The Burlington Dental Clinic In Dublin / Dental Implant Scam Warning – The Burlington Dental Clinic in Dublin it's a total Rip Off .

1 16 Burlington Road, Dublin, CA, Ireland
Contact information:
Phone: : +353 1 668 43 57

My teeth implants may be the most painful (and costly) mistake of your life . I spent £25, 000 getting my teeth fixed by the best doctors of the Burlington dental clinic in time for my daughter's wedding - and soon feared that he'd made the biggest mistake of my life . The Burlington dental clinic and Hermitage Medical Clinic in Dublin destroyed my life and ripped me off .
Dr Eamon Croke is behind this scam . Dr Paul O’Reilly made part of the work, then I passed under a few dentist in the Burlington dental center, nobody completed the work started .
Please beware because Burlington dental clinic it’s a complete fraud, managed by fraudsters .

I lost one dental implant after one week, and hat was just the beginning of my problems. Over the next few weeks, two crowns had to be pasted back into place - one was redone four times !
It was a real nightmare . I bit into a plum and a crown broke off. Another time I woke up and saw a gap - I must have swallowed the crown in the night.
I started to look like a Bond baddie with steel pins where my teeth should have been.
The bridge had to be re-attached several times. All the while, the implants were becoming ever looser as the bone they were screwed into kept shrinking.
Please read some Burlington dental clinic reviews and you will understand that they, together with Hermitage Medical Clinic in Dublin, are a group of scammers, beware of those bad dentists that worked on my teeth : Dr Abigail Moore, Dr Eimear Norton, Dr Siobhan Lucey, Dr Kevin H. O’Boyle, Dr Paul G. O’Reilly, Dr Tom Houlihan, Dr Gerard McCarthy, Dr Roger Ryan, Prof Leo Stassen.

The Burlington Dental Clinic In Dublin

Dec 26, 2014

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