SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / posting fraudulent information with people's personal, ids residential address and telephone no illegally

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Dear sir,
David rea, the owner of the web site called the whistle blower sit is posting my personal ids, residential address, my contact information illegally.
He is black mailing me and posting my name every day.
He is aiding another company who already scammed us. To support that company name african development funding, he is posting my name and id's illegally to threaten me and abuse me .
I know it is illegal in the united states to post peoples legal documents, government issued ids on the internet.
You must not give permission to this company to post peoples government issued is, residential address or personal contact information sir.

Nov 21, 2017
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      May 12, 2019

    Public announcement:

    Thewhistleblowers. info (twb) is a 1 of a kind media + investigation platform that is a continually growing, very respected + globally followed expert in offledger money laundering.

    We have met + communicated with employees of many law enforcement organizations around the world.

    Most top banks use twb as part of their aml spectrum.

    Our specialized knowledge + unique evidence regarding money laundering activity by dirty bankers + their criminal proxies have been used by many investigative journalists.

    At this link you can read about twb investigation successes:


    We love it when the criminal proxies cry, post their anonymous graffiti, after we expose them on twb.

    We are not anonymous.

    David rea

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      May 12, 2019

    Public announcement:

    Who is david rea?

    Over 4000 connections on linkedin, over 4400 followers on linkedin, over 1200 followers on twitter (@twblowers), creator of 7 groups on linkedin with over 15, 000 members

    1) investigator at

    A new kind of due diligence + intelligence platform:


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    Russia strong (started december 2013).

    Money laundering world (started february 2014)

    Bad boys bad boys - what you gonna do - what you gonna do - when they come for you?

    David rea

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