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The Fitness Edge / Rude staff and management!

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The Fitness Edge of Fairfield CT, has the rudest staff and management of any fitness center I have ever been in. The management there has created a hostile and unwelcoming environment.

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  • Sm
      23rd of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Has to be one of the worst Gyms ever. There are all kinds of hidden fees that they bill you for. I have been trying to cancel my contract from the moment I joined the gym.

  • An
      11th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I work for a bank where I see numerous customers with the same problem. The use your debit card as a form of payment and if you have more than one membership they post both amounts at the dsame time. When this happens the system will sometimes reject one of the payments seeing it as a double posting. That being said fitness edge then charges you a "bounced payment fee" and this is a known problem with them and they are aware of it but they will not find a solution to help their client. I think this is poor business and their customer services reps are deceitful and could care less that their company is taking customers money for something beyond their control. the also re-enroll you automatically after ypur contract is up and if you don't send them a CERTIFIED letter telling them to cancel your memvership your stuck for another year of headaches. They will also tell you anything to enroll you and then not stand by their word. We have dealt from employees at the facilities to the head of their marketing department to resolve these issues with no result. I think ther should be some kind of investigation as to how they process payments and what exactly signing that dotted line entails. I think people are being scammed into these contracts and count on the fact that most peoples don't read the fine line.

  • Sp
      3rd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    The cancellation policy is burdensome (30 day written cancellation to ABC Financial in AR - 30 days before your next billing cycle date, so you could end up paying for two months of unwanted membership if your timing is off) and watch out for the "Annual Club Enchancement Fee", that they will charge you if the due date for this fee falls within the 30 day cancellation window. They are very accomodating to sign you up, but make life extremely difficult to cancel your membership.

  • Ga
      1st of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have belonged to several health clubs over the past 20 yrs. The Fitness Edge is a total nightmare. I agree with everything here. They make it seem like the "Perfect place. So many classes and friendly people. All day classes. No problem for you get in." Right! I signed up for the spinning classes in October, 2008. Within 2 weeks, they cancelled 3 classes. Then by the end of November, all the college kids start coming in. You can't get into any spinning classes until April. I spoke with numerous employees. They did not care. They were just rude. I spoke with the mgr. Shannon Engel, just as rude.. I mean, what's up? I am a paying client. I pay for this??? This abuse and sarcasm? I am expecting help. A way to get what I signed up for. What am I paying for? Well, they started a sign-up online system and after 3 xs you cancel your reservation (and you cannot go to class without signing up.) You loose your online reservation priveleges. I told them when I signed up last year that I do not have a 9-5 schedule. That I run several businesses and have to go in at the last minute to fill in if one of my employees is sick, etc. This sign up, is not working for me. I called Brianna Ricks, head of exercise classes. And I must say. I thought the other ones were rude. She beat them all.. she told me to cancel my membership. I said I would love to. You tell me how!! She gave me no suggestions. Just rudeness. I said if I ran my businesses this way, I wouldn't have any clients left. She kept getting my first name wrong even though I kept correcting her. She insisted I said my name differently in voicemail. What difference what you heard. I am telling you now..for instance. My name is not Gale it is Dale..anyway. I told her I was contacting the BBB and did and I canceled my credit card. I paid them for one solid year. As far as I am concerned the contract is up as of today. If they try to take me to court of a couple of dollars or ruin my credit. I am contacting Blumenthal, State Attorney's office. They are a bunch of crooks! Attitude filters down in a company I learned that after 30 yrs in Corporate. If the top guy has a certain attitude it will filter down to the janitor. The top guy has no respect for the members, so the middle mgmnt guy doesn't and the 20 yr old girl at the front counter doesn't either. I cannot believe they are still in business. Guess those low monthly fees with the hidden costs keeps them packed to the giles.

  • Ms
      29th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Definitely thinking of cancelling my membership. I was already charged for 2 absenses...I was on the waiting list for cycling and they notified me at midnight that I was accepted in the class. I did not get the notification and missed the classes both times. also...signed up for the revolution and some of the staff were abrasive.

  • Fi
      23rd of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    There is no enhancing to this gym. They took away towels, internet & cable. The enhancement fee is greed and should not be charged. I also think the present Managers at the Greenwich location should be changed out. Trainers are great, really nice, managers horrible.

