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I have a bad experience with thin boon jie contractor. I was promise and given a date that I can move in by 27th July 2013.. Eventually, I only manage to move in by 5th of August 2013 with the house not completed with the renovations. Kitchen top was not done, doors were not varnished and my wardrobe railings were not fixed. Called the contractor who was the son of the owner but my calls were left unanswered. Even my house keys were with him and promised to deliver it but as expected.he did not turn up..not once but a few times. I even had to chase him for things to be done.. Many days were wasted for not doing anything in the house. Up to date, 10th August 2013, kitchen was fixed. But the glass panel was not fixed, doors were not varnished and my railings were not fixed. Called the office but it was diverted to the hand phone which was again unanswered. Irresponsible company and staffs. Maybe they should change their mission about delivering customer needs on time. It's all full of ###. No doubt the workmanship is slightly above average..but I can't stand the delayi process and no sense of responsibilty.

Aug 10, 2013
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  • Bl
      Aug 20, 2014

    I totally agree with Faradila. I had the same unpleasant experience with Boon Jie. I engaged them to re-do my kitchen and common toilet in Sep 2013 as I saw many good reviews about them. My first few experience with them were quite good and they are able to give a fairly reasonable quote.
    The real bad experience came after the renovation has started. We have chosen the design of our solid top long before our renovation starts but we were informed by the contractor that it was out of stock only when they are supposed to come and fix up the kitchen top for us. In the end, we have to go for a design that we don't really like (since the factory only left with a few designs now) and have to wait for a few more days for the factory to deliver the kitchen top to us. After the kitchen top has been done up, we started using it and we realised that there was water in our wooden cabinet underneath the sink. We called the owner's son and sent him pictures of the water leakage. He came to take a look and try to fix the problem, but it was not resolved. A few days later, we noticed that there was still water in the wooden cabinet underneath the sink and I contacted him again but he did not answer my calls nor respond to my SMS and whatsapp messages. I tried calling both the father (David) and son (Davidson) for 7 days (a few calls each time to both father and son) but they either did not answer my calls or didn't turn up as promised.
    It was so irresponsible of them as we made arrangement to be home and imagine that after taking leave to be at home, they didn't turn up at all!! It happened not only once but thrice. I was totally disappointed with them as I have tried all means to reach them and in the end, I have to send a whatsapp message (since they did not want to answer my calls) to the son to let him know that I have to engage a third party to resolve all the outstanding issues and hence, will not pay them the balance if the repair cost is more than the outstanding amount that I owe them. After they received the message, they immediately replied and said that they will rectify the issues. Since they have done the rectifications, I paid them the due balance.
    Now, 11 months later, I noticed that my wooden cabinet below the sink has started to turn moldly and water has seeped through the gap between the sink and the kitchen top. The kitchen top has somehow 'expanded' and curved up, resulting in a gap between the sink and the kitchen top and water starts to flow through the gap into the wooden cabinets below it. Seeing this problem, I contacted Boon Jie and again, they promised to send someone to take a look but it did not happen. Tried calling both David and Davidson but to no avail.
    So much so about after sales support services that they promised us before the start of the renovation and the quality of their work... and I couldn't agree more with Faradila about their no-sense of responsibility.

