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The Wedding Experience / Horrible -how to fight back!

1 2103 SW 22nd St., Suite 721Miami, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 305-421-0000

I am the original bride that wrote the first complaint of Horrible Costumer Service on this forum. I would like to say, it has been three yrs. since I have gotten married on Carnival and had to deal with The Wedding Experience. It still stings, if I describe it to others. But, I will tell you it does get better, with time.

Few things I would like to mention: I have noticed that a lot of other people have gone through such similar situations as mine. Obviously, The Wedding Experience is a horrible company that is getting away with murder. One thing that all of us can easily do, simply from our computers, is to go on the Better Business Bureau website ( ) and give TWE a very bad rating. This will, eventually, hurt their company and make them realize that they are to be held to a higher standard and accountable for all of their horrible actions. Unless TWE is pointedly sued, they will continue with their unprofessional, hurtful and deceitful ways. So, PLEASE, if you want to make a difference, go on to the Better Business Bureau and add to their poor and low rating. Eventually, they will have their business license taken away. Also, get the word out! If your experience was bad enough, go onto other forums and let other brides and grooms know not to use The Wedding Experience in any way possible.

In re-reading my original post, I wanted to add a few thoughts that were helpful for me in getting back what my husband and I had taken from us on our wedding day. Not only did I not have any of the flowers that were ordered for my bridal party and family, I did not even have my wedding bouquet or husbands boutonniere which were just a standard part of the bridal package. I was told that there was no time for my first dance and hurry up and cut the cake! Well, everyone, I did have some semblance of calm left in my that day and I told my wedding coordinator to put my" first dance" music on and get out of the way. I told her this would be my only wedding day and that I was going to have my first dance. Sometimes you just have to take charge when no one else will.

How did I resolve some of these hardships and mishaps? I went straight to the management of Carnival. Now, sadly, I had to do this on my honeymoon. But, in knew in my gut, that if I did not address all of this NOW, that I would be forgotten and put at the bottom of a long list. I set up meetings and held my ground with Carnival mngmt. They were kind enough to listen, but I had to push, push, push. I was not letting up and I had a paper trail a mile long with info about all of the specifics between Carnival, The Wedding Experience, what was promised in their package and what was actually delivered.

Ah-ha! Finally, someone starts to listen. That was gratifying. We talked numbers and Carnival did ask how they could compensate. I will say, they did their best to clean up TWE mess. They did compensate, but nothing will bring back that day.

My message here is this: Go directly to the source. Carnival is hiring this hideous company, let them know directly how horrible it all was. Give them the message that they are responsible for hiring The Wedding Experience. Enough direct complaints and TWE will not be used anymore and will be blacklisted.

Good luck to you all!! I hope my original message helped some of you to turn your back on The Wedding Experience. And, for those of you who went ahead with them, I am sorry for what you went through. My thought is this, I will make sure to have a wonderful ten year renewal of the vows - - and, all on my terms!

Best wishes, everyone . And, remember, rate them on The Better Business Bureau, it is the only way to make a difference.
Better Business Bureau:

My original post:

Bride Beware!!! If you are planning to use The Wedding Experience for a Cruise Wedding or Destination Wedding ( or, in any fashion) - - DON'T!!!

We were just married on a Carnival cruise and, sadly, The Wedding Experience is the company that Carnival outsources to. From day one, they were horribly unprofessional on the phone and via email. And, of course, that is if you have the patience to wait for them on the phone!

Please, brides-to-be, do not make the same mistake I made!! You are hoping to alleviate stress by getting married on a cruise or a destination wedding... it REALLY matters who you are doing business with! And, if this company does not check out on the Better Business Bureau website, then do not go forward. You will regret this choice, as I do.

By the way, The Wedding Experience has a rating of a C- on the BBB and 25 complaints against them. This rating is not including mine, so it will, I am sure go down from here.

First and foremost, they do not care about people over all. They do care about your money, though. And, they will do everything possible to get your money in to their business and then promptly forget to care for your wedding details.

I was married on a cruise ship and I trusted that details, such as, my wedding bouquet, my groom-to-be boutonniere and wedding party flowers would make it to my special day. Unfortunately, they did not. The day of my wedding, the wedding coordinator could not find any of my flowers and I, along with the bridal party, walked down the aisle with fake flowers that were pulled from the ship.

That was not the worst of it. Because they could not find my wedding flowers, they wasted precious moments from my already condensed "shipboard wedding." My 1.5 hour reception became a 35 minute reception. A 35 minute reception that was supposed to be the biggest day of our lives with family that came from out of the country. It was a sad, sad wedding night, I will tell you that much.

There is nothing that The Wedding Experience can do to bring back the hours and memories lost on my wedding day. I am writing this complaint to let any other naive and innocent bride-to-be know not to do business of any kind with them. Currently, they have many, many very sad, horrific tales on the internet about them and their horrific "service." I would like to spare another bride from the sadness and disappointment.

The people that I interacted with the day of my wedding were extremely unprofessional - - even to the point of my wedding coordinator crying incessantly at the time when she was to walk me to the ceremony. This was all because she could not find my flowers. Which, news flash to her, had never even been ordered.

When I called after the wedding to find out what had gone wrong with the flower order, I was spoken to as if I was discarded trash. No longer a cash value - - no longer of importance.

I hope to change one bride's special day with this message. I truly hope I do.

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