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The Bulldog Exchange / Bulldogs

FL, United States Review updated:
I too purchased two bulldogs from The Bulldog Exchange. I spent $4400.00 for both puppies. I recieved the male first. Within a couple of days I noticed blood in the stool. The vet told me my puppy suffered from coccidia. I spent a little over $200.00 in vet bills to get him better. The vet also advised me that coccidia comes from kennels with many dogs. A month later I recieved the female. She too had signs of coccidia so I quickly started her on antibiotics. After about 3 months, I noticed that the female did n0t look at all like an English Bulldog. She looks more like an American Bulldog mix. I voiced my concerns with Stacy and I requested pictures of the parents. She did provide me with some that look nothing like the dog she sold me. I also had concerns with the registration. I've tried twice to submit payment to register the dogs but to date have not recieved anything from the MBCOA. I even feel that this associaton does not exist. In my last email to Stacy I expressed that I was not happy with the female and requested some kind of restitution, but of course, I did not recievea response to my request.


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  22nd of Jan, 2009
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laura carrasco I thought I would share some information with you as I had dealings with Stacey. In confirming a few things for you the registration company owner is Evan Quintavella who is the owner of The Bulldog Exchange and many more of the mini sites under the MBCOA. Its all part of the scam. I received a picture of the "supposed father" and this picture was taken from a site called www.bullcanes.net (ironiclly located in Florida also). Stacey could not give registration information at all again part of the scam as they are all owned by the same person. You can go here www.sunbiz.org and see all the LLC showing this in addition that the partners name of "Michell Scharmer" is listed as a partner with "James Schwinn" google his name. There are options for you and in addition a report is being filed with the FBIs "Internet Crime Complaint" department here: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx.
  31st of Mar, 2009
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We actually purchased a female from Stacy . Our little girl is very healthy and looks just like an English Bulldog. With that being said, she is already 46 pounds and only 8 months old. The weight is not that big of a deal, but we were told she would be no more than 40-45 pounds. Her pros: very sweet, and playful, and healthy. She had a bout of giarrdia early on- assuming this was from the kennel. So far, she is everything (other than the size) that was promised. I must say that I was concerned (my intuition) when talking to Stacy. She answered all of my questions and was on the phone a long time, but seemed pushy. When researching info on what we should be asking a breeder, we saw a question to bring up concerning not being able to keep puppy/dog. If certain situations, unforseen, came up, what would happen to the puppy? I thought about this question and decided it would be good to ask this for two reasons. 1) My youngest child has allergies and I didnt know if she would be allergic to a bulldog, and 2) when we bought our first dog (a different breed) the breeder made it very clear that the puppy would forever have a home with her if we were unable to keep him for any reason. In fact, it is in the purchasing contract. When I asked Stacy about her policy on this issue, she seemed shocked that anyone would have the nerve to ask such a thing. I was embarrassed (I was not planning on purchasing a dog to just "try" and then return- but she made me feel like this was exactly what I was doing)- . Obviously, most dogs stay with their happy owners, but I feel now that a good breeder would be one who would want the dog back, and an experienced breeder would be one who had experienced this situation before and actually made a policy for the well being of the puppy. We made the purchase anyway, and I guess we were fortunate to get a healthy dog. I have always had a funny feeling about this business and will not purchase another puppy from them- nor am I surprised about the complaints I now see from other owners.
  5th of May, 2009
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I too purchased a dog from The bulldog exchange...My "mini" is a 70lb beast. Luckily he is healthy, but he was supposed to be a she. When I went to meet the transport company for my little girl, out came my dog who is a male...I had to call Stacey and tell her that I got the wrong dog, she sent him out knowing this...by the time we discussed it, I had already fallen in love with him and she gave me a story of he had an identical twin and the picture was marked wrong on the web, blah blah blah & she was really sorry and embarrased. But I had to call her, she did not call me first! He had a short bout with Bronchitis when we first got him, but has recovered and will be 3 in August. My advice to anyone purchasing a dog from a breeder, especially a dog like Bulldogs that can have severe hereditary health issues, is to go to the breeders kennel and see the dogs for your self. I live in Claifornia and my dog came from FLorida...that was tough on me & I am sure my dog too =( I would never do that again without being on site to him/her as a pup & insure health and see the parents.
  17th of Jul, 2009
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The Bulldog Exchange, Michelle Scharmer, Evan Quintavella, stacey krueger and all its fake affiliates are under investigation, have been shut down and as of Saturday one of the owners "Evan Quintavella" is potentially looking at felony charges for moving out of his forcelosed home and abandoning a starving bulldog in a cage with no access to food.




  25th of Aug, 2009
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I'm carolina osorio, Owner of Bullcanes.net.
These comments are affecting us greatly, that writing this only wants to harm us, we are responsible breeders, we really love our bulldogs.
All companies have problems of any kind, but we always respond according to our contract.
This person does harm to our name, just because you have not read our contract before buying ...
We are serious people and we are not scammers.
We have a thousand happy customers!
I hope anyone who reads these comments can also receive information our many of our customers happy and do not be fooled by who wants to hurt us.

