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I will begin By shouting it out from the highest mountain... in today's talk that would translate to the World Wide Web. The story starts on New Years Eve. My wife contacts the Scooter Store via the web. Within thirty seconds of her disconnecting the live chat and as she is telling me the phone is going to ring... it is ringing. Brit is calling on landline from ex.2777. Brit is on top of it... Brit has the ball, sort of speak, and is heading for the goal post. It's a touch down move and brit locks the deal knowing he has only days to finish because I have already had my 'one on one' required doctor examine... 40 days ago and it is about to expire. Brit passes the ball into the hands of Norma Ex2776 and she is off and running knowing time is of the essence... We're talking warp speed. Norma in action stops the clock. It's up to Wyoming Dave from the Salt Lake City office... Wyoming Dave has the ball and Wyoming Dave delivers... The Scooter Store delivers... Dave had to travel 190 miles one one across and through the Great Salt Lake Desert... The Scooter Store Delivers ... and wins the game on [protected].

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  • Ta
      12th of May, 2011

    I have contacted the salesperson several times complaining about the chair that they have sold me. All he was interested in was selling me the most expensive chair medicare would approve, using the excuse that, that was the kind of chair my doctor said he wanted for me.. All the script says on it, is order one electric chair.
    He said I needed this for that one the most expensive chairs medicare would approve, and all I wanted was a regular Jazzy. I had one before and never had any problems..They even measured me for this chair mind you. My feet don't reach the pedal, my thighs hang over the edge of the seat cutting my circulation.. I'm in extreme pain after sitting in this chair for only a few hours. I've asked them to please either fix it, or let me have the regular Jazzy, but they refuse, and this chair cannot me fixed in order to accomidate me comfortably. I am extremely upset, one that medicare is stuck paying for this, and I am stuck with this chair for not under 5 years, and if it still runs right, I am stuck with it until if breaks to the point where it's too expensive for them to fix.I actually had to have my doctor up my pain medicine to compensate for the extra pain this chair causes me. If there is anyone out there that can help me please let me know, I have fought them over this chair for over a year now. Thank You.

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