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The Spa Specialist, Inc. / Dissolution, Debts, and Warranties?

1 14971 Raritan StreetBroomfield Unic Adams County, CO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-478-2224

Apparently CEO/COO and Registered Agent James Arjuna has filed "Articles of Dissolution" for The Spa Specialist, Inc., on 02.03.2009 at 08:35 PM, with the Colorado Secretary of State. It appears that Mr. Arjuna thinks that this voids any and all debts owed by The Spa Specialist, Inc. Apparently Mr. Arjuna has "Transferred" all assets owned by The Spa Specialist, Inc. over to Havenhead, Inc. It seems Mr. Arjuna is in total denial of the existence of "The Fraudulent Transfer Act" aka "The Fraudulent Conveyance Act" which makes such transfers "to avoid debts and/or avoid litigation to collect debts, " illegal under the Laws of The State of Colorado and the Laws of the State of California. Does this "Voiding of Debts" scheme or trick, extend into and absorb all warranties issued by The Spa Specialist, Inc., voiding them also? If you read any postings on the internet from "Alleged" extremely pleased customers, please do not stop at one or two. If you read enough such reviews you will detect a common pattern of writing style and vocabulary that strongly suggests that the majority of these were written by Mr. Arjuna himself, using a fake name. He is notorious for this! He is also notorious for presenting himself as an "Engineer." This is a lie. He is also known for telling people "I have never, and will never, tell you a is against God to lie!"

  • Updated by John Gruver, Mar 19, 2018

    Legally we were never a part of any business with James Arjuna's name on it. Never saw a contract! He made a fake sale of fake stocks to us. Never paid us a dime of alleged profits! Our names appear nowhere on any state filings for The Spa Specialist, Inc.! So whatever he did with The Spa Specialist, Inc. did not, does not, and never will have any "Legal Connection with John B. or Georgia P. Gruver" in any way, shape, manner, or form! This only exists in James Arjuna's fantasy world! He is liable for what he did to us ON A STRICTLY PERSONAL BASIS!!! Therefore he has no corporate limited liability, in any form, protecting him. He has absolutely no "CORPORATE VEIL" protecting him, or his wife Sandy, from personal liability - personal damages and suffering inflicted upon us by this blatant thief. There exists no proof whatsoever that we were partners or stockholders in any business with James C. and or Sandra A. Arjuna! Aka James Campbell Gruver, Sr. and Sandra Ann Tunis!

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  • Cu
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    will u testify with the District Attorney against Arjuna and this current action? His company told me today they would not honor any warranties from past sales, even though they are still in business just under another name.

  • Jo
      6th of Dec, 2009
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    customer who had problems from day one

    Oh YES YES YES! You betcha!

    As you can see and have experienced, James Arjuna is a low life cheater. I have carpet bombed the State of Colorado from the Governor on down to the Adams County DA and Sheriff and got nowhere! " legal counsel with a private attorney..." One agency said "When the amount of money involved reaches one million dollars or more...give us a call...until then..." The State Attorney General's Office said "One complaint is not enough for us to investigate their legal counsel with a private attorney..." Not having $250 plus per hour for a "Private Attorney" to bring Civil Action against The Spa Specialist, Inc., I have been doing it myself Pro se or In propria persona [In pro per] meaning I bought some books from Nolo Press AND elsewhere, and I/we are acting as our own attorney(s). This is an increasing trend in the Judiciary Systems. All the forms are on line and there is tons of examples of Pleading Paper Briefs or Complaints filed in recent times FREE via the internet, along with FREE Law dictionary's. There are plenty of new and used Paralegal training manuals, etcetera.

    HAYWARD CA 84542-1639
    (510) 581-5380

  • Ji
      31st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I feel sorry for you that your internal suffering has caused you to violate your own brother, desecrate your deceased parents who loved you, to make a mockery of our family name and those who love you. I feel sorry that I can't have you as a brother because of your thoughts and fantasies, that have compulsive control over you mind.

    You allowed your pain and mental problems to control you so much so that you gave up your only brother and forced him to avoid you like some plague. You need to get free of that, because it will be the death of you. Negative thoughts destroy those who have them.

    In all of your life, how much has this hate given you? All the time I have known you, you have carried this anger and hate and focus it on some member of the family. I guess, eventually it would be my turn. How much good has come from you being so sure that people are out to get you?

    I have never in my life ever done anything but love you and this is how you treat me. The company has not survived because of you. You destroyed your own company. Why? Why is your anger so in control of your life?

    How can you allow this fantasy to control and own you.

    You have caused my family much suffering, and financial stress. You have accomplished your task to destroy our family business. Now you can relish in your "victory". I don't know how you can be happy at the cost of harming other people?

    I really don't ever want to see you and what you have become. You are not my brother, and I don't know who you are. My real brother would never doubt me, would realize that I am telling you the truth would realize that I am honest and loving with all people.

    Even so, after all the terrible things you have done, I am, perhaps the only one who actually understands you and can have compassion for all the mental suffering you have and how you lash out at others, when the pain is in your heart that you are trying to destroy.

    This photo represents the only time you were ever my real brother. I still look at it in order to understand your pain.

  • Jo
      30th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    JA aka JCG,

    What picture? I do not see a picture!

    I am so devastated by your BS. I can't seem to find enough crying towels! I am also going through crying towels over your foreclosure! Boo-Hoo-Hoo!!!

    Why don't you threaten to "Sever my Birthright" one of Dad's worn out psychological warfare tools to intimidate and take control of everybody with terror tactics; remember?

    Who needs enemies when you have a sibling like Jimmy that is an emotional 2 year old with the mentality of a [censor]ed person or developmentally disabled person.

    One can only feel sadness and pity for such a delusional basket case.

  • Jo
      27th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Tennis it is!

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