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strategic telesales / internet fraud

1 602 W Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 6024137234

Hello, I’m contacting you regarding two past Phoenix cases in the news involving internet and mail, scamming money from the elderly and others through deceptive practices. Wadell Holman of Ecommerce Traffic solutions stole 16000 from an elderly lady two years ago with other cases pending… Michael and Joseph Deiuliis of All-star Web Marketing stole thousands from [protected] where three were sentenced to prison for several years ( haven’t been out long). You would be happy to know both parties up and running in Phoenix under different names. I’ve sent them over $8300 myself with promises of fast investment return through affiliate commissions, internet, radio and TV commercials, merchant account bonuses, residual sales income on merchant accounts, etc. It’s been five months and I still haven’t received a receipt of purchase. Wadell Holman and his brother Sabastain Welch purchased lake front property in 2009 with consumer’s investments. They quit contacting and change business names as soon as problems emerge. Wadell G Holman has run his various business’s mainly out of 602 W Indian School Rd, but has other addresses including 1730 East Apache Blvd, Tempe AZ, also a half way home, and ran a business called UNITED STATES BLIND, DISADVANTAGE & HANDICAPPED WORKERS OF AMERICA in 5/05/2004 where he probably mailed out cheap items for expensive donations. Paramount Promotions is based in Cheyenne, WY, but owner Joseph Carlo Deiuliis is still working in Phoenix, AZ. These guys by their own commission have worked together in the past and know each other. It is 2013 and who knows how many people get involved with these guys, because they are very convincing and have the ability to warranty their work per say, without any legal restrictions from the endless various past businesses in question. I researched A LOT and the most important red flags don’t even come up on the internet. Clean names and records as far as the average consumer would ever know. I have to assume I am only one of MANY who fall into this probably just eventually letting them have the money (not me… not driving down yet, but will do what is needed. I have addresses names family etc. I have contacted the AZ police and they say it’s not their job to look into suspicious activity and couldn’t even look to see if there was a business at the 602 W Indian School Rd. (the usual top quality police work) Contacted the FBI, but assume I won’t hear back from them and the attorney general who prosecuted both parties, but they basically send out a letter to which Wadell Holman told him he was the owner ending the process. I also contacted the Missouri Attorney General who had complaints filed and attorney Pouria Paknejad from the Vescio Law Firm who represented the elderly lady losing 16000. Pouria told me the case was won, but Wadell didn’t show and she will have to pursue him constantly to get any money back. Today he running a business called Strategic Telesales out of the same building located at 602 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85013. He is hiring people to help him run a scam and not paying them, the only two employees that I spoke to when I sent money have both quit because he hasn’t paid them since they worked there. He told me they worked for him for years and were having family issues when in reality they worked there for a month without being paid anything. Hopefully someone will look into this further and put an end to these scammers that live free in AZ without any disciplinary actions being enforced to insure that it stops. As soon as they get a few complaints they spend $50 and change their business name then can start all over. thank you for your time and if you plan to do or know of anything that has been done please contact me at this email or call [protected]

Apr 27, 2013
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  • Ve
      7th of Oct, 2016
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    I keep getting calls from Wadell Holmann and his affiliates too. I am so tired of getting them, that I now have them go straight to voice mail. Unfortunately, for everyone I block, three more crop up. I have attached my local BBB and the attorney general here. Nothing is being done, but they are on a "watch list" for whatever that is worth.

  • Fr
      7th of Aug, 2017
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    Ecommerce Marketing Solutions IS A HUGE SCAM and thats a FACT!!!


    I WAS a receptionist as of 8/3/2017 due to HARSHLY & UNPROFESSIONALLY being FIRED!


    *Answered Incoming Calls (Customer Service) *Verified New Deals *Built Websites *Hired new Employees *Went to Post Office for Welcome Kit *Made Copies of Invoices/Disclaimers

    My Process was to verify on the phone customers informations, then take information and copy to make customers file, then put information in client information web page, the made an email for customer (Ex. then went to a website called Name Cheap to creat their websites for less than $10.00 (keep in mind customers pay up to $499.00 just for the start up fee, then google submitted their websites/domains, then printed out invoice and sent out their welcome kit which included their invoices-disclaimers-websites-amazon back office information, then i would call customers to log them in step by step to their amazon back office and transfer their file over to ADVERTISING which is where the company really screws people over. Advertising is where they take the customer for everything they have.

    With that being said, the websites that EMS "create" for them are not their own sites and all look the same and has no way of linking to products or allows people to buy anything off of their amazon sites. Plus, there back office will show zeros FOREVER because its a scam and there is no money being made except by Waddell Holman taking YOUR money.

    Everyone at this company uses fake names.

    Nancy Olsen-Virginia-Morgan Walker are the same person!!!

    Dian Moore, Harvey, Estelle, Noelle, Alex, Mia also known as Monae are the main management under Waddell Holman.

    Everyone working at this company are people who have just been released out of prison. This company hires anynone with no background checks and no drug tests. These people are getting your credit card informations and are selling peoples personal information on the side.

    Calls are not recorded EVER

    Waddell Holman rips off his own employees by not paying them what they should be payed on a daily basis. He also talks to his staff with offensive language and intimidates employees with fire arms when Waddell Holman is a felon himself.

    How do we persue the legal way of shutting this business down

    Please email me at

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