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The Chubb Institute / Terrible place

1 2100 Route 38 & Mall DriveCherry Hill, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 856-755-4800

This school is the pitts, management is a joke, instructors for the most part our a joke as well. Its ok to do one thing but then get rimed for doing it by management.

School has increased in the last 2 years with its retention rate jumping up to 47%, meaning 47% of all students drop or get dropped. High rate of instructor turn over. high rate of turn over for their program mangers as well that run the different programs.

Lack of equipment, books, supplies for students, lack of following the ACICS rules and regulations as well as the NJ Labor board rule on paying employees in the pay perioded that they started, in some cases employees not getting paid for well over a month from their start date.

Instructors come up with their on rules and teach what they want, often times leaving classes go early like 2.5 hrs early or less. Not teaching 5 days a week, leaving students go after they finish a test.

There is no make up time for holidays built into the schedule, so if you have a Monday off you must cram 5 days worth of material into 3.5 days with a review for the test and then test the students.

Students come and go as they please, often times going into their cars to smoke pot and drink or do other drugs. No security at all in the school or outside of the school. Cars have been stolen and damaged while management assumes no responsibility.

Quick to fire employees without regard to their own policy of being terminated being followed. Lack of support by higher management. Students complain all the time on the lack of interest in the students welfare. Often just dropping students with out giving them a second chance.

OSHA violations, not safe for students in medical programs. Always breaking the rules and regulations of OSHA while making dress code enforcements to the students, yet not all students are talked to about that policy. Students use of cell phonesin class, leaving in mid class to answer cell phones even though it is a rule not to have them on in class.

Instructors without the current certifications teaching high end tech subjects. Instructor not doing attendance and give attendance to students that are not there.

Management quick to decide with out hearing the other side or hearing the other side and saying you have no proof. Quick to use spys in their workforce to get the scoop on all matters, listens to them but not to an loyal employee.

often times equipment is missing very out of date, admissions reps often lie to the students on what they learn and the current up to date technology they use.

rewards the bad employees and terms the good ones, often times not following their own policy on termination process.

One of the cheapest schools in the tri-state area, with the excuse that if you are in education then you are not making the money. Often times instructors leave for much higher $ for the same job, rotten benefits, most times medical costing well over $400 each paycheck.

Managers input most of the employees time and often times even approves it as that employee. Not only do they have a lack of current equipment but the building often is lacking proper lightning, the toilets always over flow with fecus into the hallways. Climate control is not, either way too cold or way to hot not medium ground, often times breaking.

Bathrooms that do not have working sinks or toilets. No security, students walk away with equipment all the time. Program managers that are only out to get fellow employees. To make them look good. Employees getting drunk, smoking pot, become friends with students and seeing them after school hours again a policy not being adhere to.

Upper management often changing orgination, demoting, making other people the fall guys, always cheap not suppling the students with current technology and often times instructors bring in their own equipment to teach the students because there is no equipment for the students.

5 working PC's for the A+ courses for 30 students, even the students complain and management says we will look into it and nothing happens. Most times management only does something if a letter is sent to the proper persons or organizations that regulate the school, then they always look for a scapegoat.

One of the worst schools that I have ever worked for in terms of pay, benefits, management or lack of, translations that last months and due to lack of support people get fired or are asked to step down or resign so they can put there own person into place.

I just wish that someone would really csite them and close the school. I hear nothing but problems from other campus as well.


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