Sugar and Cream Golden Retrievers / Sick Puppy

1 furnace road, Morgantown, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 610-286-1732

We purchased a beautiful puppy from Daniel and Ruthie Zook in Morgantown, Pennsylvania in December of 2013. We had her shipped to us. When we bought her, the seller knew that we were planning on breeding her when she was over two years old. She has been a good dog, but we noticed around 10 months old that she was loosing hair in patches in different places on her body. When we took her to the veterinarian, he took skin scrapings and informed us that she has red mange (demodectic) mange and that she should under NO circumstances be bred. Her immune system is compromised and it is inherited and would be passed to the puppies. So, I do not have a problem keeping the dog, but we had planned on making money with her and now, we will have several hundred dollars in vet bills, because red mange is an ongoing, lifelong skin condition and the dog will always have patches (big or small) of hair missing. We paid $2000 dollars for this puppy. When I called the seller and explained the situation, they had never heard of red mange. I told her she could research it. I even called her veterinarian to ask him if the dog should be bred and he said absolutely NOT! I asked if they would give us our money back. She was willing to take the dog back, but my children are attached and I know she would probably breed the dog. It has been 3 months since first contacting them and I do not think we will ever hear anything from them again. I sent them 2 emails and called them twice. They never responded to my emails and have not called me back to resolve the matter. I don't see how someone who claims to be a Christian could have a clear conscious taking money from someone for a sick puppy.

Jan 27, 2015

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