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  • Ja
      Aug 16, 2019

    @blue_sky What did you guys do with company?
    After that.
    Pls share

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  • Oc
      Sep 23, 2014

    I had the misfortune of engaging Thian Boon as my contractor. One and half months after I moved in, this contractor then installed basin on kitchen top for me. Meanwhile, I have to bear the inconvenience of washing my utensils in the toilet. After installation, a series of continuous water leakage issues ensues. Water was dripping underneath the basin n damping the cabinet wood at bottom cabinet. The father claimed because they applied inferior quality glue and will use better quality glue when come back to fix this leakage. I doubt the skills of Davidson since this job was done by him. They have then rectified the leakage underneath basin but another linking leakage occurred. True enough, half a year later, when my family member moved in, we detected a mouldy smell coming from another cabinet with the water pipe totally concealed inside of cabinet. We put our hands inside the inner cabinet and to our horror, water was accumulating in this part of cabinet and wood was turning mouldy causing the stinking odor . This has happened for more than half a year without us discovering until that day. From that day, we called the father and son numerous times daily, they either refused to pick up or hang up our calls upon recognizing our voices. We are literally at their mercy as we want this leakage to fix ASAP as it was causing so much inconvenience and stench was getting foully with each passing day. A few times, I used tel nos. unknown to them, they will pick up and give a date and timing which they never turn up ! This irresponsible contractor pair do not honour their words and did not provide any after sale service at all after collecting final payment. I took leave three times to wait for them to turn up at home and repair the leakage yet it never happened. I finally cannot stand this anymore and hired an outside plumber who has to saw away part of the cabinet wood to investigate cause of leakage. It transpired that the pipe valve at joint was never sealed properly in the first place. I felted very angry at this whole mess episode of agony and inconvenience at this totally irresponsible contractor who did not honour of the plumbing works of renovation contract! I went to Small Courts Tribunal and filed a claim to request them to pay up the plumbing fees. They did not turn up for the meditative sessions and now small courts had sent them an enforced order to pay up! Guess what, this teochew speaking father and son pair has no respect of the law! CASE told me to find all other customers who suffered grievances caused by them to band together and they can take action against this irresponsible contract. All their potential customers out there, do due diligence work from our bad experiences and hire this contractor at your own risk!

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  • Fe
      Sep 29, 2014

    Hi! Im new here.but may i know when u engage boon jie for ur home reno, do u have a hard time to call them?

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  • Oc
      Oct 08, 2014

    After they got your business, you will have a hard time trying to get them. Only when they are collecting payments from you then they will take the intiiative to call you. After they collect final final payment from you, worst - you can call them 100 times a day they will hung up on you. And if you use foreign hp no. to them to corner them, they will tell lies that they are coming down today at a certain timing yet never turn up. I truly regretted signing with them. Although their workmanship is ok, they have literally no creative designs to speak of compared to
    IDs. From their fb, one can see almost all their jobsouses they renovated all have the same predictable designs.

    Throughout my experience with them, alot of choices they asked me to make is for their own convenience.

    For eg. they will ask you to choose standard dark walnut door cos the cracks cant be seen easily and white

    colour kitchen cabinets. When one want to add creative designs they discourage and give many reasons.

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  • Ch
      Oct 08, 2014

    I totally agree with above commentors. I too, had engaged thian boon, aka boon jie after reading positive reviews about the quality of their work. However, right after contract was signed, they started to disappear on us. We would call both father and son a few times each day, also for up to one week, before they finally agreed to meet us at their office. After choosing whatever we wanted, the tiles, color and materials for kitchen etc, the work schedule became unbearably slow. Most times when we went down in the day to check on the progress, there was only 1 worker there or no one there at all (11am weekday). Promises made were not kept, and in spite of us making ourselves available to their schedule to meet up, they did not turn up and made us wait a whole evening while I called frantically for a few hours with calls going unanswered and unreturned. After almost 2 mths, our flat is still at the post-hacking stage with some tiles in and plastering done. the kitchen and toilets are empty shells and flooring (he say the supplier delay shipment) not done. DO NOT ENGAGE THEM.

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  • Fe
      Oct 09, 2014

    So im lucky tt i spotted something is nt rite before I sign the contract with them.actually i wanted to engage them for my renovation after reading all the gd reviews abt them n they really sound like able to do wat i want.ive called them numerous time but the father n son juz dun response.n one thing i know tt they r moving out of their office if anything happen, where can i find them? Tts y i told my hubby nt to engage them

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  • Kh
      Oct 15, 2014

    My wife and I are in conjunctions with you all guys, I was another let-down character by their services what you all listed the encounters with them same happened on me. There are a few unhealthy habits of them that we think really test on our toleration.

    a) 360 degree flip-flop turn of attitudes after our final sincere payment to them.(I regretted to make the payment as works need to patch up.)

    b) Numerous empty promises made by them as we have to take leave and wait for them to turn out but failed and called them with no answer frustratingly.

    c) Pre-advanced arrangement(6mths ahead) for touching up of works but subsequently to be ignored by them.

