The Woodstock Lounge / The most disgusting dining experience in my life

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On Friday night I recommended that my friends (whom had never been to The Woodstock Lounge before) join me for some dinner there. Apart from the absolutely disgusting food (at which I am still amazed - for is must take SERIOUS skill to mess up a burger?!) the service was sarcastic, arrogant and overly-familiar (insulting guests as if you're their varsity mates is just not the done thing). On ordering the last round, two ciders and a beer were charged as R120 - with the (drugged-up drunk) owner citing that the extra R60 was because we were buying her waitress and barman a drink. Refusing to do this, the conversation turned abusive (involving much swearing from the owner). Later, my boyfriend had misplaced his card and when he approached the bar to ask them to check around their paypoint for it, the owner again became incredibly abusive and defensive about him accusing her her staff of theft. Explaining this was not the case, - she shrilly yelled, telling him to get the [censored] out of her face, and her restaurant. This was in front of another group of patrons. Incidentally, the barmen (who let us out) sheepishly apologized for her behavior saying this was 'the norm'.

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