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Ok so my story...
My name is Karlo Ćurić and i'm owner of and
In august i got my first investor's ever for a new site i was planning to make (still am) That Is the truth and i told that to my partners and his - Adrian Boeckeler.
Had to get the design asap. And since i thought its respected "company" i
ordered from Even said i'm fine with them putting their logo
on the site because i thought it will make BME look good lol
All i needed was design. No coding, no nothing, just design and PSD file of it.
I got fast replys and everything until the moment i payed for it. After payment no one contacted me anymore. Until like 1 month after, when i made paypal dispute. Than i got sketch, yeah just a sketch (jpg image) of unfinished design.
I probably got that just so they could say they delivered something.
On paypal they entered "digital product" so they won the dispute. (yeah its that easy) And after dispute ofcourse i didn't heard anyone from In the meantime my investors backed out. I was so desperate i even settled for unfinished design just to have something to show. I begged for PSD file of unfinished design! Hey UNFINISHED, just to get something Sent at least 10 more mails, asked Adrian to call em and stuff...
Nah nothing happen. I lost investors, didn't make the site and lost my money... From Aug 14, 2013 (when i made the payment) till this day i never got anything...

Few days ago i open

And since they saw it they ( posted fake complaint here bout me
Not only ThisIzHot steals from people, now they are trying to destroy businesses of people they robbed...


Feb 19, 2014

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