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I purchased a cleaner from two salemen who came to my door. They cleaned a bit of the brass on my door that i have been trying to clean for years, by spraying a bit on the door, then rubbing with a soft scrubber. In seconds my brass was gleaming! After they left, i went out to use this magic cleaner, only to discover that it did not work, no matter what i did. I tried to contact the company through email, and had no response.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Avalon, GAI stopped payment on my check, since i had bought a magic cleaner, that turned out to be scented water. Today i got a call from a check agency, who had me call the company. They gave me all sort of arguments, such as i should have cancelled my order within a 3 day period. I was ripped off, and they think that i should follow their procedures! I will fight them on this. If they had sold me what they used on my door, i would not have complained! Someone needs to find out what they use in their spray bottles, as it must be toxic, and the sales people don't wear any protection!


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  • Ks
      Nov 03, 2009

    11-03-09 - I, too, was ripped off by their fast talking, big smiling salesman. I paid $36.95 plus tax for a cleaner that promised to do magical things. He performed his magic act in my daughter's driveway and I paid him with a check and was given the product. Unfortunately, I am a sucker for any sales' pitch that says the proceeds go to underprivileged children. I did not and will not try to get my money back but I hope that by my writing this, you will not be burnt as I was.

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  • De
      Jan 28, 2010

    Someone just stopped at my door to sell me this - boy she was a savvy and fast talking girl. As soon as I said I wanted to look this up online and research and then asked her to come back tomorrow so I can buy it she was out of here like a bolt of lightning!

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  • M2
      Feb 13, 2010

    2-13-09 We just a had a run in with these salespeople. We paid the $78 and change for two bottles. THEN, after we looked online and came across this and other people's concerns. My husband didn't waste a second running out the door to return the bottles to the boy and get our information of name/address. Well, you can imagine the boy's attitude. He was very, very upset and began cussing and telling us how we ruined his paycheck and the like - VERY different from his attitude and fast talking at the door when he was selling!! He supposedly threw our paper with details at my husband. I was advised by a fraud investigator to call and file a report while they were still in the area. They didn't have a license to sell in our state, besides that I didn't even have the product long enough to verify about the ingesting it and it being harmful or the fact that it worked or not. I have learned from this experience to just say 'no" to solicitors.

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  • Br
      Mar 30, 2010

    Unfortunately the "Kids" are trapped by the company. I know because I was one of them. "If you don't sell, you don't eat" that's the motto. I never tried to trick anyone. I explained to everyone I spoke to that Advanage is a good, environmentally friendly, cleaner, not a miracle cleaner. You want a miracle, go to church. So I didn't eat very much. I suffered under Tim Burgess (Owned/operator of T&B Sales) for 6 months when they left me in Norman, OK. Thank god for small favors and family, my brother drove 6 hours from Portales, NM to rescue me. I hate T&B Sales! They stole hundreds of dollars from me, and then they tried to strand me in Oklahoma.

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  • Su
      Jul 24, 2010


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  • Ch
      Sep 10, 2010

    I live in Webb City, MO and I had a young girl come to my door as well, fast talking and all. She explained the product to me and then demonstrated it to me as well, using it on my brass door handle and my walk way then told me how safe it was for my kids. I was almost a sucker for it until she tried pushing the Green Apple solution on me even after telling her that my 5 yr old son was highly allergic to anything containing apples even something with an apple sent, then got upset when I told her I wasnt interested. I asked for the website and she got exstreamly mad and started screaming at me telling me that I was taking food out of her kids mouth and asking how would I feel if she did the same to my kids, ( who are 5 and 6 and were standing there the whole time) I was so angry I told her to leave or I would contact the police. Never again will I answer the door to a solicitor!

