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I am writing this because I feel a moral obligation to warn any potential employees or customers of The Right One about what I know. This Dallas company owned by Ted Law is a dating service that charges an estimated $500 per introduction, with memberships ranging from $500 to $15, 000. First and foremost, they make their money by keeping you SINGLE. As long as they can bamboozle you with their charm and fast talk they will continue taking your money. Second, if they were truly good at what they did and genuinely cared about helping people find the one they are looking for, it would not take 30 introductions. During my last week as an employee there, I was reprimanded for not setting up an appointment for a 58-year-old Nigerian man who wanted to meet a 20-year-old white or Asian woman. Even though I knew for a fact that kind of match was unattainable, the only thing management was upset about was losing a potential client with over $150, 000 annual income. Although I would be paid a hefty sales commission, I could not, with clear conscience, accept that client and set up his appointment.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TX

In 1988, when my daughter was born, I made a decision to treat everyone I come in contact with, the exact same way Id want them to treat my child. With that said, dear Mr. Ted Law: I wish for you ALL that you deserve. I will pray for your children because no amount of money can buy true peace of mind. This company's lack of ethics does not end with the clients. Lets examine the way they treat their employees. When a person just starts the job, the company will make sure their first two or three paychecks will be calculated correctly, just to see if they can make them money.

After that it will forever be: I am sorry, we will fix your check next week, or the next week. Or, Sorry, its actually your own mistake; you did not keep accurate records. On three separate occasions, I found out that the sales I made were not properly reflected on the books I had access to. Ted, the $3, 700 that you screwed me out of in a 4 month period keep it! Money made off preying on people weaknesses is the kind of business I want no part of. I suppose if you are a small time drug dealer deciding to become legitimate, this job might be a step up. It is still legal for now, but its just NOT RIGHT!

Peace and love!

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  • Me
      Jun 25, 2008

    I completely agree with this comment. They use a book to train you and expect you to memorize the book. If you happen to go in for a consultation you will see them walk in with a book. The packages range from [protected] which is ridiculous. Oh and if you cant afford the packages...they leave the room talk to Ted, Shane, or Lonnie and then they go off the sheet that has all your financial info on it to see what you can pay. They get you to trust them and then they ask you what you have in savings, checkings and credit cards and they really do expect you to max your card out. They never have the people they say they have. If your between 20-40 and your a female dont even bother can get in for free! If your a black female/male find some other place to go. They lie to get your money and then put you on the backburner and never match you. Ted Law and Shane Weisberg are the owners and by the does not take a couple of weeks to do a background check. They use It takes 2 seconds to run a background check and its not 300 its like .10. Your getting screwed on that too. Anyone can do the matching in any office. They just match you by the compatability profile numbers. If your an older gentleman looking for a younger woman...good luck! If your lookng for a slender woman...good luck. Non smoker...sorry about your luck! you will never deal with the same team member more than three times because they are always firing their staff. They have the highest turnover rate. The employees are let go because they are not swindling enough money out of their "members". Your better off finding someone on your own. The Right One is the wrong one and you will regret signing anything with this company.

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  • Sh
      Oct 15, 2008

    I called channel 2 news in NYC and had them to my house to do an interview about this 'scam' service. I feel like I may have done some good by warning unsuspecting singles (like I was when I spent 3K and signed up). Too much to write about how the service was disappointing and also told legally, I have no case. Anyhow, would like to see this place go under.

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  • Da
      Jan 30, 2009

    Has anyone filed a class action or anything on this company????

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  • Cr
      May 07, 2009

    I was completely scammed by them just as the rest of you say. They had a tap to my checking every month sucking out the funds. I learned immediately after being pressured to sign up right then and there with their intimidating sales pitches what a mistake I had made. I starting checking them out on the web and have found nothing but complaints like these. I didn't think I had a way out, so I've paid for the last year, despite ceasing to use them for anything. This month I had my bank stop their automatic drafts with another 2 years left on my "contract". I don't know what will happen as a result of just cutting them off, but I will fight tooth and nail to give these people another dime of my money. They've felt like a leech stuck to me for the pat 12 mos...

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  • Tr
      Jul 30, 2009

    I have had a very bad experience with "The Right One"... These people are crooks and should all be in jail. Never in my life have I delt with the most un-honest and ruthless people. High pressure ...and no for an answer... is not an answer. Unending baby crying ...demanding of your money. WE ARE HUMAN...and after being hounded and repeatedly asked to do what they nice people give in and become prey for those "Right One" folks to totally rip us off. SHAME ON ALL OF THOSE " RIGHT ONE" FOLKS...GOD WILL JUDGE YOU... YOU WILL PAY... I am a nice loving person and I did look into the service the "THE Right One" had to offer... BIG MISTAKE...I have been brought up in a family who does offer trust...with the hope that people will not take advantage of you. I still want to believe that...but after dealing with these people, I have a new view of what ### is out there. And yes..."The Right One" is ###...TOTAL ###. I was high pressured into joining the start...$1000. Within 2 hours I changed my mind and asked to cancel the enrollment. I was sent home with the enrollment papers half filled out...and asked to send the information to them in the mail...once I agreed to join, it was " GIVE ME YOUR CC NUMBER. AND BE ON YOUR WAY. I was literally walked to door and asked to complete the paperwork at home and send it in...The sales person said they had another appointment and I had to leave. I left feeling I had just been scammed. I was...and I knew much for that trust thing I spoke about. I called "The Right One" when I got home...about an hour later and said I wished not to continue their enrollment process...and please refund my CC the $1000...that is when the ### hit the fan...I was told 'NO" I signed a document...and they wanted the remaining $1500 for a total of $2500...I must say I am a nice guy...but I WILL NOT STAND FOR FLAT OUT THEFT OF MY HARD EARNED DOLLARS...PERIOD. I got to work...I contacted the Texas attorney general...where this company originated...I contacted my state attorney general...explained everything...made a BBB complaint...and then called the head quarters of the "THE RIGHT ONE" and gave them after day after day...people...DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE ABUSE YOU...STAY TRUE TO YOURSELVES... CALL AND COMPLAIN EVERYDAY...WITHOUT END...STAY ON THE BBB... CALL YOUR LOCAL NEWS OUTLET...LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THESE CROOKS...PLEASE USE YOUR IMAGINATION...A WRONG OR THIS TYPE OF THEFT MUST BE EXPOSED...GET A LAWER WHO WILL HELP...THE PEOPLE ARE LIARS AND CROOKS...THEY MUST BE STOPPED...I never stopped until I got the message to them that I was not going away...until I got my money back...3 months later...I got my $1000 back...and ALL of you fine folks should as well...I'm telling you GET MAD AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT>>>>I WILL NOT STAND FOR FLAT OUT LIES AND THEFT OF MY MONEY AND YOU SHOULD NOT EITHER..."THE RIGHT ONE" ARE FLAT OUT CON ARTISTS AND MUST BE STOPPED...NOW...UNITE PEOPLE...WE ARE TO GOOD TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS...SCREW YOU..."THE RIGHT ONE"

