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Surgeon fakhr Alkhairy / Botch surgery!

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I have gone through the reply of the Surgeon, but instead of containing himself to the medical/surgical matters, he has made this a classical mix-up of lies, hear says, imaginations, tell tales and fibber stories. I can assume his problem, since he has nothing to say or explain so he has to rely on such fictitious and self made contentions. He has typed his designations and details of his association and the past history in about a whole page which itself explains his mental level as no one was asking about his qualifications here. The EMPTY DRUM always makes much noise. (pardon me for this). Also plz. forgive me if I happen to use some wrong medical words as I have no command over medical terminology and some times I mix-up wrinkles and fine lines.

First of all I have to clarify here that it’s totally false and an open lie that it was a mini face lift. In fact the 1st surgery was a complete face lift which included the full face procedure, an eyelid surgery (both upper and lower) and a liposuction of neck,( which I mostly call under-chin ). This surgery took more than 8 hours to complete and yet the surgeon calls it a mini face lift. How dare he is with his lies. The minor nose job was a part of the deal but since it was not possible to do it along with the aforesaid lengthy procedure so the surgeon himself suggested to get it done at some other time so getting it done does not mean that it was the sign of confidence in him, or in any way I was happy with his work. At the time of nose job still the swelling was existent all over my face and could not ### the result of his surgery.

At the time of 1st surgery the surgeon had promised that if any thing wrong happened, he will be responsible to correct it on his own without any further fees. Moreover it was a strange notion on the part of the surgeon that when I showed him some fine lines in my eye circle he suggested an eyelid surgery and as at the time I had no knowledge about the cosmetic surgery procedures and also about the tricks and gaming of the surgeons in this field so innocently accepted his advice . Nothing has changed and all the fine lines in eye circles are existent. Now after browsing many sites on the internet I have got some knowledge and can reveal the facts out. So before this I was like a blind man having my hands on his shoulder and following his foot-steps, However after the swelling subsided I noticed that my under-chin had became uneven and wavy, the lines along nose and mouth which were the main cause of my motivation for cosmetic surgery, had got no change and they existed with full force so I started showing my dismay and concern and on this he gave the explanation that since the fat was not removed from the lines , it gave no results. For uneven under-chin he explained that by the passage of time it will become smooth and leveled, which it didn’t till yet. I was shocked to know that as it was the duty of the surgeon to assess it prior to conducting the surgery but since a good and friendly relationship was eventually developed so I did not gave much stress on the matter and once gain left the things on his mercy. He suggested that he will conduct another surgery which will be done in 2 steps. As a 1st step he will do liposuction of face to remove excess fat from the lines and required areas and after few weeks he will conduct a face surgery. On my inquiry he asked me to pay a certain amount which I paid and this was the normal fees which usually surgeons charge and not a meager amount as narrated by him.

It is also absurd that there was a big gap between these 2 surgeries. The 1st surgery was conducted in Oct. 2003 and the controversy started in April – May 2004 when the swelling subsided and picture became clear. The liposuction was conducted in June/July2004 and subsequently the Surgery was conducted in the end of the year as I had gone abroad with that lumpy and wavy under- chin and a lot of cross lines all over my face as a product of that devastating LIPOSUCTION OF FACE. In less than an year the procedure started and he narrates that there was a big gap in 2 surgeries. The details of liposuction of face is itself an eye opening story, as for removing fat from the lines along nose he pierced a thick needle on one side of face from the jaw line to close to eye circle and little away from the nose line and extracted fat and on the other side of face did same but put his needle from the middle of the face. In both cases he didn’t touch the nose line so the result was obvious, The lines remained unchanged and depressions appeared in adjoining areas. Result was total disaster of my face, uneven, wavy and full of cross lines and so a base for a 3rd surgery. One can see the marks of his thick needle still visible on my face which he called a DIMPLE. Later he admitted that since he had not thin needles available at that time so uncontrolled fat was removed. He when visiting INDIA brought some thin needles from there and showed me. It means , he used thick needles meant for liposuction of stomach or neck ( under – chin ) into my face and ruined it all. Now by browsing I know that to remove fat from lines along nose and mouth a puncture ( incision ) is made right into the line and fat is removed but my surgeon did it in a strange way by putting 12 size(NO:) needle into my POOR FACE pushing it from bottom to top. Lolz.