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  • Lo
      Sep 10, 2010

    Just happened in Blue Springs, MO also. Fast talking woman running around my yard and driveway cleaning and scrubbing away. Told her no cash and she said we take checks which I fell for. Bought the product, then researched afterwards and found they also clean out your bank account. Stopped payment on account and closed account. Called company to cancel order within 3 day timeframe and they said I needed to send in receipt. Told them the people just left an hour before and gave me a cell phone number that nobody answered. Have learned my lesson - will talk to no more salespeople at my door.

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  • Mb
      Sep 24, 2010

    Just happened in Cincinnati although the man claimed to be from MO. Nice guy, fast talking though. i never buy anything from solicitors but i listened to his sales pitch. was inpressed with the particular bottle he used but i too had my doubts. after telling him that i wasn't interested until i looked into the product, he asked me if my husband only married me for my looks. he would've lost his sale right there. i told him that no, he didn't but he stays married to me becz i don't spend our money stupidly. he didn't like my response and left to work on the next house. i went right to my computer and found all these complaints. love the internet!!

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  • Ri
      Sep 26, 2010

    These guys are operating in the Norman, OK area right now. My mother got scammed by them yesterday (a Saturday), same story as everyone else, a charming, fast-talking african american kid got her to buy four bottles of this stuff for over $100. I was in the house at the time and saw what was going on out on the driveway, and I had this "feeling" that it was some kind of scam & almost went outside to chase the kid off (mom is far too nice to do that kind of thing, but I'm not ;) ), then thought better of it figuring that my mother is an intelligent adult who can make her own decisions. This slick little punk must've been good because mom usually does not fall for this kind of thing. After doing some research, I advised my mom to put a stop-payment on the check she gave the kid and have her bank account number changed first thing Monday morning.

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  • Ma
      Oct 07, 2010

    Well, I have to say after reading all of these comments... I feel lucky that I had quite the opposite experience. A man was walking by our house when my boyfriend went out to get the mail. The man asked him for a moment of his time and gave a short demo of the cleaner out by the sidewalk. When I came out with our dog the man walk right up to our Anatolian Shepherd and started petting him. This was a sign to me the man could be trusted. Our dog is a natural guard dog and spot shaddiness from a mile away. I listened to the mans sales pitch and watched in wonder as he cleaned our sidewalk, siding, and windows all with the same spray bottle. I decided to buy a bottle and asked if I could smell the lavender scent. He kindly explained that there was a protective seal on each bottle to ward against the salespeople tampering with the product, but he would gladly open the bottle I purchased and show that it was the same product. I've been using this cleaner for well over a month now at home and at work and have been nothing but pleased with the results. After telling some people at work about some of purchased the product as well with no issues what so ever. Could it be that the crew operating in Johnson City, TN is just honest and actually doing what they are intended to do???

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  • Ni
      Oct 14, 2010

    I, too, was just visited by a fast-talking, young girl. She constantly complimented me on everything from my Halloween decorations to the highlights in my hair. I would not allow her to come in, so she proceded to clean my concrete porch with her "miracle" cleaner. After 10 minutes I politely told her I would have to speak with my husband when he came home from work before purchasing anything and asked her if they were on the Internet. She said yes, but I was not allowed to keep the pamphlet as she needed them for other houses, even though she must have had hundreds of them. That set off a warning bell, and when I came in, I looked them up and found all these complaints. Im just glad I didnt allow her into my home and didnt spend any money.

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  • Di
      Oct 19, 2010


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  • Ma
      Nov 19, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    Isn't it curious how the positive commenters on here all type in upper case. Hmmm. Wonder if they know each other.

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  • Ro
      Dec 05, 2010

    yeah i was impressed by the product this fast talking guy was using cleaning my windows and permanent marker off of a rag. So i fell for it and bought the product thinking it was pretty good stuff. As soon as he left he didn't even leave a receipt and was gone. I try the purchased product on stuff and even put marker on a rag and scrubbed and nothing. Then i new i was scammed. Maybe i will stop my check.