    As the owner who pay for the renovations, I pitifully have to do it myself to paste the white cement on tiles line and toilet pipe plus painting as well, just because they never ensure their workers to do it properly. Maybe you can laugh at me for my stupidity to do it but I got no choice to rely on them anymore. Recently my kitchen wardrobe door panel's screw is in fault, I engaged third party to get it repaired because I am tired and scared to call them again.

    Conclusively, my point is to speak up my heartfelt opinion that mutual respect is important when a deal is engaged. I pay handsomely and in return is deserved with handsome service or product. I was fooled by on line those good reviews about them. Renovation is done is done, no backwards. I hope they can look back of what they have done.

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  • Ha
      Oct 23, 2014

    My reno with Thian Boon started on 06 June 2014.

    Reason we selected them was the rich experience David portrayed to us during our meetings. He gave up helpful tips and advice, we were very comfortable with him, he was willing to listen to the designs and requests we have in mind too, such as requesting stainless floor traps, all black kitchen theme etc.

    Renovation was in fact delayed by a few days due to what Daid said was the delay finishing of the ongoing project.

    Ours was a resale 5 room with most of the things to be re-done except for the living room and bedroom floors, and windows and their grilles were kept intact.

    Tiles were actually chosen at least 6 weeks before the reno at the tileshop near Balestier, forgot the shop name but I was not very pleased with what David recommended (white colour tiles for most of the toilet wall, black tiles as a back panel behind the white toilet bowl). 3 weeks later my friend and I went to another tile shop few units down and saw one which I loved so much. During our next meeting with David before reno start, I put in the request to change tile, he was agreeable but went on to explain why he did not bring us to the 2nd shop, due to a previous project where the quality of the tiles were undesirable due to cutting not at right angle, different thickness of the tiles. It was later that I saw from their facebook page, that all few of their past projects have the same design as what David recommended, thank goodness I did not follow his recommendation.

    Before the start of the reno, I have requested that I wanted black electrical sockets due to a black theme kitchen we have conceptualized. But during reno, David said he was unable to find, disappointment was the word. But in the end, after some time he was able to commit to the promise.

    The kitchen kerb that was initially very high (approx. 4-5inch high), I requested to hack and remove totally, but in view of the HBD law, he tried his best to hack it as low as possible, to approx. 2-3inch, which I was also happy but not exactly (wanted a full complete removal).

    He also suggested during renovation the use of black bi-fold door with black acrylic panels for an “All-black” feel for our toilets, which made husband and myself very pleased the final outcome. -> note this sets as backdrop for another point of argument at the later time.

    He suggested using his friend for aircon installation, which was a few hundred more ex that the shop we found, still went with his suggestion because he can coordinate better the pipe trunking etc. During the talks, it was clear we wanted Mitsubishi Electric Starmex, but after installation, found it was Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. We checked with Davidson, whom reassure us what we have is better in terms of electrical consumption and cooling effect. We agreed to accept. David also suggested we use him for electrical works, which we mentioned before we already got someone we knew to do, undoubtly at what we feel as reasonable price, as he just did some electrical works for my MIL house. Husband asked David if his charges will be ex, he say wont charge expensive. To make this reno project a smooth one, and for David’s convenience, we went with him again, and have to inform the uncle won’t be engaging him.

    On 06 June 2014 renovation started, I went down initially on a daily basis during lunch time but there was once or twice when nobody was present, meaning no work was in progress, presumably the whole day. Always visited with snacks/ cakes/ biscuts/ canned drink, packet drinks, sometimes more. No comments or complaints to the workers, just observing and taking pics, so as not to cause any confusion to the workers.

    Reno have progressed well till 13 July 2014 when it all things came to a stop for 3 weeks, bloody full 3 weeks!!!
    At this point, all tile works, toilet bowls, vanity top, sinks, wardrobes, lighting points, electrical points, heaters have been installed. Only kitchen and toilet taps, tvs have not been drilled to the wall.

