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Sunshine Acres Beagle Puppies / beagle puppy

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I purchased a Beagle puppy from Miss C and she was shipped to me from North Carolina. She was 9 weeks old. At 11 weeks old she bit me and drew blood. She attended obedience classes but was very stubborn. She is very food aggressive. We tried to teach her to walk with her head up but she constantly sniffed and howled. She howled all the time. She ate baby rabbits in our yard. She chased and howled at any critters in the yard. She howled so loudly that our neighbors complained.
Miss C advertised her beagles as non-hunting beagles. That is false advertisement of the puppies she breeds. When my Beagle picked up on a scent, there was no stopping her or quieting her down, she howled and chased the scent all over the yard. Miss C also advertised her silver beagles as non-shedding dogs. This is also false advertising. My Beagle sheds so much that she goes every 4 weeks to the groomer who uses a special brush to get the excess hair. My Beagle is 8 years old and I tell you this now because she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer which is a very aggressive cancer. Beagles can be predisposed for this type of cancer. She will only live a few months and I want her story to be told.

Aug 11, 2017
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  • Gp
      11th of Oct, 2017
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    I did purchase my beagles from them and do regret it. I regret supporting more breeding. I ADORE my babies. They were born 10/30/13 and we received them just before Christmas. One chocolate and one "khaki" (others refer to him as "blue"). As they started to grow just a bit, I quickly realized that my khaki had some trouble with his dew claws and his paws looking a bit deformed, needing those nails cut often. I had never had beagles. I had labs. Some of my issues may be breed related, but I'll still share. They are CRAZY eaters...we had to get slow-feed bowls and we only learned this after having an emergency room visit for stomach bloat! They still are rediculous when it comes to food. They are wonderful cuddlers but they also shed, bark, and bae!!! Of course they do...they're beagles!😉 The first couple years, they seemed to throw up often and I never was quite sure why…it seems like they just grew out of it?! Each of them have had their bouts with having to have their anal glands drained--which I had never heard of before with my labs. They both seem to have some trouble with their back legs and or khaki, in particular is worse. My biggest concern is the breathing of my khaki...he's very loud, like snorting...we often joke that he is part pig. He snores even louder at night. My chocolate also has some breathing issues but that is more irregular. Hers almost seems more like an asthma where she is having trouble breathing for a few minutes. SO...I am not sure if some of these issues are common with beagles but I do know that I often wonder about the breeder and the long-term health of my dogs. I love my babies and take care of them but I will not buy another beagle from Sunshine Acres.

  • Do
      12th of Oct, 2017
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    We got our Khaki fur baby from Sunshine Acres and were extraordinarily pleased. He was sweet and cuddly and shed almost nothing. He was a bit of an overachiever when it came to eating. haha. But he was a dog! I've had labs that did the same thing. He was healthy all his 8 years until a very freak accident. Some time after that, we got another little boy from Ms. C and he is a pleasure. He is orange. He hardly sheds. But you gotta watch your food! lol Listen folks, breeders are are just breeders. They aren't Gods. You have to train from day one and keep in mind the genetics. These dogs are not hunters, but they do have some beagle attributes. And that's why we like them, right?

  • Sh
      6th of Jan, 2018
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    We bought our Sunshine Beagles from Miss C About a year and a half ago. Our puppy was eight weeks old and was showing signs of aggression. He would bite and snap at you. We have spent about $3000 on a behavioral list dog Trainer. Arlo is still aggressive and you have to be on top of his behavior 100 percent of the time. He choose everything in sight, including the couch. He is very playful and I have four grandsons under the age of eight years of age and they love to play with him but I have to be right there that he does not become aggressive and buy one of them. I tried to call her several times regarding our beagle but she doesn’t answer the phone or call you back. I just wanted to let her know the two dogs that she bred to get our beagle should not be bread again. That was advice from my trainer and Vet.

  • Do
      15th of Aug, 2018
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    I have two beagle pups from Sunshine acres. Both of them are very sweet and well behaved. Beagles are just dogs. They do dog things. As a breed, they tend to be obsessed with food! You definitely have to watch where you put anything edible. But they are great dogs and super sweet. I'm happy with the breeders too. They have always been responsive.

  • Br
      5th of Sep, 2018
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    I adopted a khaki or blue beagle over 10 yrs ago. She was a beautiful and loving dog. Even though she wasnt raised to hunt she was still a beagle chasing rabbits and squirrels. She got out a few times and was found eating dog food out of the neighbors garage lol, she would eat so fast she would choke! At about 5 yrs old she started having seizures 3 to 5 times a year, that we know of. We never had her diagnosed as she did not seem to be bothered by the seizures but I do feel she had cushing's. She had 10 wonderful years. Would I buy another? Not sure. I feel the breeding for the recessive gene to produce the diluted color of khaki may have caused her health issue. But beagles are known for cushing's so who knows. She also had to have her anal glands expressed regularly as she aged...miss our Precious Sapphire...she was born with beautiful blue eyes and a loving heart...and worms and mites but we fixed that.

  • No
      25th of Sep, 2018
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    I was going to buy a puppy from Miss Christine as she calls herself and after several emails I decided not to I asked her questions about the dogs age because it was not given on the site I thought it was a basic question, I asked approximately how big the dog would get since he was a runt and the price of the dog and when she got back with me she never answered any of my questions how can I buy a dog when I don’t know the age the price, she was finding out from another person about shipping the puppy to me that’s all I got from her when she emailed me again I still didn’t get any answers about the puppy but she told me the health certificate would cost $65.00 $25.00 for the courier to take the puppy to the Vet and $95.00 for gas and time to take the puppy to the airport, but still she never gave me a price on the dog itself, I was feeling very uncomfortable about it I have dealt with breeders before and never experienced this type of treatment plus she wanted me to look into the airports to find a flight the other breeders did all of this I just had to pay and pick up the puppy at the airport and communication with other breeders were excellent so I had enough red flags plus after reading bad reviews I emailed her and told her I changed my mind I didn’t feel comfortable dealing with her so be careful dealing with this breeder things just didn’t sound or feel right.

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