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  • Kr
      Jan 17, 2011

    I was very impressed with the product and i feel good that it is safe alot of people on here lie to just agree with the next person but I bet u still use it... Which cleaner ever knocked on yo door to show you it works if thats the case ask them to mix your bottle for you so you can see... Windex nor any of them toxics work but i bet you still use them with no complaining you just sometimes judge a book by the cover and never know the background...Wow are we really getting so low that we cant see the bigger picture these are inner city youths doing something positive.. Instead of standing on corners or doing anything harmful... But hey we all need to grow up why dony yall give it a chance

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  • Cm
      Feb 08, 2011

    I have to say I am very pleased with this product. Yes it was a bit more then I cared to spend, but once I saw the results on my grout I was sold. It works! I am pleased with all of its uses and I had a very nice experience with the two people that came to my door. They were very nice funny happy and I enjoyed talking to them. Plus the bonus I got a great cleaning product.

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  • Ja
      Feb 10, 2011

    t&b sales treated me like a slave i tried to work my tail off for them and when i produce enough sales for them they fired me they put us in crappy hotels they teach us to lie cheat do whatever u have to do to get a sale after all if u don't sale u don't eat.they take homeless and non-working youngsters and give them jobs only to mistreat them for viewing pleasure i was excited to have a job but easily one of the worst expierences of my life [censor] u tim burgess

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  • Mr
      Feb 11, 2011

    A salesman by the name of Kenny he was very funny and charming he demostrated how it worked he even licked the product came to my door about three weeks ago. He told me advantage cleaned any and everything he even told me it worked to keep bugs off plants so i bought some and tried it for myself. As I expected it did not work so I called the company and they said my refund policy was up a couple days ago.and I would not get a refund i paid by check because i had no cash and salesman said i could do so. I was surprised that when i checked my account I had insuffienct funds and money was missing from my account. I plan on taking legal action against T&B sales and Kenny the salesman who sold me the product.

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  • Aj
      Feb 20, 2011

    you think that's something what they do to there employee's is worst. they expected us to sale 6- 20 bottles of that stuff a day. They teach young people tactics that are supost to get people to buy. Although i have used the soap and it actually works to my knowledge i can say that some of the things salesman tells you it works for it dont.
    After a couple weeks of working with that company i realize that i didnt like it. It was hard for me and my fiance to get out due to the fact that we owed the company so much money because our sales were not what they wanted them to be. we had traveled to a whole nother state with expectations that the company was everything they said they were. In all actualliality they never paid us the whole three months we were there cause our sale were not high enough and every week we owed more money. They finally got mad and sent us home or so we thought. they arranged for us to ride back with there recruiter to detroit from texas and he ende up leaving us in tennesee with no money and no way home. T&b sales is a rip off all the way around for customers and employee's.

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  • Cz
      Feb 20, 2011

    I baught this product I dunno a year or two ago. Just now running out of my product. I love it. WROKS AMAZING and i am buying more soon.
    I dunno why you guys had such issues. I use purple and green and love it. Cleans my kitchen like no other.

    Sorry you guys might not like it but it is a good product. I use my own spray bottle one third product the rest water and works great.

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  • Ja
      Feb 28, 2011

    I am a empolyee for T Tand B sales my name is James Moore
    And being a part of this company was the best thing for a guy like
    Me coming from the streets of chicago T and B cares for each and everyone
    Of its employees and I feel I have to stand up for the company because I read so much
    Negetive about T and B that ist true, remember wal mart gets a lot of complaints any body who has
    Used advanage I encourage u to continue and use this wonderful cleaner but what's more beautiful is that T and B hires more inner city youth
    Than a lot of other companies and gives each and evry one of them an opprotunity to become a independent contractor
    But again a lot of us come from the inner cities and some just don't wanna become great and wanna stay with a street attitude and don't know the first
    Thing about staying a being positive onthe other hand there more employees that goes on to be distributors motivational speakers even Sales Rep like realestate and
    Car salesmen I just wanna say T and B is a gret company take my word for it

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  • Ja
      Mar 03, 2011

    I just got a bottle in Jacksonville yesterday... It was a total bait and switch. I don't know what they used for demo nut I bought something different. I wish it was what they demo'd. That stuff was great! Instead I paid 40.00 for a bottle of .99 Fabulosa. NEVER will I fall for this again.

