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Da Boise, ID Review updated:

I live in a rural area, have had Suburban Propane service for over 10 years, never late payment, often pay ahead. Got hit with an extreme bill of $1015.47 for tank fill. When I asked what's up, with the $4.29 a gallon they said that was the going rate. I find this 'odd' as when I take my portable 5 gallon down to the local gas station that has a Suburban tank, I paid $2.69 a gallon. When I challenged them on this they offered to reduce the cost to $3.85 a gallon. I took that as anything for a savings. The next week I shopped around and found 'introductory prices at competitors in Nampa and Caldwell of $2.09 and $2.19. I asked what their regular rates would be and if there would be a delivery charge, no delivery charges (Suburban can't say that !) and the non intro rates were $2.39 and $2.43. Their tank 'rents were also quite reasonable at $1.00 a year - Suburban was $60.00 a year. Ah the cost of not shopping around regularly. AND the cost of not having a REGULATED business. If this had been piped Nat Gas, IPUC would have (well, might) prevent this price gouging. As it stands the IPUC has no authority over Propane Home service. If you are reading this and have been burned by Suburban I urge you to shop around and write your state legislator too ! Maybe a threat of IPUC getting control of them will bring Suburban into line.

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  • Yv
      May 05, 2010
    surburban propane - Price gouging
    SUrburban Propane
    Sharon Springs
    New York
    United States

    I have been a Suburban customer for approx. 5 years, as a person that is new to to the whole propane industry, living in the city we rely on oil heat. Suburban has been charging $4.33 per gallon, only to find that Ferrell Gas is $2.29 per gallon! We froze all winter trying to afford to heat our house. Living upstate New York, the weather is freezing and we are suppose to be on automatic delivery, we were constantly running out, so we would call for a delivery, and then told its off route so it will be an additional $15o.oo plus the cost of fuel... THERE SHOULD BE A LAW ! How do they get away with this? People Upstate are barely getting by, few jobs, severe winters, the last thing we need are companies like this!

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  • Sr
      Apr 20, 2011

    i dont feel this complaint is legit so they raised there prices its called business if theres other people out there that do it less go to them

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  • St
      Apr 20, 2011

    I also use them here in Tenn and yes they did pull that crap of 4.29 a gal. this winter, and it's not so easy to go elsewhere because each company owns the tank that at your home and the other compaines woun't fill them if they don't own the tank. I fought with them before they were to come fill mine and they agreed to take 3.00 a gal there crooks and I am now trying to buy a tank which is hard to find where you can buy one so no one can pull this on me again.

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  • Nu
      Oct 19, 2011
    surburban propane - Be aware of these business practices of Surburban and avoid them at all costs
    Surburban Propane
    United States

    We built a new house in Lakewood WA. Propane was required. Contracted with Surbuban Propane for a 120 gal tank and "3" year contract to supply propane 11/2008. Price guaranteed for 12 months. Now they want to charge in excess of $4.00/gal and up to $6.00 which is 50 to 100% above going price for delivery to a residence. They implied a fair market price when we signed. Now they seem to indicate that they can charge anything they want and demand a $250.00 early termination fee. If necessary, we could afford this, but others in our neighborhood clearly cannot. They refuse to charge the reasonable going rate. This is clearly energy price gouging and I have filed a complaint with the State Attorney Generals Office as well as the Inspector General's office. Everyone in the South Puget Sound should be aware of these business practices of Surburban and avoid them at all costs.

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