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TAPSCON 2009/BRENT FAIR / Lack of Refund

1 Clearwater, FL, United States Review updated:

On 2 December 2008, my mother and I purchased three tickets for the "Odyssey Hunt, " plus a room in the Biltmore during the TAPSCON 2009. The VIP Packages were already sold out, so we did the next best thing. We figured we would get a room at the Holiday Inn Harborside after the ghosthunt, and just buy general admission tickets for Friday since we could not stay at the Biltmore after Thursday night.

The shocker came when I just simply checked the website again, and found Brent Fair's pathetic excuse FOR an excuse. He stated that due to problems with the hotel, that he could not have the convention there. Wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt, I believed he would find another venue.

The announcement came of Clewiston, Florida, which is very small. I wondered how he could accomodate the thousands that came to TAPSCON 2008? However, it wasn't my concern. I thought we would get our ghosthunt either way.

Then the website for the new venue disappeared.

As a result, I decided it was better to go somewhere else. After all, this was my birthday and Christmas gift. I'd already seen the Ghosthunters at the 2008 convention (which was not very well planned at all).

So, I began writing for a refund in March, April, and May...which turned into June, and no answer at all.

And I found this site and

Mr. BRENT FAIR is a scam artist.

He ran off with $614.00.

Contact: TAPSCON 2 Victims need to call our main number at [protected] and request that a complaint form be mailed to them. Theyll need to fill out the form and return it along with any documentation that they have.If they file the online form, it just delays the process.
Investigator Rick Adkins
Pinellas County Government
Department of Justice & Consumer Services
15251 Roosevelt Boulevard, Suite 209
Clearwater, FL 33760
Office: [protected]

Internet Crimes Bureau

Good luck, and please, lets see if we can get our money back from this scam artist and make certain he cannot do this to another person ever!


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  22nd of Jul, 2009
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Thanks for the info Mimi!
I purchased the VIP package for 2 right after I returned from the 2008 event. I paid $535 for the package. I received my tickets and then found out on MySpace that the event had been postponed. I immediately went to the TAPSCON website and filled out the necessary form to go to the postponed event taking place in 2010. Assured that we would receive info about the new venue by May 15, 2009. I felt a little reassured that maybe just maybe I would get something for my money. I even received an e-mail from Mr. Fair thanking me for my patience. I was pleased when I saw that he had posted info about the new venue, although leary because I knew the Inn was smaller. The concern crept back when I went back to the site and noticed that he had removed all the "new" info. I e-mailed him at the last e-mail address he had responded from asking for som ere-assurance to pass on to my fellow ghost hunters. This e-mail went unanswered and still no new event info listed. I again filled out a new form since it said that previous requests to attend the new venue had been lost?? Huh? I finally decided enough was enough. I decided to see what I could google about complaints before I went to our company attorney for advice. I will definatily be calling Mr. Adkins and requesting a complaint form. I encourage others who purchased event tickets to do the same. I am still seeking legal advice. I feel I have given Mr. Fair enough time to do the right thing, I feel he used our money to pay off the previous event, why else would he make a new event available so quickly after the 2008 event? He has failed to produce the original event and postponed event as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for this new info Mimi, I am will be making a formal complaint today.

  25th of Jul, 2009
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Thank You Thank You
I have been looking on-line for somewhere I could go to get help on this matter. I spent $609 for 2 VIP tics for the 09 find out it was postponed. I though ok I will give Brent Fair (bad name for him) the benefit of the doubt...well he took the "New Venue" off his site and the contact email address and since has been showing that ridiculous junk...what happened to the Clewiston Inn info?? Also Clewiston Inn has not responded to my emails asking about the event, which leads me to believe there is no such event planned :(
I will call for a form on Monday and hopefully eventually get my $ back.
Thank you for posting!!!

  27th of Jul, 2009
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Thanks for that important info. Here's hoping we can all get our money back. This guy shold get thrown away in jail for a long time. It makes me sick that there are people out there who can do this. Anyway thanks again!

  7th of Oct, 2009
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Hello all!

This is MiMi again, and I hope you all called Mr. Adkins; he is very nice and helpful. Please make certain you get as many people as possible to call whom have been scammed!

Good luck, and I hope we'll be seeing Mr. Fair in court really soon!

  16th of Oct, 2009
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Thanks for the information. I called and was sent a complaint form from the sheriff's office. I sent them my info a few days ago. I included screen shots of all that was promised, even included a picture of the envelope he sent the tickets in. I am so mad about this and can't believe he hasn't been arrested for grand theft.

  16th of Mar, 2010
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Has anyone received any new info? I haven't heard anything and it was quite a while ago that I sent in copies of everything w/the form to the DOJ.

  2nd of Apr, 2010
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I never bought any packages for this scam at all because the Show
ghost hunters is a scam in itself and this guy was their manager!
Funny thing is why hasn't this guy been arrested and jailed is it
because he was affiliated with a show about frauds! This man hasn't
been arrested or spent one day in Jail... unbelievible, so much for
law enforcement!

  19th of Aug, 2011
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I'm still waiting to hear from the Department of Justice regarding this case; and it seems the show is now bigger than ever. So much for the help for catching this guy.

Has anyone heard anything new?

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