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  • Ab
      Mar 25, 2011

    thankyou so much you just stopped me from getting conned into this product. i feel so bad for the salesman though.

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  • Ph
      Mar 28, 2011

    I work for T & B Sales and have been employeed with ADVANGE for 18 years. I started out going door to door and worked my way up into management. At no time do we train out sales people to lie, cheat or harrass the customers. As far as the employees, we do not leave anyone "stranded". We send them back to the city in which we hired them from. Some time when a person quits or get terminated, the want to go somewhere else our policy is that if we hire you from Detroit we send you back there, not to California. Not all of our salespeople are honest with the customer but as soon as we find this out, that person is terminated and sent home. We have 120 plus sales force and like any other company, we stive to teach and train them to become successful but not everyone responds to that in a positive way. If you have or have had a problem with one of our sales people feel free to contact me Pat Hines at [protected]. I will need the name of that person. I will work to resolve any issue. As for the cleaner, It does work. We do not reccommend it on opal, pearls, silk and satin but anything else is fine. You do have to mix it different dilutions depending on what you are cleaning.
    It is easy for people to complain about the product not working but how about making sure you are using it correctly. For those that have had problems with salespeople, do not judge all of us based on one bad experience. You would not like to be judged by your neighbors would you? Thanks

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  • Ha
      Mar 30, 2011

    I bought this product last fall and I absolutly love it! They came out once and i bought 2 cleaners. well one didn't work thankfully someone else came the next week so i got to exchange it for the one that i actually wanted! Both of the salesmen were so nice I let them into my house and he showed me it took spots off carpent and so forth!
    I love this prodoct i can spray it on my 19mth olds chair and leave it for a min and everything comes off with one wipe!! This product is what i use most of the time, the smell isn't the best but hey i never liked the smell of pine sol which was supposed to smell so good.. Thanks for such a good product!

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  • Sf
      Apr 17, 2011

    Also see comments under "D & T Sales, " and "Advanage Wonder Cleaner." I think it's great that Pat Hines put a phone # on here -- I hope it helps people. It will be interesting to see if complaints continue after this contact. (And from real people, not people pretending to be customers. Call me suspicious, but why would someone write a testimonial on a complaint board?) I write to get the message to young people who feel trapped by an employer who takes them to another city, and says they can't leave or get paid because they OWE them money (How on EARTH can the employees OWE the company?!?), that they do not have to stay. Some cities have Emergency Traveller's Aid (a charity which helps people who come for jobs but can't get them, and then can't afford transportation to return home), and everywhere in the US, people can call "2-1-1" for the United Way -- tell them what your problem is, and they will match the resources and tell you who to call. There are also places to stay -- homeless shelters in our area, as well as youth hostels (often as low as $15 a night for travelers) ... If anyone knows how to help these young people get away and get back home, I hope you'll post it here. My prayers are with them. The rest of us may be out a little money -- these young people who want to leave but can't afford to could be in real jeopardy.

    That said, based on the complaints I've seen here, if I were inclined to buy this product, I would open it with the salesperson right there and make sure it works the way their demo product does. I'd also get a receipt, and a phone # if I decided to return it. I might also ask how they got there, and maybe note the license plate # of their vehicle. Frankly, I'd also keep my eye on my account for suspicious activity. (We had problems with unauthorized charges from buying magazines door-to-door ... it's worth paying attention to.) But hey, maybe there were just some rare problems? I say this because years ago, I DID buy a cleaning product from a door-to-door salesman that actually was very good. Don't know if it was as safe as he claimed, but it did work beautifully, and we did not get ripped off. It was not this company, but maybe -- if Pat Hines continues to personally stand for this product and resolves issues -- there could be some room for benefitr of the doubt? Only time will tell.

