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Lawyer Fraud

I retained this firm to represent me in a worker’s comp case and the attorney assigned was Mario Pacella. This was a big mistake. The assigned lawyer was not honest about his workers compensation skills, he was not honest about his level of experience in workers compensation law, and he was very unethical in his practices.

During the 2 1/2 years that I retained him I had to deal with lies, having my name forged on medical releases, and not having important medical records submitted that would help my case. I was told lie after lie concerning my case. I had medical services withheld for a period of over six months; I have outstanding mileage and medical expenses that I paid out of my pocket that have not been reimbursed, and etc.

How does one forge a name on a medical release record and not be found liable? HIPPA compliance is out the window for this group. He admitted that his paralegal signed the medical release, but I guess the overseeing agency in Columbia, SC was not concerned about HIPAA laws.

Throughout this time I had a second injury, which this lawyer never report, but stated it was a separate case that I would have to hire him to represent. Then to top it all off he withdrew as counsel after repeated complaints to himself, his firm, and the commission on Lawyer Conduct. The investigation on the lawyer review board took months.

When the lawyer withdrew as counsel I got a letter from the commission on lawyer conduct stating that they could not find any cause or wrong doing on his behalf. In addition, I was left with no representation and then all medical services were cut-off. I have no attorney, no access to medical services, and my case has not been settled.

Professional oppression is alive and well in Columbia, South Carolina and professional theft goes hand-in-hand. Be careful, especially if you are a minority about hiring this firm. The case was never about me, it was about the lawyer and the firm.

Loretta Erby

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      31st of May, 2010

    This web-site actually erased my original comments, slammed against crooked lawyers, cops and insurance companies. This is how crooked the state of GA. truly is. I'm done in this state! Living in this state is really no different that living in Iran or Iraq. You really have no rights, because the laws are not tempered for VICTIMS! They're geard only to keep Insurance companies, Crooked Cops and Crooked Lawyers in business. The only judge I've ever had a good experience with was the Fair & Honorable Judge Dickerson.

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