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Well I was surprised my brothers got called back. I was not there when they signed up but then my Mom explained that they just signed up on paper. So of course I wasn't thinking much of it since no one would rationally pick a random person to be a model when they don't even know what they look like. So they auditioned and they didn't make it. They were disappointed but told to look at their scores while they looked their scores over they were told that they could try it again along with all the others.

They did a much better job the second time and so did everyone one else but the thing I could not help but notice was that everyone single one of them made it through the audition. I don't want to be mean but one person out of all them really caught my attention. This girl which was kind of big, had acne, was not very pretty, and even had plain hair.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hollister, CA That really made me consider the whole thing to be a scam. The girl was no where near model material if you ask me but what do I know.

I was thinking and what is the point of picking only 8 the first round if they are all going to make it anyways? Well probably to give the 8 picked the illusion that it is a legitimate audition in which only the best made it through of course. Anyways after my brothers made it through they practically twisted my Mom's arm to get money off of her and she ended up buying the shirts which are $20 each. I was reading some of the other complaints and it said less than 10% make it through which is nice I suppose but The American Mall Model Search really lacks ethics. They obviously are not judging the people in the auditions in a realistic manner which would put things into perspective instead they lead them on until they've paid all they can.

Lee .C College Student

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      Dec 14, 2011

    WHAT DO YOU KNOW IS RIGHT! Only the judges know what they are looking for. Modeling is a base to come-out-of-your-nutshell
    Maybe the person has other talents and is going into that industry.
    The AMMS is featured on Oprah Winfrey as the #1 pick for scouting agencies it's obviously not a scam.
    They find you, groom you, prepare you for the stage. If you have true talent, sometimes they make you a Intern ... NOT A SCAM!

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