    On 09 August 2014 where the son Davidson manage to find time to install laundry line and cabinets, kitchen tap and toilet taps and the bathroom accessories, mending the cracks of the air con wall which we sealed up (was hollow before), leakage of the common toilet HDB pipe, approx 1 inch hole in the toilet tile, kitchen switch that was sliding off position due to using of double sided tape to secure to glass backsplash, MBR toilet door that would not lock securely, dent marks of the plaster wall doorway to walk in wardrobe, bidet spray pipes which were leaking.

    At this point, there were still outstanding pending issues like the installation of 3 tv wall mount, install curtain rods, changing of main door lock, letterbox lock, doorbell, 2 way switch in our room which does not work well, leaking of our bidet spray pipe which was already replaced once.

    But tv brackets proved to be tricky as the screws provided did not fit our TVs. The tv bracets were bought from Taobao. Asked Davidson if he could find suitable screws on his end, he said will do. One week past, no news, We bought another set from a local tv shop, Davison was able to finally to have the TVs on the wall after much difficulties.

    On 16 Sept 2014, I met Davidson at the house when i reached all the lights were switched on!! Davidson seemed to be in a rush, even forgetting to fix the switch that were sliding off position, which I had to call and get him to rectify before he left. Later we realized that lights were switched on so he could take pics and post on fb.

    This was also the day he gave us the keys to all locks and doors to complete the handover. At this point, all lightings were adjusted to a more desirable height but we still have the 2 way switch that needs the electrician because Davidson was unable to fix it. Husband and I requested he inform us a day in advance when the electrician can come down, which was set on 19 Sept 2014. All seems well until we were cleaning the kitchen cabinet where things like shelves were not resting all 4 support hooks, unremovable stains on the surface of at least3-4 the kitchen cabinets.

    Messaged Davidson on 23 Sept 2014 (Mon morning), no reply. We tried to get him to come and fix on numerous occasions, calls to both father David, and son Davidson, whasapp, messages went unanswered. This happened throughout the period of the reno but it became so much frequent at the later stage as experienced by husband and I.

    My husband still actually type word by word in chinese the list of outstanding job that needs rectification to David. He has always been the one getting in touch with them, but father and son team always pulled the stunt of MIA, no answer calls, no reply messages despite myself messaging imploring them to rush the job for us. Even messaging David in Chinese requesting he call back when he got the time, but it never happened.

    Calls to both of them are tried numerous times in the number of 2 digits, which David called back only after using my office phone. Husband taught me this ploy which seem to be the only way of reaching them.

    Message Davidson on 25 Sept (Thurs), seeking confirmation that he will drop by Thurs or Fri which we have cfm previously to move bedroom switches, no reply. Calls unanswered.

    Nexy day, (25 Sept) whatsapp davdson telling him time is really running out, seeking his cooperation to rush the outstanding issues which we discovered days ago due to cleaning like shelves not resting on only 2 out of 4 support hooks, stain marks on the cabinet doors etc. Calls were made to him, no answer. Finally replied “Sorry was sick having fever….”. Told him to take care and have a well rested weekend, but no further follow up from him to say when he is going to continue.

    Patience has run out, and a lot of minor flaws which we were initially willing to accept, as David and Davidson really had been quite nice throughout (David mentioned he gave us the tiler whom has the good skills to work on our flat, and he gave us the pull-out bottom shelves for our walk-in wardrobe because we were easy going, and he did not give them to everyone).

    Minor flaws that include few chip offs on the laminate of our pull-out wardrobe mirror (which was an attempted coverup by colouring with a similar woodish-colour), HDB toilet pipe repainting only the front portion and no paint at the back of the pipe, wrongly drilled hole for one of the cabinet door which was covered with a plastic capper, the unremovable stain/ chemical marks on the cabinet doors, coffee stains and residue on all 3 drawers of our toilet vanity counter, a min 2-3inch scratch mark at the centerfold of the common toilet bi-fold door (was there since installation 2 mths ago), and including the simple shelving compartments for the hanging compartments of our walk in wardrobe.

