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As a job seeker with a resume posted online at multiple sites, I have been contacted 3 times for telecommuting jobs paying almost double what a similar office job would pay. First they would text me on my cell phone to arrange an online "interview" on Yahoo Messenger. Each time, they were representing different healthcare or pharmaceutical companies, but each of the 3 has originated from the same sequence of overseas phone numbers: 1-[protected], 1-[protected], and 1-[protected]. Each has professed no knowledge of the others. The first one, Melissa Clark, wanted me to wire $453 to the company vendor for equipment and software. That was supposedly TEVA Pharmaceuticals. I declined. The 2nd one, I declined immediately. The 3rd one, Lorayne Jones, was going to FedEx me a cashier's check to cover the cost of the equipment and software, which I was to wire out to their vendor within 24 hours of receipt (before my bank could verify the validity of the check). That was supposedly GE Healthcare. I refused to turn the funds around until my bank could verify them. Then, having strong gut feelings about it, I just told them I would not participate. I believe this is a phone bank scamming people seeking employment, and using Yahoo Messenger to do it. I still have the two I interviewed with on my Messenger list, and they are both very active today.

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      29th of May, 2012

    I recieved this same job scam through email just recently. ive also recieved many more like this bot only through email but also through text. When i recieve them through text, the person sends me duplicate texts two or three times and that automatically sends up a red flag seeing as how an ordinary job wouldnt do this. These seem like nothing but scams of people trying to get ahold of your personal information.

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