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Next stop court- do not buy from here! He is a thief!

Tewksbury auto mall dba deisel motor group llc jimie khin owner, and operator willingly sold an unsafe, unchecked audi a 4 2007 to me in february 2016 (Signed the contract then, it was not the delivery date. I physically picked up the a few days later. I had several issues with the check engine light. I persistently kept going back to the dealership for the same issue, and they never resolved it. When i bought the car, mr. Khin assured him that this car was fully checked, and that it was in nearly “perfect condition” . 3 days after purchase, the check engine light came on. I went to the used car dealership, and the mechanic just reset the light without actually looking at the car. The engine light disappeared for a day, and then came back on. I went back again, and yet had it reset once again, without the mechanic even exploring the car. The mechanic assured me that the car was ok, and he was exaggerating. I left, and two days later it came back on. Back to the dealership yet again, left the car there for a short period of time, and the mechanic stated he looked it over, mr. Khin said it was in “perfect” condition, and just had to re-set it again, i repeated this same venue for an additional 7 times. The owner mr. Khin told me to drive it around for a couple of weeks after the 11th visit, and come back, knowing the warranty would expire, and he wouldn’t have to do anything. The first month i had physically visited tewksbury auto mall more than 11 times on the same issue. I asked him to let him go to a certified audi dealer, and have them check it out because he didn’t feel comfortable that the car was fixed correctly, and i knew something was wrong. Mr. Khin stated “ audi is a rip off, and i am not paying that money.” “ my mechanic is audi certified” . Mr. Khin, convinced me the car was fine, and i was “over reacting” he avoided me at all costs after the 11 visit, couldn’t find him, he was never around, didn’t show up for work, and kept pushing me further and further away until the 30 day lemon law was applicable. Mr. Khin knew what he was doing.
Jimie khin, owner and operator of said dealership had an unauthorized and untrained mechanic service this european car. I contacted this dealership by phone on more than 22 occasions, after that the check engine light was on for the 12th time. Mr. Khin told me to “get lost”, , and said “ it wasn’t his problem anymore after 30 days”, and avoided all his calls. I had to do surprise drop in’s so that someone would look at it after the 30 days, and each and every time the same response “everything is fine”. "nothing wrong with this car"
On thursday september 29th, i was driving his vehicle, and it stopped on route 93 expressway, which could of ultimately of ended my life, but i swerved over to the side, and thankfully was safe. I had it towed to livingtson auto, with certified technicians who came up with the following preliminary findings:
1. Mettalica was found in oil.
This was from a long going unresolved motor issue that was not properly addressed by tewksbury auto mall.
2. Motor was used
It was not disclosed at purchased, and i not know the mileage of the motor. The motor he sold us was aggressively used. It was in poor condition. The mechanic who has it now said it was a really bad used motor and had a lot of wear and tear on it.

My parents had to intervene and visit to mr. Khin on saturday, october 1st. The conversation was unsuccessful. He refused to provide me or my parents with all my service records. Mr. Khin knowingly and admitting agreed that he does not check every car that comes on to his lot. He stated “i just sell them”, i don’t have to fix them before i sell them”” not my job”! My parents said “you sold our son an unsafe car”, he said “oh well, not my fault”.
He refused to provide me or my parents with the certified and licensed mechanics names. He stated to both my parents and i “that he doesn’t check all his cars, he is a used car dealer and doesn’t have to. Mr. Khin is very familiar within the court system. He wanted to know where his certified letter was, and said “ see you in court”. He stated “i know how this works”. “i have done this before”.
He sold me a bad motor. Did not disclose that the motor was used/and or mileage on it.
I have come to the conclusion mr. Khin is in the business to sell cars that are not operable. He was negligent and careless with this car, and most likely every other car on his lot. He knew there were ongoing problems, and just used a “band-aid effect” to cover up the seriousness issues of this automobile. He runs a deceptive, dishonest an unethical business.
If he had disclosed the motor was used, and what the mileage was on it, i would not have bought it in the first place. He lied. Committed perjury.
Under mass general law, the law requires the dealer to buy back the car “if a vehicle has a defect that impairs use or safety and cannot not be repaired by the dealer within three repair attempts for the same defect, or the vehicle is out of service for more than 10 days. This option was not given to me. I wanted the car fixed with a new certified and warranty motor which will cost 6k, or my money back in return of the car with the bad, used motor that i was not aware of. I will be fighting this now in court and working with the ag’s office to get back my repair costs.

Update: jimie khin is a liar. He will lie at any expense. He is a crook, and did sell me a car with a bad used motor and did not disclose any of this to me. Below are the facts and findings from the certified audi mechanic who has repaired my car:
Below are the findings from livingtston auto, certified mechanics, confirming that the motor in the audi that i purchased from tewksbury auto mall and jimie khin owner, and operator willingly sold me an unsafe, unchecked audi a 4 2007 to me in february 2016 that could of cost me my life.
It also concludes that this was not disclosed at purchased, that i did not know the motor was used, and i not know the mileage of the motor. The motor he sold me was aggressively used. Car motor not checked, nor was the car in any condition to be sold at all. Not only did he sell me a bad motor, it also confirms that the motor was taken out by them, they put it back in, and it was not installed properly.
Findings from livingtson auto, tewksbury ma:

2007 audi a4 quattro
Customers complaint : engine noise and oil light
On and off since purchased vehicle.
Car was towed in
1. Motor still full with proper amount of oil.
2. Motor diagnosed as seized
3. Upon removal of motor the inspection plate between motor
And transmission was distorted, damaged and not reinstalled improperly
Indicating motor and or transmission were removed and replaced at some point, we also notice that the bolts on the plate were not affixed properly

4. Unknown mileage or condition of existing motor.
5. #3 cylinder piston
6. Rod broken
Used motor 2.0 w/turbo
113, 000 mile
6 months parts replacement warranty
Timing belt
Water pump
Spark plugs
Engine oil
Engine coolant
Engine oil filter- 3500.00
Diagnostic testing - 2070.00 -5800.00 paid out of my pocket for his complete negligence.

Nov 04, 2016
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      Nov 04, 2016

    will never buy a car here. good for your for posting this. I hope it all works out for you.

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