After my return I became busy with my left over works and had not enough time to spare for the surgery. However when I got some time may be in Dec. 2004 I got the surgery conducted but as usual there was not a slightest change or improvement but contrary to it all the face remained uneven and wavy. Big spots of depressions spread all over my face. It is imperative to tell the fact here that on my 1st visit to the surgeon, he asked me if I was using any anti wrinkle cream? On my reply that I never used it , he was surprised and said that since my face was wrinkle free so he thought, I was using some kind of cream.

Very much concerned over the destruction of my whole face I consulted another cosmetic surgeon, without revealing the identity of my surgeon and he advised me to get the depressions filled with the filler. He asked me to bring the filler and he will fill it on a very nominal cost. When I laid much stress over my surgeon to undo the depressions he asked me for a huge amount and if I bring the filler than what he asked was 5 times more than that the other surgeon asked. So this is the kind of GENORICITY , my surgeon showed. Strange of all its like, a thief steals away some one’s belongings and asks him to purchase it from him on a high cost. What a level of morals and ethnicity.

I usually oblige and share my friends and relatives with sea foods prawns etc. which I get easily being in this business. It is our tradition and I m proud of it, so was the case of this surgeon, which he calls now a bribe. On the 1st day when we were mostly strangers and had only patient/client V/S surgeon , relationship, when I reached his clinic for surgery, I paid him his fees with it a handsome quantity of jumbo prawns. Did he return back some amount out of his fees to me as I gave him the prawns? Can one imagine, what he is uttering? It was just a gesture of good will and he did not refrain to even twist this as well.

I will paste the text of my letter handed over in his clinic and also later emailed him which will reveal all the story but here I give reply of some of his lies and fibber stories. It’s a bold lie that there are 2 very small areas which are lumpy, in fact that small areas are 4inch long and one and half inc wide, on right side of face starting from jaw line and reaching the mid ear, covering almost 2/3 of the whole face. On left its smaller but made the whole face uneven. Besides, above and below the bumps there are patches of depressions and small bumps. This is the kind of surgery this mega surgeon does. A normal smooth face has been turned into patches of ups n downs. He had applied the mentioned medicine Kenacort, well after 3rd surgery as these bumps are the product of his fantastic muscle tightening 3rd face lift surgery, but it didn’t work so this time I told him that this was not the solution as it has already been tried , and on this he became angry and slipped away from his clinic.

I went to his clinic after 4--5 days of 4th surgery and the bumps were created an year before so there is no question of raising this reason, besides I removed the bandage when reached his clinic. It will be a great help if he posts photos on the website and if he don’t I will be doing the same or may be I will get a website developed with all the Pre/post surgery pics. with a full version of story.

Don’t know how he assumed I am disturbed person, I m happily living, traveling to lots of countries every year . The letter which he quoted with the words of asking him to correct the things. It shows that I am a reasonable person and adhered to give decency a chance to resolve any problem or dispute and avoid violence . I f I asked him to correct the things, it means he had done something wrong or error so he was bound to correct it. I was not asking him to do me a favor or alter or further improve my looks. Every one knows what the word CORRECT means. It means to undo the mistakes and errors previously done.

Its shameful on his part that he claims to ban my entry in his clinic. As a matter of fact I hardly saw him busy. Only very little that he had some job or some patients on wait otherwise Mostly I found him sitting alone in his room playing with his computer and watching his own websites. When ever I visited him he never let me go till the time of his leaving the clinic. Yes when I got serious and fed up with his day to day change of words and slipping away from his commitments, he started getting annoyed. After the 4th surgery may be on 12th July 2007 when I got there for removal of the stitches I once again showed him the bumps and he injected the medicine Kenacort, I then reminded him that this medicine he used last year as well after 3rd surgery which resulted into these bumps, but it didn’t work, on this he became angry and left the room leaving me there. I had to wait for a while after the injection so after few minutes when I came back to have a final talk with him I came to know that he had slipped away. I had a memo to deliver to him but in his absence had to deliver it to his staff, later a copy was e mailed to him. So there is no such instance of banning me, may be in his dreams he may have done it. Contrary to it he himself slipped away from the scene and now from this text I came to know that I had been banned. He He. Yes I called him before signing an affidavit of my plaint and told him what I was going to do as I feel it’s a decent way to give the rival party an option to redress the grievances before loading the guns, but sorry to say that he was unable to realize the grim situation leading to the open controversy which could give him nothing but a bad name and spoiled reputation.

