The Boulevard EntertainmentFraudulent charges

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I just activated my bofa debit card i received today and enrolled in online banking and was shocked to find 2 checkcard charges from
Checkcard the boulevard ente [protected] c...
For 10 dollars a piece when i never even called them...

How the hell did somebody get my debit card # so fast...
I call them up and they wont help me out in any way shape or form. Shady shady company. Wouldnt even investigate it further than saying "it takes 7 to 10 days for the charges to drop" and i keep telling them "but i never called you guys"

I feel like finding where they're located and bashing somebodys face in =[


  • J
      Sep 17, 2009

    Maybe your kid or significant other did.

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  • P
      Oct 18, 2010

    The boulevard enterment compay sucks bad

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  • M
      Jun 19, 2011

    If you type in the name The Boulevard entertainment on Google the address wil come up for The Boulevard Entertainment. They are in Burbank California on Magnolia Avenue. I was a phone sex operator for this company. There was no end no the illegal sex acts this company its operators to listen to, pedophilia, sex with animals, it was disgusting. I have know of people who have tried to turn this company in to the police. They need to get in trouble. I had a caller tell me they ripped him off for charges, and he deliberately called this service for entertainment.

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  • B
      Apr 10, 2012

    [censored] that company nothing but ### workers and the owner is a greedy douche bag all he cares about is money even if they have to steal from ppl to get it.. They should be shut down im speaking from personal experience I worked in the office and wow... All ### basically they dnt give a [censored] about u just do the nasty ### work and shut up cus if u say sumtn and they twist it into sumtn else they have the site to FIRE u haha [censored]en joke of a place..

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  • E
      Aug 05, 2012

    The boulevard ent tbe/tan engadges in illegal acts of child molestation and animal acts and threatens its employees! All these reports are true! I have witnessed and lowered my standards far more than what i can even forgive burbank, california
    I worked for tbe back a few years ago after i had recently lost my mom. My father even encouraged me and had full on support for me! Which i was like wow...

    I am a christian and even questioned higher power why would these things be allowed and i could not believe how "clients" could even get this twisted! I naturally have a very young sounded voice as is. Clients would yell at me saying you are lying you cant be 18 you sound like your 12 and hunny don`t be shy i love that... I would get mad and give out my actual dob and my parents dob saying i resided far opposite from where ever they told me! "david" was a caller who would hang your body over a door and cut your insides open and plant his seed and etc... "also toilet bowl fetish" loved when you blew bubbles in ###/piss water and how he knew you would be a great mom to your future children as he could take over and etc... I also once had a client give me a website that was dedicated to child porn - i continued to work for these people because i needed to know and get as much info as possible! But i couldnt even look at the website! I have seen children being advertised under "escort services" there in no way! These girls are 18 and older! Some look like 12 even...

    Supervisors on tbe stated on more than one occassion - hun its better for them to act out fantasies on line so they dont perform out on streets! Bs!!! This does intice them even more! As more and more callers became regular repeat - these fantasies got darker and darker and when you expand your mind it can lead to the darker side!

    I have watched websites grow since i quit tbe and even became a booker! Because i didnt have to deal with the abuse but also i controlled 2 "consenting adults" sex lines can not control as i even had a 12 yr old on my line! I even called supervisor "danny" he stated to me oh keep him on the line just talk abt ice cream and nothing sexual! Its against laws to engadge in and conversation on an adult line period!!! Not to mention you also allowed a minor to use a cc that was not even theirs!!! This is when i said f this - i will not do this anymore! You all are sick and shame on you! Than people wonder why our world is "turning" - "sex sells" but seriously leave the kids and animals out of it! Rapists/child molestors/killers/predators and the unthinkable are welcomed on this line! No doubt!

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  • Q
      Jan 12, 2013

    I got a charge on my Visa card today, googled the vendor description and ended up on this page. Luckily my charge was only for one buck and I immediately got my card blocked by the bank.

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  • T
      Apr 06, 2013

    does anyone no of a good paying phone sex job please help me out really need a job soon

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  • T
      Apr 06, 2013

    I was gonna try and get my job back from them but i dont no know is this job really that bad? Does anyone no of a better job with weekly pay ?

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  • V
      Sep 18, 2016

    TBE may have shut down. There is no working phone number for them any more. Phone sex fantasy is not bad but when rapists, murderers and pedophiles are accepted phone fantasy. that crosses the line, badly.

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