[Resolved] Tax Advantage USAErika Radu (Giron, Salazar, Ulate) Maybe Maria or Enrias, Inrias

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Tax Advantage USA is a scam!!! SCAM _ FRAUD

She has been verified by previous landlords, babysitters, and her husbands other women to be a black woman but unsure of nationality. She is a fast talker. Talks over her clients, rushes them into sending her money. She WILL steal your money.

Her company is not licensed and she is being investigated in several states for mortgage fraud, operating without a license, Internet fraud, phone fraud.

She is know for rent fraud, childcare fees, mortgage fraud, payday loan fraud-- Her new company Enrias Avid Tax Advantage USA is a scam!!! I got this from a private source. I am not sure of the spelling as of yet so if you have more info please send it to me at [protected]

Follow the website information above to my blog where I have several blogs on her and what she has done to me and others like me.

Erika Giron, Erika Radu, Erika Salazar, ... Erika WHO!?

Erika is the same dog and at her nasty old tricks. I was contacted today with some current information on them (by a private source). I have listed the most recent contact infor on her and also any website that she started this year that I may have missed in previous post. This lady uses various name so beware of her scams!

Enrias Tax Advantage USA Inrias Tax Advantage USA seems to be her new scam. Not sure of spelling; waiting on website results.

"...HER AND HIS (her husband Ryan) NEW NUMBERS ARE




This post is quoted. I did not write it but pasted it here (did spell check). Erika and Ryan will cheat you anyway they can. Don't rent to them, don't buy from them. They are scammers.

There has got to be a way to bring these people down. This has to be illegal some kind of way. I mean federally illegal. If the cops see her will they arrest her on the spot? Will they bring her in for questioning? Or will they do nothing and say there is not a case against her?

If you have the answers to these questions then send them to me. [protected]

Please continue to send me information concerning Erika and her scams; Ryan too. I will not rest until they are brought to justice... or gives me a refund (which I'm sure justice will come first).

Thank you for your support!

Site Erika is connected with: ( Naymz is too good for her trash)

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    She was arrested. She was charge with several crimes. The court system did take 3 years to finally catch and charge her but its never too late for justice. I do not know where she is incarcerated or if still right now. I am happy.

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      Jan 14, 2011

    It has been over a year; It is no longer my desire to pursue justice for this situation. Her above statements are false, I am not a scorn client, I am a normal person that trusted and believed what I was told by a business owner. Though it is a shame, I am tired of dealing with you, seeing your name and hearing your voice (I know that was you that called to confirm my address last week). I don't care because my words are truth.

    But because I forgive you Erika, I am moving on.

    I want to thank all of you who sent me the emails and identified with my experience but also remember there is power in numbers. If more of you would have stood your ground instead of "letting it go" then we may have saw a greater justice. With that said, I will remove all posting concerning Erika Giron and any of her companies and therefore allow her to carry on with her life. I will take these down within the next few days. I pray that she is now a legitimate business owner hereforth and that God blesses her.

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      Nov 26, 2012

    UPDATE***Erica Salazar Giron (and all the other names) was arrested and is in AZ jail... hopefully she gets a year for every dollar she stole!
    Here is the link:

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