It was a funny thing that when he saw that he could not deliver me the results, he stated saying why I give so much importance to my appearance and I should not see the mirror too much. He He. Now he is mentioning some kind of psychic condition in which one looses his confidence and never is satisfied with his looks. If this was the case why he was conducting the surgery every year? Why he didn’t kick me out of his hospital knowingly, I was not a real patient? When he was grabbing money out of me I was ok and healthy but when insisted for the delivery of results its unhealthy. What kind of hypocrite he is? He is preaching , not to give that much importance to the looks and yet himself has got hair transplant over his half moon( empty scalp) recently. Couldn’t he live without his grass? These surgeons are living luxurious life thanks to my kind of patients other wise they could be worth nothing. He should have taken into consideration the risk that we ppl take. It may be the life itself, an injury to any nerve, resulting of disability, the pain and discomfort on the operation table, the time of healing, staying away from all usual activities and the money that they get out of us and if they don’t deliver or even destroy the whole field on which they have to play, what should be done to them? Still there is lot of stages and I am committed to go to the last stage. May be I will get a website with all the facts and will meet the other ppl. and victims not only from this surgeon but others as well and post all the stories in that website besides the legal steps. Posters and handbills are also under consideration besides the emails to 100s of recipients related to this profession. Media could also be involved if the medical council failed to make justice.

He has shown his so called generosity to take me back if I Bribe him again with Jumbo prawns. Seems funny and enjoying the game , but if he has really come out of the state of selfishness, humiliation, and tricks, may be it can ease the situation, but if still it’s a melodrama, it won’t benefit him, that I assure. Time is running out and soon we r going to stand side by side arguing against each other so if he wants to redress the grievances he should take the 1st step as I already have done it in the near past. TOO BIG A STORY NOW AND STILL FEW PAGES OF MY MEMO? If I go to details it will cover a 100 pages lolz. Oh one thing I forgot to tell, on the 1st surgery he placed my earlobe twisted and bent up and when ever it was pointed out, he just ignored and said it was ok later during his 3rd surgery he made it a little straight and then he said “look I have done it well”. It still little twisted still though he tried it more in the 4th surgery, but as he is not a real cosmetic surgeon, he cant do it. May god help bald ppl. as now he has started transplanting hair to bald ppl like himself without a proper experience.

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    Fakhr Alkhairy Complaints - Terrible experience!
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    Fakhr Alkhairy
    Posted: 2008-03-03 by Prof. Fakhr Alkhairy [send email]
    Terrible experience!

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    Fakhr Alkhairy

    Asrar shaikh was under my care for facial rejuvenation. He had mini-facelift couple of years ago. He was happy with the result. Then he asked me for rhinoplasty because he was happy with the mini facelift. He opted for rhinoplasty. If he had any doubt about my surgical skill he would not have asked for rhinoplasty. There was a big gap between the two operations. Mini facelift usually lasts for a year. He turned back for further enhancement. His full facelift including skin, SMAS stretch and liposuction of the face was done. No major complication was observed. Even the commonest complication "Haematoma" was not observed in his case. Scar was well involuted. No skin necrosis and no nerve injury were noticed. After his first surgery he used to oblige me with fresh fish because his profession was related to fishery. In fact once or twice he supplied himself cooked fish which was very delicious. This fisherman actually trapped me in the sense that I was compelled not to charge him for my actual professional fee. In fact his second major surgery was done with meager amount of money, which covered hardly the hospital and medicinal charges. His two subsequent minor surgical procedures were done without any charge. He was never charged for follow-ups. The greatest mistake on my part was not to charge him because he bribed me with few kilos of fresh fish. If I had charged him probably he would have valued it very much. This phenomenon is common in cosmetic surgery.

