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My name is Corinda Dare and i always go to the superstore for my medication and they owed me 80 pills and i went to get this am March 17 2017 at 11-12 this am. The pharmacy told me that someone picked up my medication last night at 830 pm which was not me as i was at work from 5 - 1030 pm so impossible to pick them up. I cant believe that they gave my medication to someone else!!! no one knows my information so whoever was on last night didnt check my information !! as it appears since on thier computer said picked up!! What the heck !!! Not Impressed!!!
Then after that i went to pay for my groceries at the self check out and the person in charge of it this am her name is NIKKI dark hair, 5'3 slender, my checkout machine was acting up but Nikki made me feel like i was a idiot so i said to her " Please leave me alone " was not in mood for her, so she turned around and said " please mame dont threaten me " which i never did at all not in my nature, i was stunned as all i said was to leave me alone i dont think that was a threat . Nikki embarrased me in front of other shoppers, staff. i went and put my geroceries in my car and went to customer service to buy smokes and i broke down crying as ;
1: my pills giving out to other person ( my heart pills)
2; i get accused of threatening which i never did and told the customer service lady.
While i was explaining to her the manager was standing next to me seeing me cry and explaining what was happening and he said nothing at all! i dont think he cared !! What is customer service to you or them ??? they dont care !!!

I will never shop there again and not getting my meds from there either!!
I may just put what happened to me in the paper, all media, facebook, every where!!! so it doesnt happen to other people !!!

corinda dare
1027 Ryan Road
Courtenay BC
[protected] H [protected] cell.

I will be talking to a lawyer and the rcmp about my medications

Mar 17, 2017

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