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  • Do
      Sep 14, 2009

    I've read several complaints about this company but feel it necessary to add a very real warning. Unlike most people, I was able to get a refund from this company but that is because they matched me with someone who committed a first degree murder less than two weeks after being given my telephone number. Not only is this company atrociously bad at actually matching people with compatible matches, but they don't even do adequate background checks to insure that they are not risking the lives of their members. DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE on this service that will not work. If you really want to use a dating service, use an online service that charges a fraction of the cost. Most people are naturally more cautious about online connections than they would be with someone introduced to them by a company who allegedly does background checks.

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  • Ne
      Jan 26, 2010

    They truly are a bunch of money hungry, unprofessional, immorral, disrespectable, cold blooded and ruthless people specifically the (dallas) location's supervisors; Erin Judge and the Owners TED and RACHEL LAW, where I was unfortunate enough to go looking for a job. Thinking I would make good money and that the company is so called amonst the many of the oldest match making andhelpfull to many people I came to a conclusion that I wil work for it. But it only took me a week to understand what they truly are.Their way of doing buisness irritates me they basically scorn people and mislead people they are truly hungry for money and they keep on harrasing people who ask not to be called. And their pitch that the agents use is very unprofessional and is used to identify what they are looking for YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!. I will suggest all the people who are looking for other alternative's rather then meeting people at places like school, your Church, work or your social gatherings to never look upon this comapany, PLEASE it's a scam I know it.They even tell the employees during their 3 day intmidating training class (but the guy who trains BRAD seems like the only genuine personality there) that they are more lenient towards individuals who make more money and they bash at people who make less like under 45k or lets say they get there little money they have, and then totally ignore them and put them off and focus on people who put more money in their pockets. And I would advise all you out there who are eligable to get a job somewhere else and well qualified individulas and NOT in any of these categories: simply a bum or a loser, or a drug dealer, or on drugs, or really desperatly needing a job bc you need some money plz don't work there or apply to this company. And specially if your young they treat you like crap. I'm 20 and a college student I applied here because my sister worked for them and I knew the money she made so I gave it a try, because I really needed the money and retail jobs were just not enough anymore, and I was tired of working in retail because I wasn't getting enough hours basically getting paid less like $8.00 hour. So I applied and called and got called for an interview and then evetnually got hired becuase they obviously don't have too much critera considering how bad there reputition is, and besides I was a perfect fit at the time to them probably becuase I have a sweet girly voice and I'm bubbly and more importanly a young girl who can again fill thier pockets by bringing in needy men. But as soon as they realized I will do no good because I showed up to thier point less unmotivational and truthfully harsh meeting a MINUTE late they said "we have to part ways" like just like that, litterly a minute late. I'm so pissed and mad that I'm actually taking out time to write all of this because I don't want somone else in my shoes their terrible they dont even care if your young.And in a very unethical and criticizing way they told me that I was a bad fit, and that not only being a minute late was counted against me but they counted something against me that totally blew me away they said that I had left something that belonged to me on another persons desk and that I was careless, I mean seriously like stuff happends, and to top it off they counted something against me that also is usually something very small and a lot of employers would overlook is the time sheet, Okay first of all just because I asked that SUPERVISOR whos very corky and fake ERIN that I don't remember seeing it and if they could show me it again she counted that against me too, people are forget full and its there job as "supervisors", or whatev they are they truly could only be qualified for such a small irrational company anyway.They just dont care but why would they care all they really care about is MONEY from naive people. So PLESE don't ever apply if you have morals and don't ever use them if you care about where your money goes. Thank you! :)

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  • Mc
      Jul 02, 2011

    I recently just quit working at the Salt Lake City location. I was there for only two weeks but I could tell they are scan artists. No one sign up for This service because they don't have people to match you with!! They are all liers! I did not even get paid!! First BRAD says that I will certainly get paid on time and thatmy check is on it's way, well pay day comes and all he does is give me the run around " oh it will be here at noon, ok 2:30, ok 4:30 at the latest, ok 7:00 pm, ok tomorrow I will have it etc.." they are crooks I am going to my local news about this because they have 6 other employees they haven't paid and about 9 other people just that I know of trying to sew them. Anyone out there know If we could get a warrant to seize their belongings because the owe us money? I heard of a guy doing that he would auction off the companies things unless they paid him and he was escorted by the police! If anyone has input I would really enjoy it please!!!

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