    If a person who comes for facial rejuvenation in middle & late fifties particularly in this part of the world one can very well visualize what aesthetic deficiencies a person may have. Usually they require Blepharoplasty, facelift, Forehead lift, and neck lift. They can all be done in one stage or in different stages. Some people have prominent aging signs in upper part of the face and some may have in lower part of the face. There are many where aging signs are all over the face. Liposuction of the neck and face is an added procedure to further enhance the aesthetic result, which may or may not be required. Depending on the patient’s requirement and self-consciousness a surgeon plans to achieve the desirous result. In Asrar case Facelift, neck lift, Bleparoplasty and nose job were done in different stages. Many of these patients who come to plastic surgeons have self-consciousness of aging (Disproportionate anatomy). Which may be mild or deeply rooted depending on the lifestyle and personality. Induction of self-consciousness is caused either by the natural process of self-comparison with the appearances of others or comparing own different photographs of different ages or by the experience of others criticizing the abnormally appearing feature. (David Harris 1987) Once the self-consciousness is inducted the patient develops a defensive mechanism or adapts corrective methods. Defensive mechanism leads to Camouflage technique (such as applying cosmetic, or hiding the defects with hair style or cloths), restriction to the patient’s lifestyle (Occupational, social, domestic, and recreational) and artificial pattern of behavior. The corrective method brings him to a surgeon for surgical correction. The difficulty arises when there is conflicting concept of success. As evidenced by research finding, patients with slight defects tend to assess these defects as being more conspicuous than they are. Such patients are also apt to be the most demanding (Macgregor 1967) additionally, the smaller the defect that troubles the patients, the more likely he is to focus on minute details and post operatively to magnify any residual imperfection. Cursory, consultation with such patients seldom exposes their underlying motives. In case of any complaint on the part of such patients require realistic evaluation by the psychiatrist as well as a group of Plastic Surgeons for objective assessment without being subjectively biased. Overall most of people who seek cosmetic surgery suffer from Somato-psychic problems

    At present he has two very small areas which are lumpy and required infiltration of Kenacort. I already gave him a shot, which reduced his lump, which he admitted on the phone. This is something, which is one of the known sequels of liposuction if not managed properly. Small bore cannula for liposuction and compression of the area for couple of weeks is the key to avoid this known complication. On very second day he came in his Pajero Jeep without suspension & without facial support and took out his dressings at home by himself. He was so obsessed that he wanted to see the result on the very second day of surgery, which is far from the truth in aesthetic plastic surgery. His compliance as a patient was very poor. Generally the compliance in male is poor in facial surgery because of two reasons. They are outgoing as compared to female particularly in this part of the world and they have to use shaver, or blade for shaving. Facial support in liposuction of the neck area is essential to minimize contour defects. All my patients who have undergone this procedure had very good compliance even some of the celebrities in showbiz such as “Nighat Choudhry” never had any such complication. Asrar Shaikh has not the slightest idea about Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in this region. He does not know that a patient expired during face lifting in this very city in a well-known hospital. One of the elite trained plastic surgeons was involved in it. He does not know that many patients were crippled because of facial nerve injuries in facelift operations in this region.

    After a lapse of many months his preoperative and postoperative Photographs were compared. There was a significant improvement in his appearance. I wish to paste these photograph for the viewers on website. Viewer can also watch other videos on facelift done by me in my website: -
    For operative surgery you can watch See what is the rating of this video. To my knowledge he is suffering from BDD ( Body Dysmorphic disorder ) and Cosmetic surgery is not the real solution for him.

    His entry to my clinic was deliberately banned because he started coming to my clinic without appointment, which was very disturbing for me and for my patients. Since he was never charged for follow-ups so he took the advantage of it. In his last procedure he promised in front of my theater staff to provide me “ Jumbo Prawn “ as a fee for the operation, which he never did because his fishing boat already sank into the sea. His entry to my clinic was also banned so that he should come out of the vicious cycle of “Obsessive Neurosis” which he definitely suffers from.