Bulldog Exchange does not have any ties with Bullcanes.net, we also were victims of them, we sold them our puppies for them to resell.

Carolina Osorio
  27th of Aug, 2009
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Michelle Scharmer is a scam artist to say the least. I paid 2500 for a bull dog. To my surprise when I went to pick him up at the airport he was covered with blood and puss. My four year old daughter was with me excited to meet the newest member of our family and we were in complete and total shock. We named him "Rocky" and rushed him to the vet. Our vet said that he was too ill to come home with us. Rocky did not make it and died three days later. After calling Michelle for weeks and weeks she has never returned my calls and has not refunded my money. Luckily I paid with a credit card and was able to dispute it with my credit card company. I wish I would have done the research before going threw this horrible experience. My daughter and I will forever be tainted.
  6th of Sep, 2009
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We bought 2 dogs from the Bulldog Exchange in 2007 & have recently found out more details about this shady business. I hope all those affiliated with this horrific company are found & thrown in jail. I just watched this news story on them: http://www.wpbf.com/news/20066903/detail.html
  13th of Nov, 2009
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Hello everyone!
I am writing this blog because I want to clarify a number of situations that may be causing discomfort in our buyers or prospective clients.
Bullcanes is a familar company. We have always loved animals, have always lived surrounded by these beautiful creatures who give their lives to us!
For eight years we are selling puppies bred by us, with all the necessary care, we have two veterinarians who are responsible for being aware of any problems they have.
Every day I work in search of improving the race, minimizing common problems in bulldog, we have specialized in this breed.
We try to make each of our customers are happy with your dog and you do not have any problem, however we are not selling a product, we are selling an animal, a living being who may have diseases, like other animals.
We give guarantees as breeding on genetic problems, these are the problems which we can take responsibility, (this warranty is expressed in writing in the contract of sale is available on our website: http://www.bullcanes.net / contract.pdf)
all living beings can become ill and this is something that should be within the consciousness of the buyer of a dog.
A dog needs a lot of care, a dog must have a suitable environment for a healthy and happy life.
We have more than 1, 000 dogs sold in the U.S., and I can assure that 95% of our customers are happy.
Bullcanes not have any relation with Bulldogs Exchange, the only relationship that has existed was twice that they sold four of our puppies.

If you want to extend this information or want to talk to some of our clients, please write me to: ceo@bullcanes.net
Thanks for your time
Carolina Osorio - CEO
  20th of Dec, 2009
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Grow up people! Im asuming if you've done your reaseach you would know how many health issues bulldogs have to begin with... If you don't want a dog with health problems buy a shitzu! My husband and I purchased a bulldog through the bulldog exchange a little under 3 years ago and despite a few health issues we could not have asked for a more perfect companion... He is a lil big for being considered a miniature but thats just more for us to love!
  15th of Mar, 2010
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Bulldog lover82...grow up and read the reports most people do before they attack others only makes you look silly.

Carolina Osorio - CEO or Carlos what ever you are calling yourself right now...PLEASE you have 305 puppies for sale on your site right this moment at $1600. per puppies thats over $400, 000 dollars and yes you may not import your dogs from Germany but Columbia is documented ...


Here is your filing for just your website name...

Funny thing your corporation is listed as a apt...wow you landlord is ok with you having 300 dogs

THIS IS ALL PUBLIC INFORMATION...SO CARLOS stop faking as I can fake a IP address and really be in Florida right now or Alaska for that matter...YOU ARE A SCAM!!!...

But please prove us wrong, our calender is cleared to come at any minute to see your facility!!!

Incorporated by Carlos Cuervo, Bullmachine Import/Export, Inc is located at 1601 NE 191st St Apt 101 Miami, FL 33179. Bullmachine Import/Export, Inc was incorporated on Friday, February 09, 2007 in the State of FL and is currently active. James Gagel represents Bullmachine Import/Export, Inc as their registered agent.

Bullmachine Import Export

hollywood, Florida 33021
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 21-Oct-05
Expires on: 21-Oct-12
Last Updated on: 01-Nov-09

Administrative Contact:
Cuervo, Carlos bullcanes@gmail.com
Bullmachine Import Export
hollywood, Florida 33021
United States

Technical Contact:
Cuervo, Carlos bullcanes@gmail.com
Bullmachine Import Export
hollywood, Florida 33021
United States