    The simple compartments for the hanging compartments of our walk in wardrobe was something acceptable (which I only whatsapp Davisson and called David to add shelves on 25 Sept and 26 Sept respectively). This to be fair to them is a bit time-pressed.
    On 29 September 2014, calls to both father and son and whasapp to davisdon continue to went unanswered.
    The irresponsible and tardy attitude of them was the trigger that made me no longer want to live with and accept the minor defects which they were responsible for.

    A message was drafted and sent (MMS to both father and son, whatsapp to Davidson, wechat to David) informing that numerous calls to them went unanswered and the promise to meet up last Fri was not delivered too. Numerous pleas was sent to help rush the project which has dragged 3.5 mths (if we were to consider till the date of key handover), almost 4 months! And also the non-working of whole of lunar 7 mth, which they have 11 projects to work, the busiest they have been as proclaimed by Davidson!!

    We inform we do not have more time for them, if no intention for them to continue, we will end the reno project at this point and the payment we have made till them this far will be taken as full and final settlement for the project of our flat.

    It was at this time Davidson reply with “??” “My dad already schedule wed”.

    Call to Davidson was promptly picked up and he promised all outstanding work to be finished on Wed 01 Oct 2014, and he retorted to be fair to him, the wardrobe additions were only made last week. I told him I understood and was awaiting some reply whether they are able to add on. But the avoiding calls and everything really was too much. We have in fact given him 100% trust, hence we did not check all items and we even accepted the minor flaws, I even wanted to paint the HDB pipe myself last weekend! We did not disturb them on weekends, choosing only to contact them on working days, and when they want 2 lump sum payment in the range of $20k+, we promptly gave them without delay. Supposed we were already quite good owners to work with?? But for them to focus on the new projects and drag ours really is unfair, least to say the way they handle customers were umprofessional and irresponsible.

    I followed up with a long list ofoutstanding major and minor rectification, that failure on contractor part to fulfill the work in a satisfactory manner and/or non-turn up on 01 Oct shall take this projected as finished, and payment done till date is regarded as full and final settlement of the project.

    Husband stepped in and took over at this point to converse with father and son team.

    To cut short the story in the end the last on 11 Oct, all additional wardrobe shelves to 2 wardrobes I demanded were met, the acid spilled cabinet doors were changed with new ones (Davisson's carpenter told Davidson they gotta change all laminates to be fair to us, thank goodness for this kind soul), both bifold doors were changed to new ones (at our insistence, Davidson had wanted to paint over the scratches). This is when we found the leaking toilet tap/pipe. Got Davidson to come down but he can’t, said was almost reaching Zhenghua after staying at our side few hours. He mentioned to meet next day instead.

    On 12 Oct, when Davidson was supposed to come to re-plaster one wall (which his worker Kumar scratched the washing machine pipe with on the newly plastered wall the day before leaving to Zhenghua) and the leaking tap/pipe, he told my husband he down with food poisoning and Kumar will come down instead. Later Kumar asked if can reschedule to next day (Mon) instead. We said no. He came in the late evening, fixed the plaster and the leakage, double checked and reassured us all good. This is when he took out a form saying all defects have been rectified and keys handed over etc. Note the date was set 12 Oct, and I assume this is done by Davidson. We being fair and honest people, signed and return the letter for Kumar. Don't see any reason not to as long as all defects are well done.

    Next Sat, 18 Oct, met up with Davidson in his office to complete the final payment.
    He asked if all things are ok, if air con is cold, if not cold let him know to arrange for their contact to go down inspect.
    Anything else if not working well, let him know too.

