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I joined The Right One after 5 hours of interviewing(at 11:30) at night on May 5th 2008. I put down $1, 500.00 and signed an agreement for a remaining balance of $4995.00. I was told if I cancelled within 72 hours, I would only owe $95.00 processing fee. I called customer service the next day to cancel (left a message) and sent a certified letter of cancellation on May 7th. The person who interviewed me called to find out why I had left a message on their recording and I told her I sent a letter to cancel and I wanted my $1, 500.00 back. She stated the "agreement" says I don't get it back. I have two problems with that statement. They gave me a packet of information. On the "agreement" the $1, 500.00 is called an "Initiation Fee" and the total price I owe is $5995.00. On the form they filled out for the direct debit from my bank, the $1, 500.00 is a "down payment" and the total I owe is $4995.00.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Norwell, MA How much do I REALLY owe? Was it an "initiaion fee" or a "down payment" I gave them? They have yet to answer that question. I would NEVER have signed a document nor written a $1, 500.00 check if I didn't for a moment think I wouldn't be able to cancel and get my money (or a portion) of it back. I wasn't even a member for 24 hours before I called to cancel and officially cancelled well within the "72 Hours" I was told I had. Now, they are telling me that based on the "agreement" I signed at 11:30 at night, they don't owe me any money. Heck, they cashed my check 2 days AFTER they knew about my cancellation. I fully expected for them to have me pay the $95.00 I was told I may have to pay and refund the rest. Boy was I wrong. I received a letter from them on May 19, 2008 and they will NOT refund my $1, 500.00 because of "services" they provided to/for me and the "agreement" I signed. They haven't done anything for me.

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  • Do
      Sep 14, 2009

    I've read several complaints about this company but feel it necessary to add a very real warning. Unlike most people, I was able to get a refund from this company but that is because they matched me with someone who committed a first degree murder less than two weeks after being given my telephone number. Not only is this company atrociously bad at actually matching people with compatible matches, but they don't even do adequate background checks to insure that they are not risking the lives of their members. DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE on this service that will not work. If you really want to use a dating service, use an online service that charges a fraction of the cost. Most people are naturally more cautious about online connections than they would be with someone introduced to them by a company who allegedly does background checks.

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  • Lm
      Jan 19, 2011

    I've experienced a very similar situation with The Right One. Now they have terminated the company, thus it will be hard to go get the money back. But I would be part of a Class Action anytime.

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  • Tr
      Sep 10, 2014

    Hi Valerie,

    I'm sorry you got scammed as well. I've have been fighting off and on with this putrid company for over 10 years. Right now I'm collecting stories from people in the hopes of submitting them to attorneys general in several states where this company did business, and possibly bringing about a class action lawsuit.

    Anyone who has been scammed by this company can contact me at [protected], and read my story (it's long!) at

    I have the direct contact information for Paul Falzone, the shyster who ran this operation. Before TRO it was Together Dating, now it's eLove. He seems to dissolve his company every few years and make a new one, to make it difficult to sue or prosecute him. Maybe if we all band together we can get some attention.

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