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  • Jo
      May 14, 2011

    you don't have to deal with in-home salespeople. although I did several years ago, but now I buy online at

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  • St
      May 14, 2011

    Same thing happened to us only yesterday, 13 May 2011. We had a very discolored brass door knocker, and the salesman polished up a portion of it in minutes. Naturally using the product and soft cloth. The next day we tried it, and it didn't work, apparently the salesman concealed a small piece of steel wool in the clean cloth, which we found discarded near our front door. We canceled our check and signed the receipt "canceling the contract" and sent it back to the company, return receipt requested and notified them via email the very next day. I am sure we will get complaints from the company, and will chalk this up to a "lesson learned".

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  • Ro
      May 24, 2011

    Hi to all. My name is Jeffrey Foster and i worked for this company and for 4 years of my life, I left the company in 2007. I just want to say before I get started Im going to be 100% honest about the company and the product not disregarding things i did also. Ok first the product actually works on most things around the house. Also it is the same solution the salesman has in his bottle as the one you purchase, only thing diffrent is the salesman has a couple tricks up his/her sleave.(example) If you notice on the concrete demo they use a wire brush, u could spray water on the ground and a wire brush would do the same as using any product trust me i tried it, but the tell you to mix in a pressure washer(lie) on the brass threshhole they hide a piece of steel wool under a towel, which i was trained to do by numerous salesman which were called the hotshots. As far as the towel and marker demo its a cotton towel and we were instructed to dampen the towel so the marker comes off easier, (dont attempt to try on your clothes it doesnt work) (another lie) And trust me i washed my clothes with this product every weekend. The bad part about it is there is some ggod ppl in the company but the couple bad ones which included myself at the time makes all look bad. Now let's talk about the company, where should I start, the overworking or the beatdowns, or the leaving workers on the side of the highway.Yes its true the will leave you if your not productive and if your caught stealing your getting a beatdown like a gang jumpin, I myself got left in odessa texas...but not by tim burgess another owner. Ive seen with my own eyes kids, and I said KIDs left on the side of a dark highway or a restaurant or the bus station it happens. They work you 6 days a week with no free time so you travel but you dont get to enjoy cause its work work work. Only day off is sunday and u have to wash clothes, which you have to wait numerous amounts of hours for someone to take u to the laundramat so by the time u done the day over with and your getting ready to wake up at 7 am and do it again. They treat there workers like slaves and if you sale 34 bottles or less they give you a paycheck for that week of 25$ sometime 20$with the 6$ they gave you everynight to eat on during the week and im speaking for about 40% of the salesman on the crew, its a small amount maybe 5 to ten ppl that actually make good money and sometimes less than that is all about the owner getting rich, he says he has to pay for us to travel and living arrangements but that s a tax right off thats Why he abuses it this guy riding around in benz and lexus and we walking on two month old shoes I cant knock his hustle but he getting over on ppl. to be honest he is nothing but a legal pimp cause thats what he does he treats them like h*rs, he feed s them give them a palce to stay he talks to them motivate them with a great smile and sends them out ot get his money and if you dont bring him money he talks to you like you aint nothing just like a pimp and if you steal from him he hits you like a pimp, he gives you enough just to get by just like a pimp. I would say 95% of the crew is on drugs and that include mangers and owners they smoke everything from crack cocaine to marijuana, I seen it all. What makes me sad is the ppl they really depend on this money hungry man, and they have to raise there kids on the road and dont go to school, its sad . Well enough bad at the end of the day they did teach me one thing beside how to lie do drugs and be mistreated, they taught me the value of a job and great coummunication hopefully i answered everyone complaints.

