The Allied NetworkThe Allied Network is a SCAM; BEWARE

The Allied Network dating service is horrible scam that should be brought to light for it's predatory practices. The Allied Network took advantage of me, and I am still in shock about how they could be so disgusting. I am an ordinary person, and I guess I wasn't thinking clearly, I've had a touch of desperation after my wife died of cancer. After over a year I've been hurting still but I've also been scared I'd never meet anyone else with my children and all, and how do you meet someone at this age? I just don't know how I suppose, but I'll have to learn. I guess I'm not the best looking man, but I'm not too bad looking either, lol. I think I do have alot to offer. I'm pretty quiet, but I'm a good person I treat people very well, and I've done alright in my life. It wasn't easy to go to a dating service but they made themselves sound so good and helpful and I thought I could really use the help. What a bad company this company turned out to be. I still can't believe the service I've been getting, it's been terrible. I have to call them because they don't call me. Every time I call there it sounds like a party going on, not like a business, and noone is ever available to talk to me I'm always told that they're on another call. Then noone ever calls me back. Every single time I have been given a new and different name as the new person that I should be speaking with; every single time. They're giving me the run around. I've never in my life experienced bad service to this degree, and I've been around for many years.
I had a first date from them who was quite the exact opposite of what they said she was - I actually could't believe how different she was from the description I got! This woman was very very religious, and I'm not at all a religious man which I told them clearly; she said to me that she thinks engineers are boring and I'm an engineer, she had told The Allied Network many many times that she's looking for someone who's adventurous, and I specifically told them that I'm not the adventurous type at all. I think they put names in a hat and pulled them out, that's how much it seemed like they paid attention to what both of us told them. For the money I paid, and for what their ads say and what that woman sold me, this is just terrible. It's just not right to do this to people. It's just not right. After that first attempt if you can call it that, at a set up from them, they dropped off the map. I haven't been able to speak to anyone and I'm tired of trying. I shouldn't have to call them! They should be calling me!
Because they were so off with the first set up I tried to go in to meet with the saleswoman I met with at first again, and they refused to meet with me again. I could never get the woman again on the telephone. So I went back to the building and they wouldn't let me in!! The door was locked and a woman talked to me from an intercom, and she just wouldn't let me in. I was furious. The building looks so upscale, they appear so professional, but it's obviously all a front. I guess that's what these types of company's do; try to appear a certain way just to fool people. It's quite disgusting really I have to say.
In retrospect I should have investigated more before going to the company, but at that point in time I just never thought that a company in this line of work would be so dishonest. I guess I had more faith in human nature, I've never had this kind of experience before. After all of this with this particular company I now definitely know how low people will actually go for the buck.
I'm looking into a lawsuit nowbecause I've learned that they have a long list with the BBB, and they just shouldn't get away with this, they shouldn't get away with doing this to people, and they shouldn't get away with so much of my money. It might have been worth it had it been what they told me as a dating service for me, but with what I've experienced, it's a plain crime what they've done with my money.


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