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I have purchased Gold chain from mundra sales Agency (Tanishq show room Gwalior ) which was having manufacturinf defect in this regard I have approched Tanishq customer care and Also To level upto Md Mr Bhasker Bhat but to no address of my grievance in proper manner only sale Man Of Mundra sales agency is victimised and I am being given mental agony and harrashment .

Even the weight of the jewellary is not constant while being repeadtly wieght in Tanisq show room balnce seem to be have manupulated .

Gold jewellary which a person purchase for life time has worn out after wearing twice .

bill is charge for vat tax even for making charges,

and wastage during making process also charged from customer into thier bill, where as wastage remain in factory

not passed to the customer contarory bill for .

any one having such proble kindly contact for joint move


ps contact over email

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