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The Cattle Exchange / not a scam as otheres

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I 've just read a complaint about The Cattle Exchange that I wasn't satisfied about so now it's my turn to reply. Every one have their opinion about business, yet when you place them on-line for others to read then expect other sides to the story. God never intended for two people to act alike, or more over do business alike. If you have a sibling with the same mother and father and were raised in the same household. When they reach a mature age and began to develop their own family. Those families are not going to be the same.

Now that my point has been given, let's get to the real matter at hand. Cowboy from Alabama you may have come in contact with a bad salesman I must apologize and I'm sorry. But we all have had some bad experiences. We take those individual experiences and apply them to our own individual lives and learn. Penalizing the world or even the whole establishment and their representatives may not be the appropriate response. I will that I understand you feel agree and you may be right on your opinions. Yet, I'd like to believe that experience is one of the best teachers. It's only human to make a mistake or get taken for granted. But what could be less human is to continue to allow the mistakes to cross your path. What would make your own life easier is to just protect yourself from future harm. And at the same time allow others to have their own experiences. Now if the same situation presented itself again then I suggest that you handle it accordingly... so that God would be pleased! Everyone that works with The Cattle Exchange is not a Scam artist and everyone is not out to burn you. We are in a world of crooks and bad people who intentions are for your harm...that is not our intentions. I pray that you are protected with wisdom and able to weed these people out, so your life would be better in 2009. Remember we are not in a perfect world. There are only a few people working to do the RIGHT thing for people in every situation, and the color of their skin won't tell us who is who!!! On a softer note, I am a Cattle Exchange Contracted worker and I Do unto others as I would like for them to do unto me. I respect my customers and only present a blessing not a curse. I use the worlds goods to bless others in need. Don't look at all The Cattle Exchange representatives the same if you can, because some of us are real honest people and strive to do right. Some of us are family orientated and this is how we support our family!

Thanks, Be Blessed, and May Heaven Smile upon You(Family)

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  • Wi
      21st of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You are a scammer just like all ot the other ex-convicts, thieves and perverts that work for the Cattle Exchange.

  • Wi
      21st of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    They're all thieves at Cattle Exchange or Ranch house Quality meats. Don't buy meat from door to door sales thugs.

  • Za
      26th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    There are good and bad people in every industry. I happen to know several of the employees, and would buy from them anytime. People that look different, or rub you the wrong way; may mean that "you" need to take a personal inventory of how and why you judge people. There are also "Two Sides" to every story.
    My experience has been that the people I have come in contact with that work for Cattle Exchange: come from all different backgrounds, which is what our Country represents. I met about a dozen of the workers. Only one of the workers was obnoxious and he no longer works for this company. I am related to one of the people that works for this company, and I can honestly tell you that they are held to high standards. When a serious complaint is bought to the attention of the owner; it is taken seriously. Instead of complaining about them online, bring your complaint to the attention of the manager. If you do not get results, go over their head to the owner through registered mail. Companies can only improve, if the owner is aware of a problem.
    If you are among the ; "I worked for them, and didn't make much money"; evidently you didn't sell very much of this Resturant quality product! Judge not lest ye be judged accordingly!

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