may think we should be very experienced, but really they are beyond anybody’s experience. What can I say it seems they are trained to lie.

Do never go there, do not bother to listen to them.

Do not give them a chance.

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      31st of Mar, 2012
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    My friend that happens to be a pulmonia driver corrected me on the city name. It is mazatlan in sinaloa state and its meaning is the - place of the deer- Beautiful place I cant complaint about nothing else, but the timeshare people. I hope they get locked up soon they darken this joyful place

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