    I wanted few ks as deduction for late handover, the MBR walk in wardrobe less than 7 ft as opposed to previously agreed, one side of kitchen laminate still unchanged with acid spills (carpenter mentioned this would prob damage the granite tabletop and huge work involved). Davidson made the call to David, who I assumed that he thought I insisted on the few ks deduction and turned nasty saying:” if you need the house urgently, could have let me know, .. how can you claim from me if you were to stay hotel..and pushed blamed to my husband who said we are not in a hurry to move in during lunar 7th mth… “

    Went on to say how he never met a more nasty customer than me/us…how he never calculate with us for the numerous times they went over to try fix the tv arms (sorry this he promised us beforehand)…how we later on request add on additional shelves but they never say he wanted Davidson to quit doing our stuff and don’t rectify the MBR bedside electrical poit, saying we wanted to change the MRB bed switch over and over (pls, if your bed were to move leftwards, the 2 switches at both ends of the bed gotta move leftwards too, not just one swtich, I have told him before reno start, bed must be at a corner, it must not face the door for fengshui reasons -> this is contradictory to his sales talk when running through the electrical points before reno started “electrical points gotta be at reachable and convenient places for the owner”. I just told him i have only 1 qn, how much discount he is willing to give as goodwill, as the job finally done 12 Oct, the follwing Sat on our off days we came over with chequebook to meet up and settle payment, which is already proof of our sincerity and as honest homeowners.
    Later he realised he has jumped the gun, in the end we settled for full round sum of 6k.

    I am certainly not very happy at his “everything not my fault” attiude, can even tell me why towards the end why he MIA, cuz he let his son take over our project, cuz he want his son to oversee.

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  • Ch
      Oct 23, 2014

    I have tried to be as understanding to thian boon / boon jie as I possibly could. When father and son pulled the MIA stunt on us, there was once i managed to meet the son at the site, while I asked him how he could ignore all my phone calls for so many days, he said he has many projects and is ALWAYS busy - that's it, NO APOLOGY AT ALL. In late sept when we met - completion was scheduled for mid-oct. In early oct, both father and son claimed that they told me completion was end-oct and that I must have heard wrongly. Fine I didn't want to argue with them because I still need them to finish the work. So I requested for a signed completion schedule. They said no problem. Everyday I'm chasing them for the signed schedule, davidson will give excuses like he didn't have time to go back office, his father overseas etc. He promised me time and time again that completion will be end-oct. Since then, I have adjusted delivery dates for numerous items numerous times. Today is 23rd Oct, no workers have been to my flat on any of the days for the past week - I have gone down everyday to check at 11am or 3pm. As per previous update, my kitchen is still an empty shell. Toilet fixtures are not done, flooring not done, house not painted/completely plastered, staircase not done. I really don't know how to move in by November and I'm also paying rental for another place. Good thing is landlord is understanding and did not try to chase us out. Also he is still pulling MIA stunt, both of them have steadfastly ignored my calls/smses/whatsapp for the past week. I did expect to have hiccups with any house renovation, but this is really too much. Being kept in the dark, worrying about it everyday, trying to be easy-going and in the end letting them take advantage of our kindness - I wish I had never stepped into their office.

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  • Ko
      Jan 03, 2015

    Hi, I engaged them to do my kitchen only for my renovation as the rest of the reno, I found other direct companies to do. They are not happy with me as I did not engage them to do everything. Many things I asked them to do, they can find excuse to change your views. They are expert in giving excuses which are not true. I also chased them when things are not right.Phones unanswered and I have to SMS them but still no reply till next day. Some more I called them many times. His son is not expert in plumbing works. My tap logo face the back to the wall. He can still say maybe the worker put wrong. When I check with Kumar, he say he dun do plumbing. My glass cabinet for bathroom is well kept in the box unopened. I heard a loud tub sound when the father trying to open the box. And he told me small part has cracked, I argue with him we did not touch them or shift them. He also suggest my kitchen sink to be extreme left which I told him many times I want to shift more to the right as I need to put dry rack beside. Now I know why he insist as the extreme left is link directly below the pipe drainage. So he can no need to adjust or extend pipe as his son is doing it. I also noticed some acid is stained at my new IKEA kitchen racks n bathroom rails and my glass cabinet which is stainless steel. Makes me hard to wash them completely off.My kitchen cabinet was not properly done too.Bad design. I suspect them do it on purpose as our relationship turned sour since bad experience. I deducted them 200 off the amt.Reno started in March 2014.

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