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I leased Lisa Julius Dymond a bluepoint himalayan male kitten (value $1600) to use in her cattery for breeding. I was supposed to get a kitten offered back and get him back when she was done with him. I am the legal owner of the cat. In June 2010, when we went to get him, he was GONE! Additionally, a kitten that a friend of mine got from her has severe heart issues and she will not even respond to her. This breeder has been sued in court several times for selling sick animals.

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  • St
      Feb 16, 2013

    she is a very disreptuble breeder she has gotten away for years breeding and selling sick kittens and cats cfa needs to put her out of business

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  • Mi
      Nov 24, 2014

    Note that Persians and Himalayan blood lines in these two breeds are so interbred. As a former Persian breeder I could not find too many cats to purchase that were not too interbred from many breeders. The animals are extremely bred and have multiple health issues, even with the best of intention to bred them safely and humanely. I know Lisa's cattery is one of the best for cleanliness and for ethical breeding. I have see her cattery many times. I am in no why associated with her cattery. I am a RN and I take health seriously. I see the above two individuals had issues. But supply actual evidence and use your name. If you make a compliant have the ovaries to at least stand up and put your name. I gave Lisa a prized Persian female for free because I knew the cat would be safe and well cared for and I was getting out of the business of breeding. My name is Michael E. Sweeney, Jr. of Massachusetts.

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