The London Beauty Academy, 114-115 Tottenham Court Road / DO NOT GO HERE!!!

1 114 -115 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 5 AH, London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:

Do not train here! I trained her last Spetember and had a number of course and found out that they mean NOTHING!! £1000's down the pan!

It is 2 rooms in a building and is horrible! NOT A SCHOOL!! ITS A SCAM!!

Once "trained" you receive a piece of paper with your name on! Thats a very expensive piece of paper!!!
You receive no kind of qualification at all!!! This place is not accredited or supported which means they are not insured either! I felt sick after I found out but they was illegally displaying the guild logo at the time of my course!

No matter what Claire Mitchell says you cannot get insured aftereand you can rest assured if her lips are moving she is lying... When I was there all there is was members of staff refusing to work as they had not been paid... but trying there hardest to keep things going. I felt sorry for them as they had got sucked in like many clients...

The teachers are not qualified which means they cannot give out qualifications!!

This is for all courses HAIR, MAKE UP or BEAUTY... do not do it and if you see or hear Claire Mitchells name do not give her anything! Her business partners name is Ridma Perera as far as I'm aware... If I find out anything more I will be sure to update this post!

These are the business as I'm aware:


Other Complaints: - long list!!

Also check out the googlemaps:

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  • Wo
      30th of Apr, 2010

    Totally agree with you, i did a bridal hair up course i booked it two months in advance and was told they had tiaras, veils, live models, tea coffee..etc etc..EVERYTHING i wanted to hear but thats what they say to everyone!
    course cost £695 inc my £50 deposit..I was paying the remainder on the day..
    I traveled over 100 miles to go to the college and booked my trains and hotel in advance to get a cheaper rate. I arrived at the school, no answer so phoned them to be told 'NO no hair course today it starts tomorrow' I WAS LIVID, i burst out crying on the phone i had booked time off work and gone to so much trouble to afford the course in the first place i then had the worry of finding a hotel for the second night, having a credit card to book it, the expense of a train home a day was a disaster and i was gutted!
    turned up the next day and the tutor was waiting outside to go in SHE HAD BEEN BOOKED THE DAY BEFORE THE COURSE STARTED! I booked the course two months in advance - WORRYING!!..
    luckily my tutor was ex Toni and Guy trained and knew her stuff, she was invaluable and if you want private hair tuiton i recommend you book her direct, msg me for her contact info!
    BASICALLY all i paid for to train at the LHA for was the woman who taught me, there were two of us on the course so this was good!..obvioulsy NO TIARAS VEILS..NO LIVE MODELS..the dummy heads hair were all short so hard to put up!
    the woman had never taught there before but was given keys to the building and left to get on with it! NO PRODUCTS, NO TEA COFFEE LOL..
    FUNNY THING two of the course we are in the building on our own and there is a buzz at the door its a STUDENT TURNING UP TO DO A FACIAL COURSE - SURPRISE, surprise IT WAS NOT BOOKED IN FOR THAT DAY! ... Claire said she could join our course for free which was just annoying!!..I could go on but i have done all i can do, left a bad review on HOT COURSES, GOOGLE MAPS, Reported them for tax avasion to HMRC as everything is cash in hand, no receipts!..ROGUE TRADERS and WATCHDOG!..and here!
    I THINK a facebook group should be set up we can let the whole world kno its all rubbish!

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  • Un
      1st of May, 2010

    I agree.. but we cannot lie!!
    Thats wrong and also no tutors should be named as I feel it isn't there fault!

    I think something seriously needs to be done as it just daylight robbery!

    I dont think facebook group will do the trick... But its worth a try!!

    after doing research I have found they are being sued by estee lauder as there is a legal case going on as she is displaying the MAC logo illegally.. could someone get a screen shot of that as I havent a clue how!

    hahaha pikey on the phone! well... if the glove fits haha!

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  • Wo
      4th of May, 2010

    Keep me posted about the facebook group! Also make sure you leave a comment on the google maps page! they need lots of negative feedback where ever they advertise!

    Ps. Claire is a right Chav!

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  • Go
      15th of May, 2010

    Hi Everyone

    Take a look at this and add your comments there too. The Daily Mirror will only pursue Claire if they get enough interest from thier own site.

    They published a photograph of Claire on Thursday 13th May! So at least we have a face to a name. I have a CCJ against them now and will not give in until I get my £5000 back!

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