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Come on get real! How is The AMMS a scam? How can JOhn Robert Powers and Casablanca charge millions of people $1, 000s of dollars for a portfolio and "acting classes" and then have those people go nowhere? I've been through JRP. I paid $8, 000 for a portfolio and didn't get one photo. I took their classes and have not BOOKED one job. I wasted $8, 000 and got nothing in return. The AMMS doesn't promise you that your dreams will come true. It a way to get experience. $300 for a portfolio is nothing. Not only do you get your photos you get the copy release. And you get to be apart of a talent show and fashion show. THe industry doesn't guarantee anything. A scam is paying more than $1, 000 dollars and getting nothing in return.

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  • My
      Oct 18, 2010

    AMMS has a right to charge whatever they wish to charge for whatever services they render. However, they should be clear and forthcoming at the beginning of the process, that would save them and those who aren't willing to pay for the services time and energy.

    I believe if you want something bad enough you'll do what it takes to get it, but I also believe honesty is the best policy - post your pricing, goals, etc. up first and that will weed out a whole bunch of people who aren't ready to make an investment.

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  • Mr
      Oct 25, 2010

    They are not a scam! Just because you dont have what it takes to make it in the industry doesnt mean they're scam artist. Get real! So I agree with this statement and the fact that they should be more clear. Oh and btw, Steph and Antonio are awesome! They were the scouts at my Audition and have been with me every step of the way so far!

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  • He
      Jan 28, 2011

    thank god someone else isn't a paranoid little girl and realizes that just because someone does something different doesn't mean that its a scam

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  • Su
      May 14, 2011

    If they want you to model for them they shouldnt charge you for photo's

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  • An
      Dec 14, 2011

    HEY USER: sucks2. You advertise yourself with photos and portfolio. You don't model for them, you model once you win and get a contract
    The AMMS is featured on Oprah Winfrey as the #1 pick for scouting agencies it's obviously not a scam.
    They find you, groom you, prepare you for the stage. If you have true talent, sometimes they make you a Intern ... NOT A SCAM!

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  • Ju
      May 08, 2012

    The only thing it looks like to me, is that most of the complaining by people are from someone upset because they were not happy after the final selection. No one every asked me to pay for the shirt, and I was not required to pay for the pictures, it was optional. I did pay for the rights to print them, but it was a whole lot less than her recital costumes that were way over 300 for one night on stage. Or the 1000.00 that I pay every year for a select softball team... Which BTW has paid off with a scholarship for the past 3 yrs of college that has cost us absolutely nothing. of course every parent thinks their child is beautiful, that is where difference of opinion comes in. They also made it quite clear that they were looking for people who were fun, easy to work with and NOT 6 ft tall Victoria secret models. They want real people. Look in ads and on TV, movies have not so attractive people, some in braces, some with acne. You can't have a high school scene with every person In that high school beautiful, its just not realistic. My daughter did receive a year contract, but that did not change how I felt right afterwards. She had more confidence than ever. She may not ever book anything, but it would have been worth paying 3 times more than I paid to help A teenager boosts her self confidence Living in a world that is so full if criticism, violence and the need to fit in. All I have to say... Thank you amms! And now onto THE CASTING BOARD MODELING

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