    His lifestyle tells me that he is a disturbed man. Lives alone, unmarried, ” Basically Sharif “spends most of the time at home, and doing renovation all the time. It looks as if he is waiting to receive some one. Very few friends. ( Related to FIA ) His profession is related to fishery. Recently his fishing boat sank in the sea while fishing. He tried several times to recover the boat from the sea bottom but disappointed. While touring London he had some grievances (regarding camera) with someone and lodged complaints with London Police and spent more money than what he wanted to recover. He told this story to me. He scanned hundreds of present and ten to fifteen years old pictures for comparison. He sent me many photographs in mail and some were shaded deliberately to highlight his point of view. His aging process is more rapid than a normal person. He is in late fifties and wishes to get married according to one of his companions. In fact his companion proposed my beautiful receptionist for him after his first operation i.e. mini-face-lift. This simple fact shows his confidence building and trust in himself after face-lift. His opinion about his own face changes rapidly. What looks good today becomes bad in a couple of weeks and what look bad becomes good in short span of time.

    In one of his letters he wrote me “In the end I request U to think over the matter seriously and tell me what I should do. I am determined to get it corrected from anywhere. Better if U do it seriously as it is your responsibility ethically and according to your professional norms and it is my preference to get it corrected by you.”

    This is a typical love and hate story. Several times I told him to take second opinion from someone who is tuned to this type of surgery. He is advising me to follow ethics but he does not follow the ethics of business.

    I am ready to take him back provided he should abide the rules of gams. He should take the appointment first before he lands in my clinic. He should follow instructions strictly. He should provide “Jumbo Prawn “as a fee of my last surgery which will cover the hospital expenses only. This is his way of paying surgeon & hospital’s fee. Over all he is my patient. I will always like him to feel good. The entire exercise of these operations is to reduce the self-consciousness and meet the mind image of the aesthetic candidate. Basically his minor imperfection even if corrected is not the real issue. His issues are others, deep rooted, which compels him for repeated surgery for further enhancement. Here they do not understand the limits of aesthetic plastic surgery. They keep on pushing the surgeons to make them more beautiful. They think that face beauty is the only thing, which can solve their social problems. Most of these who come in this category have a very few other potentials for attraction. Most of these patient require thorough counseling. Surgeons have to stop this ongoing process at certain level to minimize their miseries whether the surgery is paid or unpaid. I have showed him a video of actual operative procedure of one of my patients so that he understands the surgical limits of removal of excessive redundant skin and SMAS and how this operation is done. But somehow he believes that enough skin was not removed. Why he thinks so I do not understand. At the moment he has no redundant skin on his face to be removed. But I am sure if he keeps on coming to me eventually he will ask me to remove more skin from his face. This is typical of his approach. He keeps on lingering the insignificant minor issue until he finds some loosening of skin and ask the surgeon for surgical correction. His aging process is accelerated one there is no doubt in it but not to this extend that he keeps on pushing the surgeon for skin removal again and again. There is no need of it for a couple of years. I have never motivated him for any surgery. My professional approach was most scientific and most modern. I am enclosing his postoperative photographs for evaluation

    Facial rejuvenation can turn the clock back for the time being but aging continues. One cannot beat aging permanently and cosmetic surgery is not the solution of all social problems. Cosmetic Surgery is not even hundred percent. It does not ensure hundred percent perfection. Realistic expectation with stable personality without much social pressure is prerequisite for Aesthetic candidate for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I do not think asrar fits in these criteria.

    Prof. Fakhr Alkhairy M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.Specialist
    Certification in Plastic Surgery (Belgium)
    Formerly Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery
    Dow Medical College Karachi.
    Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Centers, Alkhairys Hospital, Taj Medical Complex & Karachi Adventists Hospital.,
    Formerly National Secretary of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,
    Faculty Member for Aesthetic Surgery for Postgraduates (Bombay Hospital) International Academy for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

    Member Editorial Board, representing Asia, International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery

    President Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons

    References: -
    1- Cosmetic Facial Surgery (1973)
    Thomas D. Rees, M.D., F.A.C.S
    Donald Wood-Smith. M.D., F.RC.S (Ed)
    2- Transaction 9th International Congress of Plastic (IPRAS-1987) And Reconstructive Surgery- page 476
    David Harris. M.S. F.R.C.S.
    3- Macgregor F.C.: Social and cultural components in
    The motivation of persons seeking plastic surgery of the nose J. Health. Soc. Behav, 8:125-135, 1967

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