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  • Cr
      May 24, 2011

    many years ago, i had worked with a company identicle to this one. we had sold a product called eliminator, is was enviro. friendly, safe if injested, and all that good stuff. i had answered an add in the paper for sales, went to the interview at a hotel room, and passed the interview. i started 2 days later in another state, and was givin a $10 a day per diem, that did not include the rags we had to buy with that $10 along with our food and drink. we had to sell 5 bottles of the stuff to see any money, each bottle was $37, if you didn't sell, 5 bottles, you would not get any money, and you would "owe" the company money. you were not allowed to talk with another employee of the opposit sex, or you would be fired on the spot and left stranded in that location, no money, no room, no food. we were told to lie, cheat, and steal anyway possible to get sales, i was even told to tell a customer the cleaner enhanced the life of his car speakers if he sprayed them with it on a daily basis. after being told that, i up and quit, the job lasted a total of 5 weeks, and i "owed" the company a substanstial amount from what they said, because i refused to lie to the customer. door to door sales of a so called "miracle" cleaner is a scam, don't do it

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  • Ki
      Jun 06, 2011

    To the lady with the brass, it's the scotch brite pad, thats it! The driveway's, the steel brushes, thats all! You can take 409 and clean the driveway with it and a steel brush, same with old brass. On brass, just use 0000 steelwool and any brass polish will make it new, really! Liberty is the best.
    As far as these younger people going door to door, one must understand. They are pretty good guy's for the most part just trying to feed themselves. Some are runaways, some fugatives, some just homeless looking for a break. I know I did it for 10 years. From 16-26. Made and blew a lot of money. Learned how to sell though. Tony

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  • Re
      Jun 12, 2011

    Just had them at my door tonight. I run network and surveillance security systems for a financial institution, so am highly suspicious of these type of sales. Why do we open our doors to them? Hand over checks or credit card numbers to some smile and promise?! Really!?! Do some reading on home invasion and robbery casing. My wife was the victim this time while I was working downstairs. He had a story and a solicitors licence (copy) and his miracle cleaner to sell. I asked for credentials and received the license. I didin't call anywhere, but immediately took pictures of it in case I got scammed, attacked or robbed (who buys this stuff?). For laughs I took him outside to test it on a huge stain on my driveway. He did his thing with the steel scrub brush, then I tried mine (exactly the same brush type - golf ball cleaner) with water and behold, exactly the same results. He tried to talk me into a gallon purchase if his worked better, but declined when I demanded he come back in a week to confirm the results. Needless to say, he made it into my house, and while we have layered security, the company has nothing but a rap of later robbery and identity theft type deception. Working with authorities tonight, I learned all were rounded up and forced out of town. They are not being allowed back, but I am still alarmed. The solicitors license stated: ALL PURPOSE CLEANER. Take pictures of the paperwork they offer and ignore threats of calling the authorities, and when you do, offer to call them for them and watch them back off (they call their manager, not local authorities). Most importantly, be safe and don't let these people into your home.

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  • Sh
      Jun 13, 2011

    They are now in Montana! I just had an encounter with a bright, fast talking AA woman selling this "Advanage" cleaner. At first I kept her outside, but as Montanan's do, did let her inside to test her product. I have a puppy and am dealing with the messes they bring, so this was a perfect opportunity for her to test it on the carpeting. Her solution did work well on the treated area, as well as a spot in my sink. Feeling sorry for the woman and giving her credit for being a great salesperson, I purchased a bottle for $36.95. Once she left, I had a feeling something was not right due to her behavior inside my home. I started to investigate online ( I freaking love the internet), when all this negativity came up on the people and their product. I had written her a check and did not feel good about it at all. Immediately, I hopped in the truck and found her at the other end of the neighborhood and promptly demanded my check back for the product/receipt/brocure. She returned it without incident, but got a little defensive about me returning it based on my internet findings. I feel better about getting my check back regardless if it was a good product. Hopefully she will tell her "associates" not to mess with this home, as I just had been cleaning some of my firearms out in the open! I hope these people (if crooks), realize people in Montana do not [censored] around, and will gladly shove a 44 down their throat upon entering our home's uninvited! Monatana is NOT the state to be a thief, or any criminal none the less.