  • Fa
      9th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Fitness Edge of Milford Manager Steve has no personality and acts as if he could care less about my family of 3's membership. We have been billed 26.95 each for two years since are initial 19.99 rate which NO ONE ever said was only for a year. I tried to work with him so that we could stay members and he really didn't listen to a word I said, . I am looking forward to joining the gym in the mall when it opens

  • Ni
      20th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    I couldn't agree more. The manager in Fairfield Edge is very rude, and hostile. Instead of clearing up a matter, and providing top customer service, like any true representation of a business would, she was very hostile, her demeanor and attitude sucked, and ended up doing nothing about the situation in hand, other than cancelling my membership! You cannot speak to this "woman" on a professional level as she is just unapproachable in that manner. She is supposed to be setting an example for her employees, but judging by their response as well, I'd hardly think she's doing that job very well either. While discussing a matter with her, another employee stood their with a smirk on his face. Where is there professionalism in that? Also, they suck you into doing the "free evaluation" and basically make you sign up for training sessions. I do not have a regular Monday through Friday work/school schedule, where I am absolutely sure on any availability. However, I was being charged for classes I never attended, nor set a schedule for, on a card I told them numerous times to stop using!!! And what was the manager of the actual clubs response??:: ..." She's been a manager with this company for 15 years... I'm not going to fire her over this... It's easier for you to part ways with the gym.." So cancel my membership? And allow her to keep her job with discipline? Apparently Shanen isn't reading these posts, or listening to the members complaints in regards to this "manager" ? Please, I know for a fact that management has fired their employees over lesser scenarios. Fact of the matter is I think Shanen, like Mandy, are one in the same, and don't care for the people that are a part of a gym, and their satisfaction and happiness. I expect a higher quality of customer service. But anyway, I am not upset over the fact I will no longer be going to that gym. There are many more facilities in CT, where I will NOT have to deal with these issues. I am glad the headache is over! I would not recommend this gym.

  • Li
      12th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    They will tell you if you move out of the area, or have a doctor note, you can cancel your membership any time. THAT IS A LIE!!!
    I found out I'm pregnant after couple months joined edge fitness. I told them I feel suffocated and cannot breathe in the gym, because it's in the basement type of thing. I have to climb the stairs to breathe. I do not want to risk my baby and myself by being forced to stay with Edge fitness. But Edge fitness FORCES me to stay. I gave them my doctor note and told them I'm pregnant, I cannot continue working out here anymore. Edge fitness told me I must have a permanent disability in order to cancel my membership. Edge fitness REFUSE to cancel my membership. I have never heard of this ridiculous reason from any fitness clubs in the world. Edge fitness NEVER told me I must have a permanent disability to cancel the membership before I signed up.
    What a lie!!!
    Edge fitness registered at BBB as
    Let us all report them to the BBB @

  • Pa
      25th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I need to cancel

  • Un
      6th of Jul, 2015
    +2 Votes

    They tell you one thing about how much you are going to pay, then they charge you for something else. I was being charged for classes I never attended. I had to cancel my credit card because they refuse to stop using it for classes i never took. Now i has charge for a yearly fee that they told me i did not have to pay until i renew my contract. I also ask for corporate number so i can make a complaint and they told me no. that they can not give it to me. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS ARE THEY PERFORMING. THEY ARE STEALING YOUR MONEY.. This is the Fairfield Edge...

  • Br
      25th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    Hi afternoon I had a problem today at gym. I just got in at 8:15am. I was working on my shoulders I was there for awhile. I was putting back one of the weight back on rack and a mender pass me. Now when I came back the member bench was to close to mind so I said to myself oh boy. Now the member heard me say that and said what is your problem. I said to him I don't have a problem but u could have move your bench over because it is to close. The member started saying I have a problem I must a started my day off with a attitude then he threatened to fight me. I said to him I'm not afraid of you and long as you don't put your hands on me there won't be a problem. To other members came over and was talking to the to of us. Now one of your trainer came over and spoke to that member then he came over and spoke to me but when I was talking to him and explaining what happen the other member came over and interrupted us. He was very rude. I was expecting your trainer to do something like tell him to go away I'm not talking to you. He is talking to me now. When he was speaking to that other mender I didn't interrupt then when they was talking. But this member was very very rude and your trainer didn't do a good job. Not good. My complaint is against the trainer name. Zac Falconeri. He is a bad person taking the other member side or that how I feel. Thank you I hope you do something about the members at your gym and staff at the Meriden CT gym. Brenton McLean

  • An
      14th of Feb, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Stratford location, on Saturdays, beware of the bald-head racist redneck, wearing glasses. Bad experience with todays front desk staff. my guest was harassed, like you are desperate for members. Called ahead to make a reservation for my guest. No problem, just tell her to sign at the desk. Was not allowed entrance until a fee was paid, so I told them to give her a free one week trial, arrived at two, did not get to work out until 3:10 because had to wait in lounge area for someone to come out and talk to my guest to sign her up and all I wanted was a one day pass. then after I am cancelling my platinum membership, go where staff don't snicker, smirk, gossip and laugh while customer make a complaint. Signed up under 'first month free' and was still charged for the month, plus and extra $17 for processing. This card will be cancelled, and a discrimination suit to follow

  • Re
      2nd of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    This company and their billing procedures are actually dangerous. They will put you into collections and try and hurt your credit, even if they make a mistake about your billing. They have this alter ego, ABC Financial that handles their billing and normal collections, but apparently, according to ABC Financial, the club itself decides to put you into collections with a firm they use in California. This probably means they have sold your receivable to this collections firm. And if you go to the club to work it out, they just send you to ABC Financial. And then ABC Financial sends you back to the club. Its some sort of scam. Too bad, but be careful before you agree to anything..

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