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Emily is a liar. Buy at your own risk.

I bought an "AKC" English Bulldog from her in January 2015. I brought him home and before having him 1 week, he got worms. His immunizations said he was recently given immunizations for worms, but that was never mentioned to me even though she knew I had 2 small children (they were there during the transaction).

The phantom AKC paperwork:
On the so-called health guarantee, she wrote that she will provide AKC paperwork within 30 days. I've heard every excuse in the book over the last year, to include that it's in the mail. She even had the audacity on several occasions to say AKC paperwork is just a piece of paper that sits in the file cabinet and she didn't know why I was causing problems over that. She offered a $600 refund in lieu of the paperwork, which i thought was low, but accepted. I'm still waiting on that. Next was excuse after excuse, until finally saying I have to sue her to get it and then I'll only get $500, per the law). I am active duty military and was moved on orders from VA to CA. She knows I can't sue her without excessive risk of travel costs.

"He's a dud":
10 months after purchase, the puppy had major medical issues requiring major surgery costing 5 figures prior to the expiration of her health guarantee. I notified her, but due to urgency I had the procedure done before discussing it in full. My fault for not fully understanding that her only guarantee is to provide a replacement, and that the escalation of urgency clouded my judgment. According to the agreement, if I rate a replacement, to send him back for the exchange. I had the surgery done and only once brought the costs up to her until she reminded me she has NO liability with surgery bills or with refunds, EVER. Fine, I ate that.

The bottom line is she provided and later acknowledged she sold a "dud" (her word) and she would provide a replacement without needing to return the original puppy. The issue now was I cannot have 3 dogs in my house per my lease and to return my puppy would be extraordinary hardship on my children. After thinking it over, I accepted (remember I never received the $600 she had previously promised). But after she told me I would need to sue her for the $600, frustrated out of my mind, I told her I'll take the replacement so i can sell it to try to recoup that $600 myself. When i told her that, she refused to send one. We went back and forth for months about whether or not I need to return the original puppy. I finally told her I'll return him because he needed to have that surgery for the 3rd time in as many months and I couldn't do it anymore financially. Since I mentioned he started bleeding when I asked to send him back (that's what caused the trip to the surgeon that said he wanted another $3k), she accused me of unethical behavior and commenced lecturing me about shipping a bleeding dog. DUH! I wouldn't, and couldn't if I was that stupid, ship a bleeding dog. He stopped bleeding that next day and was fine. But she took that opportunity to run away from the conversation and ignore me from that point on.

So here I am 15 months after the purchase with a puppy I paid $2000 for that required $10, 000 in surgery and 2 revisions for several thousands more... with no paperwork... and an email chain showing Emily dodging responsibility every step. I had to SURRENDER him to a local bulldog rescue due to all the medical bills.

What's worse? 3 vets independently said to me they think he's mixed with French bulldog. Ironically, guess what else Emily breeds? Frenchies! Hmmmm... and I never received AKC paperwork... and I remember her mentioning to me at the time of purchase that she tried to make him miniature. You know what one vet here specifically said? He said it looks like she tried to make a miniature by mixing with Frenchies!! I was fine with a miniature if the AKC acknowledged it, but I already mentioned how that turned out.

Do yourself a favor. Check out her criminal history before you buy (it's public record and easily Google searched). Her maiden name is Emily Hubbard. I'm a 20 year USMC veteran who was serving in the highest offices of the Pentagon when the transaction took place. I'm sure she'll come on here verbally slashing and stabbing me trying to discredit me. You can decide for yourself whom to believe.

Jul 08, 2016

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