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Contact information:
Phone: +1 770 913 7354

I received a text message stating (verbatim):
"Hello [MY NAME IN CAPS], Am Ms. Elizabeth Morrison from Swiss Life Group. Your resume has been reviewed and posted to our head dpt Reply Back if Interested..?"
me: "Hi thank you for contacting me. Do you mind me asking what job site you got my resume through so I could do a little more know a little more about your company?"
"Your resume was reviewed on (my states employment services website)"
me: "can I give you a call in 30 minutes to discuss the position?"
"Ok no problem but we don't allow calls. you can text back Ok."

I won't be "texting back" and I pulled my resume's down. I recently posted my resume on they provide a way to post your resume online, with zero contact info, and only legitimate businesses and recruiters can ask the website for your information to contact. I really like it. Hope that helps all you job searchers out there!!"

Swiss Life Group

Apr 11, 2014
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      9th of Dec, 2014

    On 10/9/14 I woke up to a text from phone number 234.249.1711 confirming my address, which obviously made me extremely nervous because I haven't listed my address on any resume I've submitted. When I asked who was texting I was told Stiles Brunt of Swiss Life group, my resume had been reviewed by the head of department, I asked why I was being texted instead of called or emailed. I called the number, only to get no response. Because of the security concern I will contact the police.

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      6th of Oct, 2015

    I received an email for Stiles Brunt stating he was The Lifetime Healthcare Companies., "Please introduce yourself indicating Full Name, Sex, Age, cell# indicating your location. while we are about to start with the interview i would like you to quickly have a look at our company's website and do let me know what you observe about the company". which I did I found it strange that he asked for my age. Everything was sounding okay until he asked for my bank name. when asked why he said it was to make sure tallied with theirs. He also said they work with credit unions. I asked the name of the bank he said only the accounting dept had that info. I asked to speak to the accounting dept but that didn't happen. Last he said I would get a check to by software and the check needed to be deposited into my account. When I told him I was not comfortable with that but I would take it to a check cashing place, he said that was not allowed. I told him I was not making the deposit to my bank, He ended the interview.

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