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Service after the Sale

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Customer satisfaction is our main concern” – I’m not sure those are the exact words used in the TV advertisements for the Scooter Store products, but that is the gist of them anyhow. For those of you considering a purchase, may I suggest that you rethink your choice of providers FROM Scooter Store to someone else.

It is true that they work persistently to get approval for your purchase – and payable by Medicare if your doctor jumps through all the right hoops in completing the qualifying forms they send. Fortunately, my doctor had a person on staff who recorded all the data from my chart and performed the summary paperwork after he had done his evaluation so it was clear, complete, honest, and accurate. I got the power chair “at no cost to me”.

HOWEVER, within a year there was a problem and the chair was totally “down”. It would not run. I contacted the Scooter Store and was told they had to get clearance from my Medicare insurer before they could even send someone out to take a look at it. I asked if they had a loaner I could use and I was told that was not possible until they talked to the insurance carrier.

Well, IF you have read the papers the doctor fills out to qualify you for a power chair, you will know that you must be:
1. Unable to walk without assistance.
2. Unable to mobilize yourself in a normal wheelchair
3. Unable to do your normal IN-HOME activities without a mobility aid.
4. Unable to walk through your home WITH a walker.

Knowing that, would it not seem that the customer’s satisfaction would include meeting their needs and that when their means of mobility was non-functioning, there would be a compensatory “loaner” available for their use immediately?

IF the customer’s satisfaction and mobility NEEDS depended on the power chair’s function and the customer offered to borrow the money to PAY FOR the repairs to have them done NOW and then be reimbursed when the insurance approved it, wouldn’t you think the company would accommodate that request?

Well, in the case of my experiences (now not just once but twice in slightly over two years) with the Scooter Store, there has been a two week period where I had a non-working or inadequately working piece of equipment and totally restricted mobility EACH TIME. In the latter incidence I talked to my Medicare carrier and she checked, advised me that the Scooter Store had filed the request with the wrong company. She got immediate approval and called the Scooter Store back to tell them it was approved on the spot. They said they would have someone contact me within three days, yet when I talked to the Scooter Store on the phone several times, I was told they had a technician in Pensacola every day so they would immediately come take care of it when they got approval. The local Scooter Store agent even told me (each time, by the way): “Let me check the latest e-mail to see maybe if it has come through while we have been talking.” Nice line.

If ever I am allowed to live long enough to get another power chair, I can promise you I will do my “homework” well and the purchase will NOT be made through The Scooter Store. They are very large, very vocal, and very popular. I don’t know why. Maybe I have the only “lemon experience” in their history. Or maybe other people are having problems and just haven’t said anything. If you have had problems with follow-up repairs and/or maintenance, I urge you to make you voice heard. And if you have not yet purchased a scooter or power chair, I strongly recommend you consider another company’s product.
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N  16th of Aug, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I am on my second chair from the Scooter Store. The reason I am on my second one is that according to Medicare, if you still require one, you are due to have a new chair. However, the way I have understood it from the Scooter Store people I have talked to, you are supposed to sit with your doctor while he/she fills out the paper work. My doctor also said the same thing------the paper work takes about an hour to do.

As far as the requirements needed to qualify for a chair goes the requirements you listed by number, the only one that is true is number 2. You are only supposed to use the chair in the home, not take it shopping, etc.

I did need to have the batteries replaced in my old chair, and yes there was a time frame that the chair wasn't usable, because a service person had to come from out of state. If I had purchased the chair locally, that might have happened too, because the service techs have to cover a large area, and sometimes there is a wait for the repairs to come in. My thought is that if you can't get around your home with the aid of a walker, maybe you should be in an assisted living facility or even a nursing home. If you are that bad off, you must need help getting in and out of bed and showering, etc.

Granted maybe the Scooter Store is to blame for this, but then when you came up with your bad attitude, that more than likely, didn't help either.
N  16th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
My experiences with the Scooter Store on behalf of a client and acquaintances has been one comedy of errors after another. Go with another company in the future.
N  17th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
There are all kinds of local businesses that sell these items, people are free to go to any business that they want to. I have never heard of a local business that will fight to get the product completely paid for by medicare the way the Scooter Store and Hovaround do.
A  9th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have been trying to reach the Scooter Store by phone for over a month. I have tried every hour of the day every day of the week and get the same thing: A pre-recorded message stating they are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. There is an estimated wait time of six minutes. They are no longer taking new customers. If you stay on hold, in exactly one hour it will hang up on you (you listen to the same message over and over and then CLICK it hangs up in one hour). It does not matter which number you call- the 800 numbers, the local numbers, the service repair numbers- all the same. My husband has a special built electric wheelchair that was custom built by the scooter store for neurological problems. This is not the run-of-the-mill "scooter for going out to the mall. This is a specialty chair that he needs just to get to the bathroom. I have been trying to reach someone at the scooter store since early March, even by email, and have received no response. The pin is broken on the motorized leg lift thus the legs do not swing away so that he may get into the chair. Furthermore, the chair is not charging correctly, not holding a charge. This chair is only a little over a year old and while it is used daily it is used to get to the bathroom or the living room or on a para-lift for transport to the hospital. He cannot use a manual wheelchair because he is too neurologically deteriorated. There is obviously a black-out on media reporting because I have not seen much news about the inability to reach ANYONE at ANY number for the Scooter Store and I am sure it is not just me having this problem. Sadly, if I cannot reach them to make these repairs, I have been told that the repairs have to be paid for out of pocket. The only story that I have found is at this link : http://www.9wsyr.com/content/news/your_stories/story/Disabled-man-not-getting-any-help-from-The/uO_FN-8lh0Cle9GCEyYc5g.cspx

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