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  • So
      Jun 20, 2011

    They are now in Ohio. Northern Summit County. Very push, aggressive
    salespeople. I, like the 2 above comments were approached by one very talkative young lady. Since she showed me receipts of people I knew, I went ahead and let her talk. The next thing she's pushing past me, went to my stove and started cleaning it. The product worked, I recognized buyers, so I went ahead and signed form said I would take 1 bottle. That's when she got very pushy. She also said I would have to wait for the delivery of the product.
    I said I would prefer the product up front since I was expecting company soon. She asked to use my cell phone since she didn't have one. I told her to
    use my house phone which is located by my house alarm box. At this time she was making me very nervous. After she got off the phone she pushed even harder. I cancelled the order and told her to leave. I walked her to the
    door and she grabbed my sales order and wouldn't let go. After she left I got a call from her handler saying he was having a hard time finding the house for the delivery. I told him the order was cancelled. We'll now I'm nervous because she has my name and telephone number. My husband and I called the sheriffs department and spoke to an officer who said they have had numerous calls and complaints. They are from Michigan, many of them have warrants and they are causing a lot of mayhem. My lesson- never open the door for anyone. I hope I have not put my family in harms way because I thought I was helping out a young lady trying to pay her way through college

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  • Wn
      Jun 26, 2011

    Hi i am a white male at 28 years old. When i was in my mid early 20's i used to work for Advantage wonder cleaner. They had an AD up for young guys and girls to join to travel adventure team selling door to door. When i got there i was the only WHITE person there out of 100 black looking thugs and girls dressed like whores. I dressed as a real professional suit and tie in 100 degree weather. I can say for a fact that the Product is self is AWESOME and seriously it does work and its 100% safe around children. I even sprayed it in my mouth dozens of times showcasing the product. But i had some bad bad experiences. We stayed at 4 star hotels that the owner covered for us as we had a roommate. We had to wake up at 6am and be in the huge convenience room while the owner was do his 2 hour speech. We then all go in white vans with like 10 people jammed in it. We all went to different locations to Richie classy neighborhoods from 12 noon until almost 9 or 10pm. You had to sell something to stay with the company. I had a hard time selling because a lot of these people was nervous of who we we're in their area. Well what they did to me was uncalled for. IF i didn't make any sales, i didn't get any money allowance to eat that day. There was times i wasn't able to eat for 3 days. A couple of the sales people shared their food with me from when they went to a fast food restaurant to i didn't starve to death. I had medical problem "Seizure Disorder" Well i was in the heat it was so intense i had to go to a couples people's door and ask for a drink of ice cold water and i never bothered selling to them as i was grateful that they helped me out. It was so hot that i went down on the ground and had a seizure and the people in the neighborhood came to help me. I think was rushed to the Nearest ER. While i got discharged that same day, i called the company and asked if someone can please pick me up and i also would like to have a ticket to go back home as i feel this is not a good fit nor safe for me. They refused to help me get back. They said to find my own way it was not their problem. I couldn't believe it i was in shock. So i had no where to go and the hospital staff said i can stay and sleep in the lounge waiting area. These people helped me so much! There was people while i was sleeping putting food and money by my side for when i woke up. The nurse then called her husband to come down and they both took care of me and help me get back home. While we we're in the Lounge waiting area they contacted the new's departments and wanted to put this on the new's to notify the people about this company and how they treat their people in their origination. The New's departments was not able to help as they had a lot of other new's cases to take care of first. So the nurse and her husband took the next step and drove me 2 hours where the hotel was to go to get my belongings and contact the local police to help get my stuff. Mr. Davis is the husband of the owners daughter. They both of course we're black (not that i don't like black people don't get me wrong) They refused at the officers that i can get my stuff. The officer said i have the right to get my belongings and leave. Mr. Davis told the officers that he has rights and i am not permitted to leave. They was going to arrest him in attempt of kidnapping for what he said. SO i got my stuff and the Nurse and her husband gave me Money so i can get something to eat and drink. They also helped me get to the MAIN hotel where the main sales force and the managers and owner we're located. My family was so devastated they kept calling the hell out of the main company and demanding that they pay for my safe travel back home. Mr. Cooper which he was a very nice gentleman has paid for my greyhound ticket back to Pittsburgh, PA. I had to stay at the hotel for a night for the next morning. Finally i got on the greyhound and made it home safe. Then i contacted my prepaid legal attorney to sue for what they did and put me through. Advantage wonder cleaner had sub divisions of sales groups. I was on Mr. Davis sales group. Which is the owner's daughters husband. His group company was called T & B Sales that was located in CA. My attorney mailed a letter to T & B and it came back as it was a non-exist. address and the phone number was disconnected. I then contacted the Main HQ in Las Vegas, NV and demanded that they compensate me for loss wages and Damages. They laughed at me on the phone and told me to get lost and hung up. They then blocked my number some how from calling them. Every time i called them from a different number they would block it.

