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January 23, 2009 momentum marketing connected us, charles and wilma kaighen, to thrive learning institute which promised to coach and provide educational videos and training for an on-line business. They promised we would profit enough in 6 months time to pay off our debt. We were charged $15, 200.00 (Now I see that everyone was charged a different price!). We had good credit and had 2 credit cards with zero balance at the time. They took advantage of that for sure! I received very little coaching during the first 3 weeks, then... I was "on my own" to figure out what to do. With that much debt to pay off... I was in trouble! I was also paying $39.95 a month for their lightwave website builder. I began getting calls from other companies who told me that they could help my website be more professional for a fee. I was already drowning in the debt and felt so afraid. I studied the "agreement" and found that they would not give a refund and that I could not sue them for a refund! I felt trapped for sure! I focused my attention on working harder... To get this business to work... After 2 years of trying... I had only made 1 small sale to one of my sisters. This was a disaster! I decided to drop the website (That would save me at least $39.95 a month!) and then focused my energies on getting the huge debt paid off. I have often wished something could be done about this! I now see that many others have suffered as well. I am looking at the "agreement" right now... It says, warranty "we fully expect all of our clients to recoup their full initial investment inside of 6 months. If for some reason it is not recouped, we will continue to work with the user until they recoup their initial investment." that did not happen! I attempted to log in to my user account on to access the e-library... And I cannot log in. That was supposed to be available to me for the rest of my life! I was wanting to get some kind of benefit from this great debt! If there is any way of getting even a portion of my money back, I would be so grateful! 15 thousand dollars is a lot of money to pay for nothing! This all happened at a bad time... I was hoping to help my daughter with her college, but instead became so "strapped financially" that she was not able to do more than 1 year of college. I have the "agreement", but do not know how to send that to you all... Or if I need to... Let me know if there is anything more I need to provide.

Oct 27, 2017

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