Sundt Construction Building Management Todd DiRoberto 1880 Hotel Circle North San Diego / PEEPING TOM in the 1st Floor Bathroom Surveillance

1 1660 Hotel Circle N, Ste 600, San Diego, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (800) 219-1755

If you used the men's 1st Floor bathroom at Sundt Construction Offices
1660 Hotel Circle North, San Diego YOU WERE BEING WATCHED 2009-2010Todd
DiRoberto Told Rob Curtis and employees to peep into the 4 inch holes drilled in the
ceiling of the 1st floor public bathroom as part of a rogue law
enforcement operation. Todd DioRoberto is a snitch. The Sundt Building
Management was involved and aware that this was happening. If you used the bathroom and were an employee or member of the public or a tenant in 1660 Hotel Circle North- you were observed by Todd DiRoberto, Aza Olival Rob Curtis
He is in suite 600 at 1660 Hotel Circle North after getting kicked out of
suite 101 in May 2010 when American Sattellite closed down.

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