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Strike It Rich VII Sweepstakes


Prize Listing

Complaint Rating:  98 % with 393 votes
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Contact information:
National Magazine Exchange
8285 Bryan Dairy Road Suite 150
Largo, Florida
United States
Phone: 1-800-307-6247
I just got in and received my mail and I found this little envelope addressed to me saying "NOTICE TO ALL ENTRANTS" and had a deadline saying June 3, 2010. The letter said that it was trying to reach me regarding my $1, 100, 000.00 prize entry that I didn't even know I entered into. It said that I had to call the number and submit the registered prize entry number. I didn't. I figured before I didn anything, I would look it up on the internet to see if it was legit. IT'S NOT!!! I should've known because I haven't entered any contest recently. How do they find our information? It's a disgrace that people would do this.
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N  19th of Aug, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Idid the same as you looked it up on the internet because I didnt enter any contest through them very fake looking letter screams scam
A  4th of Jan, 2011 by    -1 Votes
At least they did not ask for $20.00 processing fee.
A  5th of Feb, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Same here. Just received it in the mail today (02/04/2011). I've seen these scammer's before, and, from what I have heard, although they do process subscriptions it's to those that they ONLY want you to subscribe to and NO winning of any so called sweepstakes comes out of it. This whole scam has been going on for a good number of years at that. Don't we already have enough scams going around these days as it is? We don't need these rip offs trying to 'cash in' as well!
N  23rd of Apr, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I just got off the phone with the Strike it Rich telemarketers, not one but two. I told both that was not interested in purchasing anything, just entering the sweepstakes. Ha! They would not take no for an answer. I kept refusing and they kept talking. Finally, I was told to stop talking over them and was told I was rude for constantly saying No. Goodye was my answer.
N  25th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
This one is all about selling magazine subscriptions. It has been circulating for years. I called it a couple of years ago. I think they're harmless, but I still wouldn't give them any information.
N  28th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I just received my letter in the mail today (04/28/2011) I just entered to win one million dollars.(RIGHT) (WRONG) I havent entered into anything. This is a SCAM. America is already broke as hell, and then he comes someone else to take the little pocket money we do have left, after bills and all. Someone really needs to stop these people from doing things like this. On the other hand if I want a chance at winning a million dollars, I'll play the Lottery. Posted by sick of scams in America.
N  28th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
A  10th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I just received the same scam(5-10-11), I knew it was a scam right away. For 1 I knew I hadn't entered into any contest recently, and the look of the letter is what clued me in next. Thank you for having websites like this. I have had pretty convincing looking letters come in the mail before, and if it weren't for websites like this I may have fallen for it. Though I have learned as well in the past, if it sounds too good to be true, then 9 times out of 10 it is. For the one above me who did call, you can report them to the local police dept. it is a scam and they can get the word out to anyone else & be reported.
N  11th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I recieved this letter today (5-11-11), and my first thought was "When did I enter into some contest??" So I figured I'd hop on the internet and when I was typing the name into Google... I was only able to type "Strike I" before it automatically popped up as a popular search. I knew right then this wasn't legit. Gotta say... I was crossing my fingers it was, but nope. I could really use $1.1 million. haha Couldn't we all?
A  27th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I just received the letter today (5-27-11). My first red flag was it said SECOND NOTICE on the envelope. I know I had not received a first notice as I open and look at all mail I get. Got scammed by BestBuy earlier this year so I check all offers on the internet. Lesson learned.
D  1st of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Wow, I read all the comments here and thankfully I didn't call the number they provided. Same as everybody, I didn't enter into any contest which makes me doubt big time. Honestly, the amount did blind me at first into hoping that I'd win. But with all the crisis our economy is experiencing to date, it's really necessary to check it out if its legit. And searching online is really helpful. What made me doubt more was, the necessity of providing your address for verification. Nowadays, you should not be giving out any information to anybody you do not know. Thanks to the one who started this thread--kevinanglo90.
A  1st of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I received my Strike it rich today (6-1-2011) and I have until 6-16, 2011 to respond. I am like the rest of you what sweepstakes and when did I enter a sweepstakes. I am sick and tired of these scammers, not only receiving them in the mail, I also get them via e-mail. When are they going to get tired or caught scamming.
N  3rd of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I just got my $1.1 million dollar sweepstakes letter. I didn't enter. Letter looked fake. need the money though. But not that bad. Quick search on internet, nothing but complaints.
A  4th of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I received a 'Strike it Rich' (NME) official prize distribution statement too. I've never entered in to their contest.
You all can't be pending too. So it must be fake, You can't win a contest that you didn't enter.
I think Publisher Clearing House must have given them the address, because I haven't ever used this address except to PCH. I use a Post office box.
Thanks for the warning.
A  7th of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Got a PO Box, keep getting same letter but they misspell name each time. Haven't entered contest. I did call number got some one across the waters as usual. Hung Up she couldn't speak english well gave up!
N  24th of Jun, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I keep getting letters from the National Magazine Exchange, claiming this is my, "second notice" (see attachment). After researching this, there is NO WAY that I'll be calling them!!! Their address is:

National magazine Exchange
8285 Bryan Dairy Road
Suite 150
Largo, FL 33777

Supposedly, if you want to be taken off of their mailing list, you can call 800-690-3623. The website they have listed to view their, "privacy" policy is www.nmemags.com.
N  10th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
I feel really bad, I work for them, and feel it is a SCAM!
A  10th of Aug, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Got the Sweepstakes VII 2nd chance yesterday 8/9/2011 and figgured I'd play along after reading through these comments.
First thing they said was there is no obligation to send any money or purchase anything. After she took my info she then wanted to offer me 2 watches and magazine subscription. She rattled off all the different magazines. I told her I wasn't interested. She said thats ok, just pick 2 that you would like. I suggested dogs and car magazines. She said great!!! It's only a dollar something a week. I said I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR ANYTHING!!! Thats fine, and she rattled off MORE magazines!!!
OMG are you serious???? She got pissed and wanted her supervisor to get in on a 3-way (and not the good kind either) and I again said I'm not buying anything. She said fine and transfered me to another department where they wanted to sign me up for a "free gas card or 40 dollar credit card)
Only in America do people do business like this...
N  16th of Aug, 2011 by    -1 Votes
omg i just intered the contest smh so stupid but they was tryna sell me the magazines but i say no thanx a guy couldnt stop talking talk about he saving me money so i should take advantage of the offer i said f*** no .
D  26th of Aug, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Seeing this forum is here. I did call them and buy just 1 year or 12 months of service to their Reader's Exchange Program. I don't intend on winning the Sweepstakes but I do enjoy the magazines package I have had now for 10 months. I changed some of my magazines 2 and 3 times at no extra cost. I only paid 3 consecutive monthly payments of $22.36. They have never ask me for any more money. I did get both my diamond quartz watches and my electronic organizer for free as a thank you for participating in the program. I thought I was getting 3 magazines then the Supervisor gave me two more to make it 5 magazines. Then at the end of the call the Supervisor said it was such a pleasure talking to me he added 6 more magazines at no additional cost. Like I said I have changed several of my magazines in the past 10 months and they did it with no extra cost or charge. I even changed one of the extra magazines they included into my package into Playboy. I change 3 other of the extra magazines into Turtle/Humpty Dumpty/Jack and Jill for my granddaughter. They not only change the magazines for me at my request with no problems, they even mail them directly to my grand daughter for me. I cannot complain. When my 12 months run out, I am going to call them back enter again and get 11 more magazines I can have changed and mail to addresses other than my own all for only $1.29 per week total that I paid in full with 3 consecutive monthly payments of $22.36 each. After the third payment I will be paid in full again like last year. Heck you can even use one of those prepaid re-loadable Visa or Master cards you can buy at Seven-Eleven or Wal-Mart if you are afraid to use you own credit or debit card. They also offered to enroll me into Great Fun and Shopper's Advantage for free for the first 30 days to try it out. I got a $40.00 Visa Gift card for trying Great Fun and canceled it after the 30 days. I got $50.00 in shopping money for trying Shopper's Advantage for 30 days for free which I also canceled after the 30 days at no cost to me. With the $40.00 Visa Gift card and the $50.00 in shopping money, I made $42.92 profit and the magazines ended up being paid for with the money I got from trying their free 30 trail promotions. I hope when I get the magazines again in two months they offer me those free 30 day trial offers that pay me to try them for free for 30 days. I am not trying to win the sweepstakes but if I do, I will be posting here again to laugh at every one who did not want to enter the sweepstakes for free. They told me that is how they pay for the sweepstakes by selling the magazines. I don't know anywhere I can Home Decorating Digest Craft/Playboy/Turtle/Humpty Dumpty/Jack and Jill/Black Belt Magazine/Newsweek/US Weekly/ESPN/Reader's Digest Large Print for 12 months for 3 consecutive monthly payments of $22.36 each. If you do, you are even better than me at finding a bargan. Post it as a response to this statement so I can check it out.

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