Domain servers in listed order:
  16th of Mar, 2010
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Please Carlos Nieto and his wife:
This has become a problem for you! I do not want to continue your game, because unlike you ... if I have a lot of work and have no time to talk bad about other vendors Bulldogs to get sell any dog.
I want to clarify that our kennel is in Colombia and all our guests know him!
No need to lie to sell!
We have our kennel in Colombia, because having a good kennel and trained staff to care for my dogs, is very costly in medellin.
I don't have 305 dogs for sale at this moment I have 50 puppies for sale and I have 120 dogs for breeding. For the care of these dogs have 10 people and 2 veterinarians, and keep this in The United States is very expensive, you already know and for this reason you buy puppy in Colombia.
I want to give a basic example for you to understand: a cesarean in the United States may cost about USD $ 2000, while in Colombia a cesarean section will cost $ 300, we have a difference of $ 1, 700.
If I wanted to have 10 employees and 2 veterinarians in the U.S., would have to sell each of my dogs for USD $ 4, 000 to pay them.
You because he believes that most clothes and accessories sold in the U.S. are made by outside the United States?
You already know the business of selling dogs from other breeders, but you have some knowledge of breeding dogs.
Our U.S. company, is in charge of marketing the puppies in the U.S. and Canada.
We do not do anything illegal, we have our dogs with the best care and love they bring to thousands of homes.
You sir Champion Bullies only wish him the best of luck, you should worry more about selling puppies and making good his life well.

We have many HAPPY CUSTOMERS! http://www.bullcanes.net/option, com_joomgallery/Itemid, 102/

BULLCANES IS A FAMILY Bussiness! - Pics of Carolina Osorio and daugther

  16th of Mar, 2010
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BULLCANES...who are you writing this to?
  17th of Mar, 2010
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You posted: Please Carlos Nieto and his wife:
This has become a problem for you! I do not want to continue your game, because unlike you ... if I have a lot of work and have no time to talk bad about other vendors Bulldogs to get sell any dog.

We purchased a dog from Carlos and Nancy Nieto in October and it died seven days later. Since then they have been promising us a dog but we have been told that every litter is sick. Seems their pups keep getting Coccidia.We have yet to get a healthy dog from them as promised. Now they have told us they will be providing us a Bulldog on the 28th of this month...

What do you know about them as breeders?? Should I be less trusting? Their website is registered to a Miami address but their location is in Central Florida.
  18th of Mar, 2010
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I am sorry to hear about your dog.

We purchased a bulldog in December for $ 2900.00 which was supposed to have AKC paperwork. Nancy said she would mail this to us, which she never did and we have gone round and round with her. Our dog is very leggy and does not look like he is a quality puppy, but our daughter fell in love with him at Christmas time so...

Now we have taken the matter to court, Nancy refused in Court 2 days ago to give us the registration, a copy of the registration, nothing. She did manage to show it to us for a split second and now we know who the actual breeder is.

The Nietos are puppy brokers, they do not breed the puppies from there home, they buy them off of breeders and resell them to poor souls like us.

I would tell them you want your money back, I bought another bulldog after the first one, she is beautiful and healthy, you could purchase a puppy from them.

The Nietos are not truthful people.
  19th of Apr, 2010
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We filed a complaint with the State.
Diana Fuchs
Companion Animal Program
Phone # 850 410 0951
Fax # 850 410 0929

Below are links to the pet sales law and complaint form for our office for you to share with other buyers. We cannot interce in the unlicensed veterinary practice issue but can site them for selling without the health certificates. I have received your complaint and will send you a letter in a few days with a reference number for the complaint you have already filed with our office.

http://www.flanimalindustry.com/main/pet_main.shtml pet sales law

http://www.doacs.state.fl.us/ai/main/forms.shtml select DACS-09214 - Pet Law Complaint Form
  3rd of May, 2010
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I have seen videos of the sickest, saddest, and worst-bred French bulldogs ever on the Bullcanes.net site, and their pups are also displayed in shocking condition on youtube.com. I am sickened and appalled at their revolting scam, abusing animals and ripping people off in the worst possible way. THEY MUST BE STOPPED! Anyone who has bought a sick dog from them should report them asap to theSate of Fla Attourney General's Office. I 'd also contact the state Humane Society, and call the Fraud Hotline---1866 966 7226.
A. Chouteau
  2nd of Sep, 2010
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Somebody knows how to contact the General State Attorney. I would like to send some information
  2nd of Sep, 2010
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Nancy & Carlos Nieto have a lawsuit in Orange County Fl
You can see the name of their lawyer and all dockets in

Please do not buy any more bulldogs puppies from Nancy & Carlos Nieto American Bulldogs Puppies. There are scammers. FRAUD
  2nd of Sep, 2010
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The Neitos should be in jail for criminal activity, like importing underage puppies. HOWEVER----anyone who is dumb enough to buy sight unseen pups should probably not have a dog at all.
Learn how to shop for a pup safely. Only deal with U.S. breeders who have been in business several years. Choose someone who only sells one breed, and who is showing their dogs and has bred champions. Visit the kennel and meet them in person.
STOP supporting puppy mills by buying from websites without these important steps.
A. Chouteau
  1st of Dec, 2010
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Please read carefully:
bullcanes has no relation to Carlos and Nacy Nieto, please do not be confused, we are completely different companies.
BULLCANES is a kennel with 9 years experience, we can give our customer references, please do not get confused.
The only person responsible for selling puppies is BULLCANES Carolina Osorio
If you want additional information to ceo@bullcanes.net bullcanes CONTACT


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