The Dumprefuse to replace defective furniture

Je Irving, TX Review updated:

We purchased a entertainment/sofa sectional from The Dump on 5/17/09 We began having problems 2 weeks after purchase. They sent a repair person who repaired that section. Less than 1 week 2 other sections broke. The repairman they sent said it was a defective and he would notify customer service who would contact us as to the next step. After several days and no response I called them only to be told the manufacturer of the Furniture would have to be contacted and they would have to decide what to do. We've called every day for over a month with no reply. We are out $2, 000 and have no furniture to sit on. We also were not informed of the return policy at the time of purchase.

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  • Te
      Oct 02, 2009

    The sofa we bought in March was only 4 months old before it cracked and broke. After several attempts at getting a technician out, he took pictures and never bothered to call us back or repair the damage. To top it all off, The Dump will not honor our fabric protection warranty we paid for. The Dump is the LAST place we will ever shop again!!!

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  • Rc
      Nov 16, 2009

    Please contact me. I would like to gather enough individuals to form a class action lawsuit agianst The Dump. Please visit my website to see how we were "victimized" by The Dump. r

    Thank you.

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  • Je
      Jun 25, 2010

    I am currently having the same problem with a dresser purchased from The Dump (for $300+). It was delivered with visible scratches and gouges on the front and the delivery people even left off one of the knobs used to pull the drawers out. I reported this to customer (dis)service and made it clear to them that I wanted a new one. They said it would not be a problem, but that they would first send a technician out to take a picture of the damage (presumably to verify that there were indeed scratches on it). A week after the technician came, customer service contacted me and told me that since the dresser was "repairable", the technician was "required by procedure" to repair it - something quite different from what I had previously been told. I called the store, spoke to the manager, and had it out with him for fifteen minutes. He was all the while hiding behind his little defense line "I cannot violate company policy just because a customer is dissatisfied." Um, not only am I "dissatisfied"; I have a piece of [censor] furniture in my bedroom. And who are they trying to satisfy? Themselves, obviously. I told this [censor] (Mike Nelson) that I wanted the problem resolved my way - not his, but mine - and that I wanted an answer by today - a full week later. Still waiting. Oh, and I also purchased a nightstand for $130, which they said was on backorder and should be available for me to pick up in two weeks. This was on May 15 and I have not so much as heard one word about it (it is now June 25). Doesn't their slogan go something like "You'll never pay full price for furniture again"? Well, I guess now we know why. We're paying for incompetence and a complete lack of concern for the well-being of the customers. One might speculate that this is how they are able to be open only three nights a week and remain in business. My advice to everybody who reads this is DO NOT SHOP HERE! SPREAD THE WORD. THE DUMP HAS ITS NAME FOR TWO REASONS - IT IS A DUMP AND IT TAKES A DUMP ON ITS CUSTOMERS.
    Store Location: Oaks, PA

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