    IF you are a young male or female that see's an AD anywhere in a newspaper or an employment guide or on craigslist for a travel job. Please i beg of you not to go fourth with it as it would be a living nightmare. I should of listened to the greyhound clerk behind the ticket counter advising and begging me not to go that it would be the biggest mistake of my life. And she was right a long. She said she seen to many kids go to these travel sales origination and never return or be left behind. I have seen people their that haven't even seen their families in over 10+yrs and that also ran away from home and that are missing. This is extremely serious!



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  • Ro
      Jun 27, 2011

    my mom bought the stuff showed it to my sister and it did not work we thought the salesman used a brush but truns out not he did the same thing as us my mom called my dad then my dad saw this just perfect she lost 42.43 for the stupid thing ugh.
    kristal804 i have some news for you i think that you are just trying to stand out from everyone else or you probaly work for them so shut up will ya

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  • Sa
      Jul 13, 2011

    I bought a bottle of this late in the evening on July 1st. I felt swindled into buying the product because the guys were so fast-talking and I wanted them the hell of my door step. I called their customer service each day since and left a message and I only just got a hold of someone today because I lied and said I wanted to place an order. They gave me the run around on the phone for nearly 2 hours. And then the ignorant person I talked to blamed me for all of it. It was a joke and it inspired me to get the Better Business Bureau involved.

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  • Fo
      Aug 22, 2011

    I was approached by one of these salesgirls about two months ago in Lorain, Ohio. She started in immediately complimenting my house (what she could see of it from the front door - I didn't let her in), my car, my husband's car, our landscaping and whatever else she could see. She asked about 15 times if we would adopt her because it was so nice at our place. I am pregnant with twins and she gushed all over the place about that. It was very annoying. Because I wouldn't let her in the house, she cleaned spots on our driveway and cars, as well as my husband's softball cleats. It was very off-putting how she kind of ran all over our garage and front lawn. When I tried to tell her I wasn't interested, she dropped the guilt-trip that the product's sales benefited inner city youth. Then I said I wanted a brochure so I could look the product over, and she said I couldn't have one since she only had one copy. Finally, I told her I needed to ask my husband if he was interested, and she acted like I had set the woman's movement back about 100 years. She also indicated that she would need a credit card number on her sales slip to make the transaction happen, which I was REALLY uncomfortable with. She also pulled the "do you know so-and-so across the street?" bit. Fortunately, I was able to get rid of her by telling her we just weren't comfortable with giving out our credit card numbers to complete strangers, and that my husband said no, and she left. What an uncomfortable situation!

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  • Mz
      Aug 30, 2011




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  • Nf
      Oct 02, 2011

    I came across this site while looking online for a place to buy the product cheap. This will be my third purchase in 3-4 years. I have to say that it is not magic, but it is a really good cleaner with no fumes and toxic smells. f I want to clean heavily soiled surfaced i just increase the solution to water ratio and it works wonders. no complaints here.

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