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Three (3) Mobile Phone Operator


Total lack of disregard when victim of fraud

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Three (3)
United Kingdom
To my shock horror, on 5th January 2012 I recieved a letter from Three to say that I have been a victim of fraud. Someone had used my previous address to obtain a mobile phone and a mobile internet connection. I called the number for the Three Credit Referral Team and was told to speak with George Robertson. After 25 minutes of holding on the phone to an 0845 355 0468 number, I slammed the phone down in sheer disgust! So then I wrote a letter to George Robertson and its been 8 days and not a call or a letter. In the letter that they sent me, George Robertson said to write to him personally. I called the normal customer services number 0843 373 3333 and hey, I got through to a call centre in Mumbai and the first person I spoke to, could simply not understand what fraud was. I kept on saying to this person, I have been a victim of fraud, and they kept on asking me when did I open the account. I started screaming down the phone saying "its fraud! I did not open the account!!!" To this, the telephone operator pretended that the connection was weak and he could not hear a word I was saying. So I slammed the phone down and rang the number again, and then I got through to another operator in Mumbai, I started to explain what had happened and once again, he started to ask me for my secret information to access the account, it was completely surreal! When I started to raise my voice, the operator became extremely rude and started to talk over me and cutting me in mid sentence. Once again I started screaming and after a few minutes, this person started to understand what had happened. I was then put on hold for almost 10 minutes, probably while he called the UK and was told I would receive a phone call within 24 hours. 10 days later, still no call.
Now on 16th January, almost 2 weeks from the original letter I sent, I decided to ring the credit referrals team. I got through to Jim Stuart. I explained to him my situation and to my shock, he replied "what exactly is it that you are asking of us?" I was in total shock! I had been a victim of fraud by a flawed system of Three and this person had so much disregard to ask me this question. At this point I started recording the conversation, which is a classic recording of a company that has no regard for customer service. After calling me a third party several times and trying to blame Experian credit services for what had gone on, I asked Jim Stuart how these fraudsters managed to use fake bank details. He explained as long as the bank account existed, a fraudster can use another persons name and open an account. I was completely shocked! Then I asked Jim Stuart who is to blame for not checking the names on bank accounts on applications for credit, which in turn he replied, the application is from Three. I then asked him what type of checks do you do on bank accounts before you process an application, to this he replied, "you are a third party, I cannot divulge this information to, because of composition clause. At this stage, most people would have got confused with these big words, and given up. Unfortunately for Jim Stuart, I happen to be educated up to an MBA level and this just basically means he doesn't know, or doesn't want to tell me, because its obvious its a major flaw and Three simply doesn't care. At this point I asked Jim Stuart why information like this would be confidential as a flawed application system affects others outside of their customer base. And then I explained to him that I was recording this conversation. At this stage, he decided to give me the email and the address for the executive office in Glasgow. Please be warned people, these big companies really don't care about you! They probably allow fraud to happen to claim off their insurance so they make money anyway, and Three certainly does not give a monkeys that you have been a victim of fraud because of their flawed system. Their phone operators are rude both in Mumbai and in Glasgow, customer service is down in the gutter with the rats and the sewage. The best thing we can all do is look for other service providers and name and shame these big companies who treat people like something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of their shoe. I will get back to you if or when they executive office responds. I will request compensation for being a victim of a system that is flawed. I will give updates on this forum and updates regarding the situation at each step.
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N  31st of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Update –
I finally received an email from the Executive Office:

Thank you for contacting the Executive Office. It sounds like your query needs some more investigation, please contact our team that can specifically help you. Please call our customer services free on 333 from a Three phone, or on 0843 373 3333 (standard rate) from any other phone.
If it’s a mobile broadband query, please call 500 from any Three phone or 0843 373 0500 from any other phone (again standard rate).
Don’t forget, there’s also help and advice on www.three.co.uk.
And our Complaints Code can be found on our website, using the following link: -
You can contact us on our website using this link:
I hope this will be of some help to you.
Thank you again

Initially I thought, excellent, finally I can talk to someone about my situation. I called Vijay Tripathi picked up the phone in an Indian call centre. I was surprised at this point because the email says “contact our team that can specifically help you” to my surprise, Vijay had no clue regarding my complaint, he said I had never called the call centre before. To this I was shocked. Of course I have called the call centre, this is how initially lodged the complaint. Vijay confirmed that there was nothing written on the system. He then asked me to read my entire letter with my requirements that I have sent to the executive office. I was gobsmacked at this, as its almost 2 pages long. I asked him if he has an email I can email the letter to, to which he replied no. Then I asked him if there is a contact for the Glasgow office, to which he said no. Finally when I told him I was recording this conversation, he told me to email the letter to proofs@3mail.com and the Ecare department will handle the complaint. So now it’s almost as if, after everything I’ve been through, I have to lodge a brand new complaint. Welcome to the world of 3!
N  8th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
For the second time in less than a year someone has managed to 'upgrade' my plan and get a new phone sent to their address. After half an hour on the phone cancelling all orders I then had a call confirming which address I want the phone delivered to.AHHH.

The person who had gained access to my account had changed the password (which I had put on since the last time this had happened), when asked for my password I explained that It had been changed and then they just asked for a couple of bits of information as a form of security that anyone could possible get hold of.

As soon as mu contract is up I am leaving three as not only is the coverage poor, they have no security measures.
N  8th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Up to today, I have not had a word from Three! Its a complete disgrace. It shows a total disregard for privacy, confidentiality and security of other peoples data. They should be exposed! Maybe watchdog or another program that deals with this type of situation because I can guarantee that these companies only take things seriously when it gets on TV. With everything I have suffered I still have more sympathy for you as your situation must be even more frustrating! Dont you hate companies that cheapen themselves and have international call centres?! The good thing is, as a consumer we have a choice and switching supplier is not costly. The bigger companies seem to think they are above bankrupcy how wrong they can be! good luck with your situation
N  10th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Everything about this is a disgrace. 3 are certainly are not giving the level of care to the customer you'd hope when you sign up with them. Good luck with this!
A  11th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
3 claimed I had upgraded my two Blackberrys phones. I tried to cancel the order but they still delivered them. I was out and another delivery company collected the phones. I managed to track down (by phoning round courier companies) who had order the collection and where the phones were being delivered to - it was a John Dada in East London. (Look up John Dada on the internet and it is a common Nigerian name!). 3 have been harassing me for the past four months trying to get me to pay up for these two phones (each worth about £500. I have taken legal advice and written two full letters to their customer services dept. I have had no reply to either. 3 has now started telephoning me to try and get me to pay up. Four calls in the last 2 days on my ansafone. I called them this evening and was told I owed them £500+ and that they would ring me on Monday. I said I did not want to receive any calls but that all communications should be in writing in response to my letters to them.
In discussions with my son I have found out that the mother of one of his friends has had a similar problem with 3 and paid up just to get free of them.
This organisation is to be avoided at all costs. They cannot be trusted.

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