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I want to share my experience of buying an English Bulldog from Tiffany Franek in Parker, Colorado. (Tiffany Blue French Bulldogs.) My only hope is to save future buyers from heartbreak due to her congenitally defective dogs that she is selling for others.
We have had our heartbroken and lost our first pet, who we loved dearly. My husband and I bought a 10 week old English Bulldog from her last November. She claims that her Mom, Gerri Rosier was the breeder. Gerri was "too sick" to meet us so she was selling him for her. We took him to the vet the second day we had him. At his first examination he was diagnosed with brachycephalic syndrome due to his breathing, however our vet, nor we could imagine how advanced his was (our vet later equated him to being a "special needs child"). In March we had brought him into the vet a few times for breathing issues. Then three more visits to the vet ER for shortness of breath at rest. He also had two overnight stays in the hospital for aspiration pneumonia. Overall he had aspiration pneumonia seven times in the span of his first nine months and had been on high doses of antibiotics his whole life. Unfortunately our pup's issues were greater than just the stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, stenotic trachea (brachycephalic syndrome). Our dogs bronchioles and alvioli (the smaller airways in the lungs) were malformed and underdeveloped further exacerbating brachycephalic syndrome. I would completely understand not covering him if his only problem was the soft palate elongation and stenotic nares. Those problems can be surgically corrected. We got consults from CSU's canine pulmonary specialist for possible surgical intervention. They informed us that his congenital airway defects were not surgically correctable. After numerous attempts at reaching Tiffany and the breeder we finally got into contact with Tiffany. We told her about our dogs illness and that we had tried everything to help him. We asked her for a reimbursement. She then told us she "knew nothing about English Bulldogs and their health issues" and to contact the breeder, Gerri Rosier. She warned us that Gerri was "very sick" in the hospital and might take awhile to answer back. We tried contacting Gerri and never once heard from her.. ever. We then proceeded to contact Tiffany again. After sending her our dogs diagnoses from the vet and all of our vet bills she agreed to reimburse us. She said she would have to pay us in payments because she just had a baby. Weeks later we received 2/3 of the payment. My husband then emailed her to ask when we would be receiving the rest of the funds. Long story short she was very rude and decided to not send the rest of the money. Even though we have emails stating she would reimburse us and a check from her that states (in the memo) "Bal: $500.00 EB health reimbursement." We lost our best friend, Sugaree when he was just nine months old. We went through a lot with him and his congenital health issues have scarred us. In the end it's not about the money. It's the fact that we had to watch our little guy suffer for so long and eventually lost him in the end. Tiffany was very hard to deal with and her business practices are very sketchy. All I'm hoping to do is save someone from heartbreak after buying a dog from Tiffany Franek and Tiffany Blue French Bulldogs. She obviously doesn't know her breeders and the congenitally defective dogs that she is selling to others.

Jul 27, 2014
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  • Ta
      Jul 29, 2014

    Very lucky, these two ladies seem to run some sketchy business together!

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  • Tb
      Jul 30, 2014

    On 06/10/2014, I received an email from the Odenheimers through my website after they had googled bulldog breeders to find me. They claimed that they had lost their phones and all their contacts and had been trying to find me to let me know that they had to put their English Bulldog down to sleep. They asked that the parents to their dog never be bred again to avoid any future pups with issues. I informed them that I did not know the congenital defects in English Bulldogs because I did not breed English Bulldogs. The puppy that they bought belonged to my mother and that they should contact her in reference to their puppy. I also informed them that she had been in a car accident and had broken C4 and C5 of her spine and was undergoing physical therapy. I gave them her email and told them to contact her but it may be difficult considering what was happening with her.

    No to explain the day that they bought the puppy...they had sent an email asking if their were any puppies available and my mother replied yes that there were 2 males. Tom asked her to call them and listed his phone number for directions to come see them. Since my mother was not feeling well (she never does when she makes the drive up to the elevation of Colorado), she asked me to give them a call and give them directions to my house. Tom came over and viewed the puppy. With my mother sleeping, I walked the puppy outside to him for him to see and told him that my mom was their breeder and not feeling well and that I bred French Bulldogs. He was given AKC papers for the puppy that he bought with my moms name as the breeder of the litter. All of the money from the sale of that puppy went to my mother. I had no part in the breeding of that puppy nor had any financial investment in the parents the said puppy. I simply handed them the puppy and the papers and handed my mother the payment. I wasn't going to make her get out of bed while she was ill when all I had to do was something as simple as hand them a puppy.

    After they had attempted to email her a couple times, and I could see this because they were cc'ing me in the emails, I saw that she was not able to respond. They started to initiate threats in the emails and being rude that she was not responding. So I stepped forward and told them that I didn't even know if she had access to her email and would help if I could. Initially, all they were asking was that the parents not be bred ever again so I told my mother what had happened with their puppy and she had the parents to the puppy nuetered and rehomed by her caretaker back at her house who handled it for her. Then they escalated their demands to a refund of the purchase price indicating that whole time that it wasn't about money, that it was about wanting to prevent future puppies from having to deal with those health issues. My mother had that eliminated by removing those parents from her breeding program. But they still insisted on a refund. I reminded them that they were sold an English Bulldog from my mother for a very reasonable price of $1500 and that the price did not include a health guarantee. They then threatened to ruin my name and report us to the kennel club and this place and that place and to put me out of business. I reminded them also that I was not even the breeder, that I was just trying to help. So after talking with my mom, I told her that I felt sorry for them for all that they had gone through and should refund their purchase price to avoid all their threats. She agreed but told me that she couldn't do it right now due to her rehabilitation and not having the funds. So I told Tom that I would try and send him the first $1000 myself and have my mom pay me back so that they could have something sooner rather than later. A couple weeks after they received the first $1000, they sent me another email asking where the remainder was and if it was going to be sent or not or did they have to go ahead and start filing court claims. I then emailed him back and told him that I was stepping out of the situation as mediator and that my mother was back home now and that they could contact her for the remainder. They didn't even bother to try and get a hold of her. The very next day, Katelyn starting posting on Facebook forums titled "Bad Breeders with bad ethics", scam reports, here on Complaint board, Puppyfind and who knows where else accusing me of breeding these congenitally defective dogs and slandering my own personal business name for a puppy that was bred by someone else, someone who has no ownership or employment with my personal French Bulldog business. I told Katelyn, who graduated from CSU, that if she had CSU in her email address and if I had an issue with her mother, I wouldn't go filing scam reports against CSU for it just because it was in the email that they had contacted me through. And that they needed to at least try to contact their breeder for the remainder. I gave them her phone number and told them to call. They didn't. So now she has made every attempt to slander my name after threatening me into giving her what she wanted which initially started out as removing the parents to her puppy and escalated into a refund for a dog that she bought from my mother that had no health guarantee. I personally sell my own French Bulldogs with a health guarantee, but I health test my parents and can offer that. I have nothing to do with my moms dogs and have no say in what she offers with her puppies. But she has had 7 litters of English Bulldogs and this was the only puppy that ever had any issues and she still removed the parents from her program. And she still continues to slander my name and business for a transaction that she had with someone else.

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