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They send me a good amout of surveys, which is not a bad thing but EVERY survey i try to take that involves rewards, claim that i didnt qualify or they already have all the people they need. This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! what is the point of joining their site if they dont ever let me take the surveys???

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  • Cr
      7th of Mar, 2010

    Try tweaking your profile to add a couple of kids, married and college grad. I get about $10 a month from them

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  • Ne
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Same thing happens to me but, I feel like they got the info they wanted from me in the qualifying questions.I wonder if I really did their survey and that is a way to get out of paying me.

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  • Al
      9th of Dec, 2010

    I take quite a bit of surveys, and this site is pissing me off! I complete long surveys and I sometimes do not get switched back to the site to get credit. I contact support and it takes forever to get a response, and when they do answer they ask me for the survey number which I already included? I have over 500 points still not credited, they show as started/not completed.

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  • El
      15th of Dec, 2012
    Survey Spot - Stay away at any costs
    Survey Spot
    United States

    My son received a letter from survey spot chrome world mystery shopping ltd. En closed was a check made out to him in the amount of 2988.00. (My son is only fifteen years old) Enclosed were instructions

    1) he was to call them to activate the check(which he did)

    2) he was to deposited the check

    3) he was to send 2312.00 my money gram to their Mexico office ( very questionable)

    4) he was to take 100 dollars and shop at any department store and file out a survey with his experience. And the remaining money was his pay.

    I called to question this as it appeared to be some kind of money laundry. They got very nervous with all my questions and once they found out he was ONLY fifteen they hung up the phone on me. Very very questionable!

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  • An
      31st of Aug, 2013

    I have belonged to survey spot for a very long time.They have went down hill in the quality of their customer service. I have done product tests and have been disqualified after trying the product. They are not able to handle technical issues either. I strongly encourage you to join more reputable sites that have knowledgeable and courteous support people on board.

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  • Na
      8th of Apr, 2015

    nancy.[protected] -- i am very upset with survey spot at this time--i have contacted the support desk more than 5 times concerning my trying to redeem my points onto my paypal card--when i go into the redeem section when i put my e-mail address and password in it is telling me that my acct is frozen--then it says i have the wrong e-mail address--what in the world is going on?? i have done surveys for several years so i don't know what is going on?? i hate to unsubscribe because i enjoy doing the surveys but if i am not going to be compensated i will have to unsubscribe--help

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  • Na
      8th of Apr, 2015

    i am very upset with survey spot right now--i have tried contacting the support team over 5 times and still am not getting an answer that is helping me--i have tried many time to redeem my points onto my paypal card--when i go into the redeem sections it is telling me that my acct is frozen then it comes back and says that i have the wrong e-mail address--what in the world is going on?? I enjoy doing the surveys and i don't want to unsubscribe but i don't know what to do--i am not sure weather to continue doing surveys or not--i desperately would like some help with the matter--thank you

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