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I currently went to school to get my CDL class a license. That was the biggest regret of my life. When you get accepted into the school they tell you that you need 2 cosigners or more so that your loan can get approved so you can stay in school. So the school went through a company called Standard Financial Services and they have ridiculous rules. If you don't pay your loan and your balance goes over $500.00 they will take you to court and put you in jail. That is so freaking ridiculous, especially with the way the economy is at the current time and how hard people have getting good paying jobs. They feed you lies to scare you and make you pay and they are so bad that the employees don't stay I have went through or had more than 2 representatives assigned to me because they keep quitting. They should not be able to do that because that is ridiculous. I hate the company and TDI Truck Driver Institute in Dallas Texas off of highway 35. They need to be stopped and put out of business both companies. Oh last thing neither one if them help you by trying other solutions or even payment plans...STAY AWAY FROM THEM BOTH., .TRUST ME THE BOTH LIE

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