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Thompson Gas / I was lied to

1 1734 Valley RoadBerkelely Springs, WV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 304-258-2226

May 2008They put a lock on our propane tant so that we could not have hot water.  I owed them 800 dollars and had not paid so I understand why they did this even though I consider it a hostile act.  They will get their money they have always gotten their money.  So I call to see if I can work out something with them.  I spoke with their manager to see if they would accept half of what I owed on the 15th of May and then the rest on the 15th of June.  That was ok with him or so it seemed.  He sent me via email a form to fill out my paperwork to debit this money.  I filled it out and faxed it in.  He also told me that they would send somebody out on Monday or Tuesday and that someone would call me on Monday to set it up.  I waited all day and nobody called me on Monday.  By noon I called since I had not heard and wondered if they were going to come out that day.  They told me that the person working on this was at lunch.  She called me back and had no knowledge of my fax.  She went to go find it, she came back and told me that she would talk to her manager which was the same person I had spoken to earlier that told me our agreement was going to work.  When she called me back it was a different story then the one that I was told.  I know had to give them 600.00 dollars before they would unlock my tank.  No explanation was given as to why I was told something and the story was changed.  They only debit on the 1-5 of each month (not the 15th) so that was not going to work.  So now I have no hot water and have to wait 2 weeks to get that.  I guess a company that nets 22 million a year as it says on their website can sleep at night while they make a family go without hot water for 2 weeks or more.  I hardly think that this is fair.  I also think that they could accept something less than 600 dollars to get this tank unlocked.  They had me apple for a credit line but I was denied. I will make it my business to find somebody else to supply our propane.

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