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Surjya' Innovative Center / Cancer Control Programme; serious situation in Eastern India (Cancer Loaded Area)

1 National Highway 37Bokakhat Town, India
Contact information:
Phone: +913776268377

COMPLAINTS: (1) From 1981 i have recorded 3, 80, 000 rural cancer victims at AMCH, Dibrugarh from villages; I have reported to ICMR/Assam Govt/Central Govt. Health Department to save poor cancer victims; but no results.
(2) In 1986 I was continuously trying with Principal Health Secretary of Assam and CGHS Deputy Director, India to establish Cancer Prevention Center under my care or in Assam to save cancer victims by early detection; but no result till the date.(thousands of letters wrote).
(3) Now, I have noted poor cancer victims are dying because they don't know where to go for detection and cure; but they spent huge money during the process and they ultimately die!!! No body is there to help them!!!
(4) Can you help me to get a small cancer detection center? I need only One office room, One equipped Mobile Van, One Hi-tech microscope etc. Regards, Dr. Debnath, MD

Sir, a few words that I like to say now. It has been noted from 1981 till 2015 from various countries that cancer victims are yet to get justice in regards to detection, treatment, rehabilitation, cancer registry, cancer screening modules etc.
Poor cancer victims are in stiff corner due to financial constrains.
Can we not make financially free arrangement for detection, treatment and rehabilitation? At that moment, Global cancer burden would soon be away. I want a cancer-free world soon. Dr. Debnath


My Dear World Cancer Leader,
(1) Who I am? I am a missionary Oncopathologist and serving mankind accurately from 1981 till the date. My trainer were ICMR (India), WHO (Geneva) in 1981. I took training with Dr. Calum S. Muir(WHO expert), T. Hirayama (WHO expert) etc. They had given me good feedback which had made me to serve mankind selflessly. My need only few instruments, e.g. good quality research microscope, telepathology facility for communicating to the World about Histopathological details and Cytopathology also Cancer Registry. Software system for such communication. Also videoconference facilities so that I can express truth to the People and my friends around the World. I am bearing a huge scope and strategic plans, which the World may accept for the betterment of cancer sufferers/also other issues.
(2) What for World Leader’s help? Yes, It can fan out my ideas if at all useful for mankind to the World, this is I believe above a Grant. I appeal to all staff dealing with me to keep me growing with ideas shared by e-mail absolutely for mankind and surely if you use my plans then Global cancer burden would be zero!!
(3) What you want to do with Cancer victims? Yes, every cancer victims is our asset and we learn from them and exactly they show us the path about how to end their sufferings. My ideas is telling that all cancer victims should be treated and detected free. This would raise strong awareness about TOTAL GLOBAL HEALTH PROMOTION.
(4) Your aim? My aim is to see a disease free World very soon. It can be done globally by standing on a single platform. For this every country would need to spend only 1% of their country’s financial resource!! It is to small matter while looking to huge hue and cry about HUMAN HEALTH.
(5) How can you work for Mankind? Yes, I can work 16 hours a day. I am now 58 years old and can serve the disease population accurately by teleconference and by Telepathology. You may be kind enough to give me a set-up of Histopathology Department of World class from which I can serve you every moment. My one our job can save thousands of cancer victims. I had this experience at Kolkata in [protected] and at Riyadh and Dammam [protected]).
(6) How can I know that you are true? Yes by discussion. By making questions of any sort. I am living with my GOD FATHER NOW AND HE IS THE CONTINUOUS INSPIRATION for all matters said above. IF I CAN’T DO IT IN MY LIFE THEN IT WOULD REMAIN AS DEBT TO MY GOD FATHER AND MANKIND WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER.
(7) COMPARE: yes compare with Dr. Steven I Hajdu, MD, New, [protected]), New York, USA, and Dr. Lynette Anderson of Australia, (1985—1987), Dr. J.K. Frost, USA [protected]), Dr. G.J. Drapper, U.K. [protected]), Dr. E. M. Rue, U.K. [protected]), etc. are inspiring Doctors who contributed my life with so many matters at a time.
(8) One Percent of Financial Resources of a Country can make every cancer free in regards to detection, treatment and rehabilitation. Thus Global burden of cancer would be zero very soon.
I have no training on grant writing and hope you would guide me to control cancer globally which I can do successfully.

With Kind Regards,
Surjya’s Innovative Center,
Dr. Surjya Kumar Debnath, MD,
Sr. Oncopathologist & Director,
P.O. Bokakhat-785612.
Assam. India.
Mobile: 0091-[protected] and [protected].
Website: Portal website: htp://

Surjya' Innovative Center
Surjya' Innovative Center
Surjya' Innovative Center
Surjya' Innovative Center
Surjya' Innovative Center
Surjya' Innovative Center
Surjya' Innovative Center

Aug 7, 2015

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