Superior Ford / not honoring warrenty, bad workmanship

1 9700 56th Ave north, Plymouth, MN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 763-559-9111

My truck was hit in the left front wheel by a car.

Their mechanic said there was nothing wrong and I could take it home. until another mechanic there and I found the damage. $2422.84 worth of front end parts were then replaced. A short time later I called and informed Chris, nice service gal, there was still a cluck in the front end. I brought it back in, their mechanic could not find the problem, charged me $65. I, a layman, found the problems recently. One was a problem with a drag link they had replaced and another was bent sway bar links and bad bushings they did not find before.

Their general manager Tom Rabiola and service manager Steve Clark said they would not replace the bad, new part, because the warranty was for one year, (even before looking at it) it did not matter to them that I had brought it in shortly after the new parts were put on. They said I should have keep bringing it in while the clunk continued, no doubt charging me $65 at a time.

I believe the management at Superior Ford is the most dishonest as I have ever found. And some of their mechanics are inept.

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