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Be careful with these guys managing your property. It has been a nightmare having these manage my properties. Since Joe Davis had been managing my properties, it has been an endless amount of avoidable expenses, lack of communication etc. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but his continued negligence and lack of communication has caused me thousands in expenses.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Austin, TX Most recently, I sent them $825 for A/C repair which they pocketed and cancelled my agreement with them. When I email Joe after 6 weeks of the contract cancellation about where my tenant's deposit money is, I get no response.

I have since found a much better solution for property management in Austin, drop me a message and I will send you the reference.


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  • He
      Sep 16, 2010

    Be careful what you believe. What this owner isn't saying is he expected his tenants to live in slumlike conditions, was disagreeable and unreasonable. From my understanding the company dropped him, not the other way around. TexCen Realty continues to run a responsible company with a stand-up reputation.

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  • Jo
      Sep 20, 2010

    Well, that would be the expected response coming from Texcen Realty. I have the emails, check copies, invoices and call logs from 2 years ago to the present. I would be happy to share any information and let you be the judge.

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  • Da
      Jan 24, 2011

    John S. is upset with TexCen Realty. His three houses needed many repairs and he was unwilling or unable to pay for them. His tenants complained also. What is a property manager to do when stuck in the middle of this situation? No choice but to end the business relationship. Sorry John, we had no choice. Broker Owner David Mozingo ( unlike John, I have no reason not to use my real name) [protected] mobile

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  • Lw
      May 31, 2011

    I am responding from the other end. I am a tenant with Joe Davis as my property manager. I have had SO much trouble with Joe. Christmas of 2009 our hot water heater went out. It took 1 month for it to be repaired. And that was only done because I got a quote from a plumber then sent it to Joe requesting that he either have it fixed or I would have the company back out & send him the bill. That's only one of the many problem's I've had with Joe, but definitely the worst. When trying to get him to repair something I send multiple emails before getting a response. My husband once called Joe & Joe told my husband I was harassing him with my emails. Which I would not do if he would respond. We currently have a repair needing to be done for probably about a year now, but I'm afraid to call it in. I really don't feel like dealing with the hassle. The last repair that needed to be done I ended up talking to David Mozingo. He was very helpful & got the repair done fairly quick. I can't say for sure, but my thoughts are that if Joe did not work there then TexCen might be a pretty good management company.

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  • Ta
      Apr 20, 2017

    @LWKZB A property manager is only as responsive as the owner will allow. A lot of owners do not want to do repairs and if they do it is at a shoe sting budget and makes it quite challenging for a "property manager" to get done.

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  • Tc
      Aug 15, 2012

    I have had nothing but great service with Texcen. They took over mid-lease a problem tenant, and stood up to her when she wanted her security deposit back, in spite of the fact that all reasons for not returning the security deposit were documented with photos of damage and bills to repair. Don't be fooled by bad reviews from tenants who think rental properties are ok to damage, or landlords who think they do not need to put money into a property to keep the property in rent condition.

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