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THEHIDFACTORY in Houston, TX DO NOT DEAL with this Owner. You can expect the treatment as show below with his childish behavor!Google Harris County Clerk, Assumed Names Search, Travis Deleon and look at the list of his Companies! (No Pun Intended)

No where on his website, does he state no refunds or that customers will be treated like this. I would check with the BBB for a sample on another claim with the same problem which he refused to even reply. He has a F Rating on the Houston BBB.

Warning against this Seller. Sent the wrong incomplete kit twice and refuses to refund the money. Kit is not as described on his website and is deceptive, misleading and full of false information including "Our kits are manufactured in our certified factories" but they are identical to the same kits made in China including the box print.

The following are actual quotes received from TRAVIS DELEON and THEHIDFACTORY.COM and the customer care you can expect from him;

"Let's not forget that I do know your real address sissy boy. I tell you what? Since we don't do refunds I would like to extend my offer of a refund to you if you are man enough to walk into my shop and get it. I'm sure you won't do that considering your (sic)a sissy boy" Come get your refund, it's still in my pocket."

"I tell you what? Call peoples (sic)court so we can be on tv so the public can see how petty you are over $89.99... Lol"

"but your way to stupid to even figure it out."

"I will inform your company of what you are doing during work hours and show them all your ingnorant (sic) emails and slanders you have made on our website" ( I was at home on my own personal computer, email account, IP Address and my own time but he threatens to contact my employer.)

"This is so funny over $89.99 that I have in my pocket"

"Maybe you should of did (sic)something with your life to be productive"

"I guess your (sic) not smart enough to figure that out on your own."

"get a life! You have to much time on your hands you loser"

"It is Not our fault your to ignorant to install the kit."

"Do what you have to do, I love to play."

"if you want to make false accusations then do so but I will do the same to you and bug you at your company"

If you are in the market for a HID Kit, would you want to buy from a kid like this? Shop the internet and stay away from THEHIDFACTORY.COM

Google THEHIDFACTORY and scroll down to "Rant" about him and see how sloppy and poor workmanship the did to this guy!

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  • Th
      21st of Jan, 2011

    We have never had so much trouble with a customer since we have been open. This guys name is GARY LYNN WAY, a 57 yr old man that has nothing better to do. Won't even give us the benifit to call him because he rather play cyber games. At this point, it is impossible to satisfy this Gary Lynn Way in Red Oak, Texas. We have exhausted all efforts in the customer because he is unwilling to work with us and rather make us look bad. It's perfectly ok because we have had many clients that will support us in what we do.

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  • Gl
      21st of Jan, 2011

    Well I was correct, this Idiot Travis joined and posted TODAY! FAKE
    Travis Garcia Deleon of KATY, TX 77449, is a little kid that lives with Mommie and Daddie and is a habitual liar, he has MADE NO ATTEMPT to try and resolve it. I begged the little kid in my 1st email don't start something you will find unfavorable but he decided
    he wanted to win at any cost! He is so worried, he keeps flagging every time I post on Craigslist Houston but he hasn't been able to find the others and some he can't flag.
    Travis if is is perfectly ok, why do you keep flagging on Houston Craigslist? What are you afraid of? Besides remember you stated
    you like to play games! I haven't even started playing yet little boy! TEEHEEHEE
    This is the actual kit the little boy sold and notice the single loose wires that require splicing into a Factory Harness on a new vehicle.
    Cheap Crap. The China kit is far better than his, it is really a Plug and Play Kit, not the junk he sells.

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  • Gl
      21st of Jan, 2011

    By the way Travis, I do not Flag your Craigslist ad, I have too many post out in the Web referring to that ad so they can see who I am referring to on the sites I can't post your number or THEHIDFACTORY. Leave it up on Craigslist, it helps me with my Websites where I expose you! Thank you buddy!
    If it is perfectly ok because you have other clients that support your cheak junk, then why do you keep posting?
    Are you really that worried?

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  • Gl
      22nd of Jan, 2011

    I sent an email to the little Kid to show us where he made just 1 effort as he stated above and quoted below. He is not even good enough to come up with a lie that he can prove where he made 1 attempt. Again would you want to buy something from a so called Business that will post your private information online to the Pubic?
    His is posted on his business and available for access to the Public but would you buy from some one that will release your Private information? That is a serious violation of privacy between a consumer and a Seller.

    His quote;
    We have exhausted all efforts in the customer because he is unwilling to work with us and rather make us look bad.

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  • Gl
      27th of Jan, 2011

    He still won't answer. Hiding under mommy's apron now! Nah, he received a Certified and Regular Mail demand letter he is trying to ignore!

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